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  • I went to a yoga festival last year and had my first experience with cuddle puddles, it was so liberating and pure. I can't wait to do more in the future.

  • So far all of them were amazing on this site and ones off this site. I haven't had a bad experience yet and I hope things stay like that. Safety can be a big issue in such a thing.

  • I joined this month and I’ve already met with two people who we had a very amazing cuddle experience
    I love cuddling and I’m in Pennsylvania in case you’re close

  • I was hoping for some tender snuggles and cuddling. What I found was a guy who felt were very aggressive with his idea of cuddling. Lots of squeezing and putting his hands under my clothes. I felt like i was being dry humped. I don't need to be groped. I get plenty of that with sex. I just wanted the intimacy that comes with lying in someone's arms. Is this the norm? Feeling frustrated.

  • @couldwecuddle that sucks. I’m sorry you went through that. Unfortunately there are disrespectful, gross people, but there are also really amazing people here too! Just take a lot of time talking with cuddlers before you seal the deal. Make sure you say it more than once that you want nothing sexual! I would suggest taking the “Netflix and chill” out of your profile because unfortunately that’s a slang term for sex to a lot of people 😩 good luck!

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    @couldwecuddle Hey, that's wildly against the CuddleComfort rules - report that guy ASAP. Don't blame yourself for this. There's no excuse for that guy's behavior.

  • @couldwecuddle no that it not the norm. It is absolutely forbidden by site rules, and from what you said may be a criminal offence although reporting it to the police might not be worth the trouble. Absolutely report to the site and make it clear that the guy should be banned.

    It is, regrettably, far more common than it should be. Do not stand for it - there are decent men here too.

    A guy is allowed to put his hand on your body on one place and one place only: and that is a place that you have given explicit permission for. Anything else is assault.

    The decent men check in all the time. "Is my hand ok there? Are you comfortable? May I stroke your hair?" etc.

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    What @CuddleDuncan said. I'm sorry you had that experience, @couldwecuddle .

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    I do have a question regarding cuddling. It states in the terms and conditions that we can’t touch any sexual areas of the person we’re cuddling. I wanted to clarify, if someone were to touch their cuddling partner on their stomach would that be okay/considered platonic or would it not be okay? I haven’t been in that situation specifically yet but I’m just making sure that area of the body is okay for cuddling purposes.

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    @kjohnson yes that would be fine. However, as with any potentially delicate area of the body, check with your cuddle partner first. "Would it be ok if I touched your stomach?"

    "Sexual areas" are generally understood to mean areas that would be covered by a bikini. (Not including the bra straps on women, and not including the bra at all on men.)

  • I'm new to this...and I imagine it depends on the cuddler but I was much forethought gets to be creepy? I had a session with a professional the other day and I hosted. I had found out the chocolates she liked and some other things she preferred in our pre-snuggle conversations. I provided them. I am widowed and ..I miss pampering a woman I guess. I was this out of the ordinary? Is it creepy?

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    I think that's very sweet. You are right that if it gets a little carried away then people can feel a little awkward.... (almost like you might be trying to impress someone for a date) but I think there is beauty in all of the things you've said because it shows you are listening. One other thing to note is that sometimes people might not want to eat or drink because there could be a roofie in them. Women especially seem to be more aware of that kind of thing. I like when people are visiting from another state and I give them something like a decal or mug that kind of thing. Good job you and virtual hugs to you losing your sweetheart. That's not easy. What a beautiful way to find some connections! Welcome to the site and kudos to you for actually filling out your profile!!!!! 😊

  • @YNCL the simple answer is, ask the professional concerned what they thought.

    Giving inexpensive gifts to service providers of any kind is not intrinsically creepy - it's perfectly normal. And if it's something that has come out naturally in conversation and is therefore a present you know the receiver will appreciate, well, that's the best kind of present.

    But yes you are right, there is a line where it ceases to be sweet and starts to be creepy. You are thinking about that line, which is a good thing. Keep an eye on it, keep talking to people, keep thinking about it from the other person's point of view, and you'll be fine.

  • I’m new, so no stories YET. Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I really have no idea what to expect.

  • New Cuddler in The New jersey area. check me out !

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    Always and I mean always bring some sort of self-defense tool with you when meeting clients as it can quite possibly save your life and keep you from being assaulted physically. I was a first time cuddler and had my first appointment with a self-proclaimed pro and he has so many good reviews so I thought I would be okay and safe but I was wrong. We talked a bit beforehand and everything was going great at the beginning of the session. He assaulted me after I told him three times to stop touching me inappropriately. I left before the session had even been going 1/3 of the way in tears and had a breakdown on the car ride home. He has since been banned and the police are involved. If anyone on here does this to their clients regulalry or if you perform sexual acts fuck you for setting the expectation up that it's okay because I can guarantee I wasn't the first and he said he'd been on here for years. I'm glad he was gone in minutes but the damage has already been done.

  • @sweetseverine
    I’m sorry this has happened to you .
    I hope you’re okay .🙏
    You’re right every Pro needs some sort of self-defense weapon /tool to sessions .

