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    I can't wait to have more cuddling experiences, as I really do crave some. the first week on the site but I have a good feeling about this and can't wait to wrap my arms around you guys soon

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    Most of my experiences have been off of the site. I really haven't been on this site that long, so no cuddling experiences here.

    However, I have a lot of friends who like to hug in public. I view cuddling, snuggling, and hugs as a bonding thing. They are therapeutic in that they can help people with emotional pain/ things they are going through in general. I have seen this with people I have hugged and so on in my own life.

  • My first cuddle buddy experience was a mixed blessing. I was a college junior, living in a dorm with my roommate from the year before. He had a girlfriend since the prior spring who stayed behind when he, failing a few courses, enlisted in the army and left school. I finished out the school year without a roommate, but Dot (short for Dorothy, I think) stopped by almost nightly. The first time, I was already in bed. She knocked and when I opened the door she said she was lonely and missed Alan, and wondered if she could hang out in the room for a while. I offered to clear my laundry and books off the other bed, but she hopped into my bed, fully clothed, and kicked her shoes to the floor. I usually slept in pajama bottoms, but I felt half naked and grabbed a t-shirt. I sat on the side of the bed talking to her until she pulled my right arm and asked me to hold her. I am often too compliant and I reclined next to her, and we ended up with arms around each other. She sobbed for a while, babbling between the tears about how much she missed having Alan to hold her in his arms. Eventually, she fell asleep, and I laid awake until morning, my left arm underneath her.

    The next night the scene was pretty much the same, but with less crying. It continued 4 to 7 nights a week for a couple of months. After the first week, I told her we had to talk. While she had only known me to date men, I reminded her that I am bisexual, and it was probably not a good idea for us to be sharing a twin size bed. I confessed to having become aroused a couple of times while she was sleeping next to me. Her first question, was, "Why didn't you wake me up, so we could do something?" I told her that because she was my friend's girlfriend, and because I felt she was in a vulnerable state, I refused to do that. We talked about some cuddling positions that were less likely to result in my excitement, or at least less likely for her to notice it. Some nights she would get up after I fell asleep and go back to her room at the women's end of the dorm. I did clean off Alan's bed so that she could sleep there, but more often than not she was in my bed. It was a special time in my life, I guess. Never before or since have I been so intimate with another person without it moving to sex.

    Shortly after spring break, things changed. Instead of showing up between 11 and 12 at night, she was arriving as late as 1 or 2 in the morning. She smelled different, and after three nights, I realized that she smelled of sweat, some of it not hers. I confronted her and found out that she had been having sex with another guy in the dorm, but when they were done, he told her to leave, so she came to my room for comfort after. I asked her to leave, and we never spoke again.
    Still, it was a sweet time.

  • In Tucson, none to date.

  • This cuddling crap on this site is a fraud!

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    I'm a new professional cuddlist here.

    Haven't had any cuddling experiences off here yet, I think folx are afraid of my requirements, or maybe I'm too business like when interacting...

    but Cuddle Parties have been very helpful to me in figuring out my boundaries, finding the kinds of touch I love, how to speak up for myself, how to relax, how to pay attention to how I feel in the moment. Was so scared to go to one, but I end up learning something new every single one! The last one I went to I even had energy to share because of a wonderful fellow Leo giving me the most amazing head scratches!! I'm an introvert and that's pretty unusual for me after being in a group of people!

    @Redsowner Sounds like you haven't found what you are looking for on here and are pretty angry. What were your hopes on joining the site?

  • I've actually never "cuddled" with anyone. At least not in the context of how the cuddle community defines it. I mean of course when I was little kid I would cuddle with family and stuff. Ya know, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents etc. Around 9 or 10 I kinda grew out of that developmental stage.

    Then in highschool, I cared a lot for the friends I had and would lasso the moon for them (Its Wonderful Life reference hehe, I'm an old soul). In high school I was close with my friends but was never really touchy-feely other than when something really terrible happened in their lives (break-up, death in the family, etc). In fact I only seem to recall maybe four or five instances where I actually "cuddled" with a friend. Each time it was only with lady friends (I don't cuddle with dudes) and it was usually at house parties and sort of just happened on its own.

    The first:

    A friend's birthday party we were kinda squished in on the couch. Ami, simply adorable and very sweet but still cool. Great pal, still talk with her on Facebook. Anyway she came over with her red solo cup and said, 'mind if I squeeze in?’. I said, 'sure if you can fit'. She squeezed in somewhat awkwardly. The impromptu "cuddle" continued as follows:

    Ami: Could you like...move your arm? Heh
    Me: moving my arm so it was laying along the top part of the couch is this better? That okay?
    Her: can rest it on my shoulder if you want - so your arm won’t get tired.
    Me: Er, okay. Thanks, I guess? put my arm around her lazily, hoping like hell it wouldn't make things awkward
    Ami: Yep she giggled as she flashed the cutest of smiles. She had adorable cheeks. She never lost the baby-fat from her face. You can still make out a hint of it to this day.

