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  • I went to a yoga festival last year and had my first experience with cuddle puddles, it was so liberating and pure. I can't wait to do more in the future.

  • So far all of them were amazing on this site and ones off this site. I haven't had a bad experience yet and I hope things stay like that. Safety can be a big issue in such a thing.

  • I joined this month and I’ve already met with two people who we had a very amazing cuddle experience
    I love cuddling and I’m in Pennsylvania in case you’re close

  • I was hoping for some tender snuggles and cuddling. What I found was a guy who felt were very aggressive with his idea of cuddling. Lots of squeezing and putting his hands under my clothes. I felt like i was being dry humped. I don't need to be groped. I get plenty of that with sex. I just wanted the intimacy that comes with lying in someone's arms. Is this the norm? Feeling frustrated.

  • @couldwecuddle that sucks. I’m sorry you went through that. Unfortunately there are disrespectful, gross people, but there are also really amazing people here too! Just take a lot of time talking with cuddlers before you seal the deal. Make sure you say it more than once that you want nothing sexual! I would suggest taking the “Netflix and chill” out of your profile because unfortunately that’s a slang term for sex to a lot of people 😩 good luck!

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    @couldwecuddle Hey, that's wildly against the CuddleComfort rules - report that guy ASAP. Don't blame yourself for this. There's no excuse for that guy's behavior.

  • @couldwecuddle no that it not the norm. It is absolutely forbidden by site rules, and from what you said may be a criminal offence although reporting it to the police might not be worth the trouble. Absolutely report to the site and make it clear that the guy should be banned.

    It is, regrettably, far more common than it should be. Do not stand for it - there are decent men here too.

    A guy is allowed to put his hand on your body on one place and one place only: and that is a place that you have given explicit permission for. Anything else is assault.

    The decent men check in all the time. "Is my hand ok there? Are you comfortable? May I stroke your hair?" etc.

  • What @CuddleDuncan said. I'm sorry you had that experience, @couldwecuddle .

  • I do have a question regarding cuddling. It states in the terms and conditions that we can’t touch any sexual areas of the person we’re cuddling. I wanted to clarify, if someone were to touch their cuddling partner on their stomach would that be okay/considered platonic or would it not be okay? I haven’t been in that situation specifically yet but I’m just making sure that area of the body is okay for cuddling purposes.

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    @kjohnson yes that would be fine. However, as with any potentially delicate area of the body, check with your cuddle partner first. "Would it be ok if I touched your stomach?"

    "Sexual areas" are generally understood to mean areas that would be covered by a bikini. (Not including the bra straps on women, and not including the bra at all on men.)

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