  • I have cuddled with two and both were great experiences. Because their schedules are limited I have reached out to others . New to this site I am still learning how to communicate. This is a great sire for some like me that are single and just want to be close to someone polite and accepting.

  • @sweetseverine I am so very sorry to hear this. No one should ever be put in this position. If you ever need someone to talk to I am more than willing to be there for you. Please feel free to reach out at anytime.

    I will say that when I do my cuddle dates, I make it clear that there is someone who knows exactly where I am thank you Life360. They know who I am cuddling with, how long I am there for. This is to ensure my safety. If they have an issue with this I would leave. My best friend who is a guy always knows where I am and who I am with. There is no true way to be safe but there are ways to take precautions. Think pepper spray, self defense classes things like this. But always make sure someone knows where you are and who you are with. I am a tiny woman 5'3 and 115. So I take every precaution I can. I make it clear from the word go that this is PLATONC and there is nothing else happening. Sadly I think some not most guys see an attractive woman and this we are about sex sometimes.

  • New to this... This thread was very informative.

  • I live in the middletown, ny area. I want to cuddle but can't find anyone in my area.

  • Let me add my two cents over here, friends ☺️

    It’s been just a few months that I cuddled professionally on this platform, and let me express my sincere gratitude for our community of cuddlers ✨🙏🏽✨

    The sheer pleasure I get when I converse with heart-centered people during cuddling sessions I can only compare with excitement I get when dancing free style in the open air, a pandemic Social Therapy dance initiative I’ve started a year ago in Golden Gate Park in SF with fellow EDM djs.

    A close embrace is as healing as detangling your somatic blockage through dance improve, haven’t you heard?
    So I’d be curious to know, how many of you would be interested in combining cuddling session together with a free style dance liberation set for better mental health results and overall joyful bliss ☺️
    Happy Friday everyone!

  • ☝🏼💃🏻I’m in @CalinMaillard
    It would be interesting how you could or would combine the two!
    I have always danced when I feel clogged up for a lack of a better word.
    Dancing helps me shake it off literally, I recently cuddled with a lovely human and found my anxiety quiet down to a soft barely there hum.
    Only if you were closer …… siigghh

  • Dear @Melomaniac9, my dancing sis, let me DM you with some resources ☺️

  • @CalinMaillard please please do🤗🤗😘😘😘

  • I met this one girl at a coffee shop date. She was cute and bubbly, very much an ENFP personality (I'm INFJ, btw). We ended up walking to a nearby park and sat down on a bench together. She suddenly snuggles into my side, putting her head on my shoulder, and I've got my arm wrapped tight around her, and it's the most magical feeling ever. We didn't have any chemistry beyond that, and I've hardly talked to her since, but I always remember that sunny day on the bench.

  • I cuddled with a guy who lived in a nearby town, for the first time, a few years ago. We met off this site. It turned into more of a make out / dry hump sesh / exploritory handsy action & when he abruptly left, I was confused. "What did I do wrong?" was immediately what I thought. I texted him a few times asking him what happened but he ended up blocking me. Then a few months later I had a msg him him on another chat site, in the middle of the night, wondering if I was awake. I now figure/realize that he probably thought we went too far that first night, and maybe also he wanted more than just a platonic cuddle?? I will never know, I guess. And you know what? That's okay!!

    I am actually gearing up for my first official cuddle sesh this coming weekend. With a pro! I am excited bc I think he understands the platonic cuddle idea. I am mainly doing this bc I know I won't be expected to perform anything sexual. I have been practicing abstinence for the last 4 years, give or take, and I have NO desire to hook up with anyone, currently. I want something real, & honest and until I feel I get that, I have my knees closed!

    I am really looking forward to this weekend. I havent been touched or massaged or had my hair played with, since forever! I just hope & pray that I dont trick myself into thinking he likes me since hes paying attention to me. I feel this is something normal, that other people have dealt with?! I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and I have always had a hard time with friendships/relationships. Not to make myself sound wacky or anything, I can be a little weird, but I do love to love but honestly idk if ive ever been in love or if its been all lust? IDK how to tell? I do that thing I previously mentioned where i develop feelings for someone just bc they pay attention to me, which is sort of sad and pathetic.

    :Fingers crossed: that I can just chill & enjoy the time I have with my cuddler! Wish me luck! <3

  • @wigglehugs …. Wishing you luck :)

  • I entered the realm of cuddle therapy last April, and in the months that followed, had great experiences with all of them. The “best” one was actually the least expensive, and very, very good at what she did. Every session left me with a week of lower blood pressure, warm feelings and a sense of joy. Due to financial considerations, I’ve had to stop for the time being. I do miss the emotional “connection” to another human, but the sessions I’ve had have improved my health.

  • @TheNewNovelist I know exactly what you mean.

    If you haven't don't so already, may I suggest that you write to these professionals and tell them just how much of a difference they have made to your life.

    I know about the financial part too. It's hard. Wishing you all the very best.

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