    Awhile later after watching our friend open his presents, people started playing video games on the TV - taking it turns since there were about 7 or 8 of us. We formed up in teams, Ami and I drew the short straw and agreed to go last. A bit later...

    Ami: My back is kinda getting sore. Is it okay if I like...lay against you?
    Me: Sure, I don't mind. I actually had a bit of a mild crush on her at the time, few weeks later I decided to just be friends
    She then lay her head on my shoulder and let her left arm lie along my thigh with her hand sort of cupped around my knee (she was seated to my right, myself at the left end-cushion of the couch)

    We spent the next hour / hour and a half just sitting there snuggled on the couch talking and making funny comments when the other kids didn't do so well at video games. But mostly we just sat there snuggled together just simply feeling each other’s warmth and presence as we watched the rest of the party going on as easily as if we were just watching a sunset. To this day I remember it vividly and it’s one of the happiest memories I can recall.

    I never told her how much I enjoyed that night at our friend's birthday party, us just sitting snuggled together on that couch. It gave me a feeling of great contentment. Not joy, not overpowering enthusiasm, just simple serenity. Like everything was right in the world and the only thing to do was to sit back and melt into it. It was like a warm fall breeze (even October is warm in Texas), that feeling like nothing in the world could get ya down. When we moved on to do other stuff at the party, I didn't feel the separation or that "just a few more minutes" feeling some usually feel when cuddle sessions end. It just felt natural, we we're so relaxed it didn't even phase either of us.

    Over the course of the rest of highschool I had three of four instances of cuddling a friend, each time was significantly less - perhaps only ten to fifteen minutes. But none ever came close to how I felt that night cuddling with my friend Ami on that old stuffy blue-grey couch at Grant’s eighteenth birthday party. Hehe

  • My cuddling experiences have unfortunately been disappointing so far so that is why I have come to this site. Most of the people I cuddled with have been boyfriends or people I was physically attracted to. I love to cuddle the entire night, with the guys arms around holding me close. Sadly, most guys do not seem to enjoy this and quickly complain about being hot or say that I move around too much. The cuddling doesn't last long enough that I desire. I had only one guy cuddle me the way I wanted, but he moved on. The other guys became too sexual if I cuddled them and often tried to escalate it to more, which I was not always comfortable with. I like the fact a lot of cuddlers here keep it strictly "platonic".

  • @batrobert I understand where he is coming from. To me, it is intimate and I personally prefer to get to know the person I meet up with before I cuddle them. I think kissing is fine, but only if it's clear that the other party is interested. It's not purely sexual. Kissing can be simple pecks or romantic...

  • @White_Knight and @mickcuddle thank you for sharing those sweet stories. Got me a little Misty (ps you're both also great writers!). I wish I had known more men like you in my youth.

    I would say that I've had more enjoyment of cuddling since I joined the site than ever before in my life. In the past, I viewed it only as an (often-rushed) prelude to intimacy. I came to almost dread it as it always seemed to signal that more would be expected. I hadn't learned how to set boundaries or tell people what I was and wasn't comfortable with. Later, it was something I did absentmindedly with my ex-LTR partner. I've never enjoyed and appreciated it as I do now. It makes my heart just buzz with contentment when someone is safely nestled in my arms and fully relaxes ? I'm grateful. I hope those of you still looking will find a great cuddle partner soon.

  • @softandlovely Wouldn’t it be great if we were to grow as a society where we didn’t need an organized set of rules for intimacy and boundaries, but rather we respected everyone’s ability and right to maintain personal space, and day-by-day, situation-by-situation we navigated space and boundaries by recognizing that there are two (or maybe more) people involved in every interaction, and permission seeking and permission granting became part of how intimacy grows? (That May be the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever typed online)

  • I met some gears ago a 30 year old girl at snugglerbuddies and we had a lot of fun. We went both times dining out. Just talked. Didn't even touch each other other than casually, but I loved the experience of just having kind of a friend, pretty attractive though. She was genuinely kind. I don't have issues touching ourselves or having sex, I love all that, but i knew this was not about intimacy and it worked so great. If I wanted more i just called any of my FWB!

  • I had my first cuddling experience with a pro from here yesterday and it was more amazing than I had even imagined.

    I'm coming out of a troubled marriage and have had zero physical affection on even the most minute level in months. It was wonderful to be allowed into someone's personal space again and to allow someone into mine.

    One moment of major note was when my cuddler noticed some week-old scratches on my arm that I had given myself with a key after a tense discussion with the former wife. She asked about them and sympathized when I was open about them. Then, partway through the session, she pulled up my arm, gave each one of the scratches a little kiss, and then held that arm tight against her chest. Now, until those scratches finish healing up, I feel a little warmth whenever they catch my eye.

  • Hmm honestly I don't think anyone in my area is online anymore lol And "in my area" is also pretty far from me anyway. I haven't bothered to ask though so who knows.

  • I only read a few post. Seems like alot of u have had trouble finding platonic cuddling. I'm sorry to hear that. I have had pretty good success. All good experiemces but, by far Sarah has been my best experience. I felt a real deep connection when we just talked on the phone. Then the cuddle, Wow. I never felt so close to any woman before. None of my girlfriends or ex- wife. So much more intense and intimate tham sex ever could. I wish u all the best in fhe future to find your own great cuddle buddy.

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    @jenna, you should immediately report them to moderators. There is a feature to report any disrespectful message or non platonic message. This site takes the matter seriously and bans out such folks immediately. I am surprised that someone can do such stuff on site and still not banned.

  • Hi I am Scott from California and today I had my very first cuddle experience with a wonderful woman with the user name TravelBug2018. Please go check out her profile. She is a really down to earth woman and she made me feel so comfortable from the beginning and normally I am not that comfortable with women right away but before I knew it I was relaxed and getting into it and the conversation was great and flowed smoothly. And if you are the type that doesn't want to converse she is okay with that because she is going to adapt so you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. So please if you are anywhere close to the San Francisco San Jose bay area please message her if you want a great woman who is a fantastic cuddler She is a very classy woman and I am sure we'll get together again as I really enjoyed myself and I believe you'll enjoy yourself if you give her a chance. She deserves only nice men so everyone has a nice experience please be nice and treat her like the classy lady she is. Thank you

  • I was in high school, I believe 11th grade. I had a friend who was a senior, and her friend who was a little older, I believe 19 or 20, was temporarily staying with her. Anyway I had been up really late and just didn't feel like going to school the next day. I went by my friends house thinking I had remembered her saying she was going to be staying home however she had ended up going to school. Her friend was there hanging on the sofa, and was clearly very sleepy. I knew her friend, but had only ever hung out with her in other peoples presence, and not on our own. We stayed up watching cartoons and ate breakfast, and ended up falling asleep together on the sofa after playing with each others hair and giving back rubs. My friends mother came home from work during her lunch break and woke us up, otherwise I we would have probably slept all afternoon! Great memory.

  • I just had my first 7 hour cuddle....It was amazing!!!!!! Lol.

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    @TeddieB , wow! That’s great.. max I have done is 4 hour thus far. I am so tempted to try all day or overnight or something like that!

  • Anyone in San Diego

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    Hi. I went to the "Cuddlers" tab.

    I specified that I was looking for:

    • women
    • Location near: somewhere else
    • Distance: 50 miles
    • put in zipcode: 92123
    • Age: 19 - 50
    • They cuddle: Men
    • Orientation: Any
    • Ethnicity: Any
    • Last online: less than 1 year ago
    • Cuddle Place: they: Host
    • Professional: Don't mind
    • Has picture: Don't mind

    It returned a list of 27 people.

  • @TeddieB
    7 hr cuddle sounds soo relaxing. The longest I've done were 5hr, 6hr and 6-1/2 hr.ones One was with a pro, and two were non-pro, so glad you enjoyed it,
    That's like a spa day.

  • I have had 3 good experiences and one that still perplexes me.

    The 3 good ones were all transcendent experiences that thoroughly recharged me, and I hope I provided good energy in return.

    The fourth just happened last weekend and left me feeling like I was undesirable (an inherent personal issue, one which cuddling has helped), or that I did something wrong, or that I was set up.

    Because it actually didn't happen.

    I was traveling for 10 days, partially for leisure but mostly for a company meeting. I knew that portion would be hectic and stressful, so I reached out to a few pros in the area to ask if they would be willing to host a cuddle session.

    A couple responded, and after a schedule change I made an arrangement with one whose profile seemed especially kind and welcoming.

    We exchanged multiple messages and she specifically mentioned having time to meet and chat before cuddling. Unfortunately, although she did meet me and we chatted and had tea and lunch at my expense, after we went to her house it became clear something was amiss. First, there were 4 or 5 of her friends hanging out, and there was no mention of going anywhere private to cuddle. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me or what...I had already given her the cash we agreed to, because I can be forgetful, and eventually she offered to take me to a train station or where I was staying.

    I am still shy about this and I accept that not directly addressing the clear disconnect between what was discussed and what was happening was entirely my fault. But it still left me confused, frustrated that I wasted money, and feeling like it was because she didn't want to cuddle me.

    I did follow up afterwards to ask, and she claimed that she thought I just wanted her company to hang out. That's not what we discussed and this is not a professional hang out site. I have offered this feedback to her privately in order to help her manage her business better, and am planning to leave constructive cautionary karma.

    Lessons? Be direct. Don't assume a pro will act professionally. Don't pay until afterward.

    It's just a shame that something meant to be kind and pleasant and positive ended up hurting me financially and emotionally.

  • @myramona Ouch! I’m betting this was not your fault in the least. A misunderstanding is one thing, but I’ve never heard of anyone paying a pro to hang around with a living room full of her friends. You were abused, stop blaming yourself.

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    I'd call that a no-show

  • I have sent at least 50 messages to non pro female cuddlers in my area, got response from 10 of them and have cuddled with 3 of them. It has been an amazingly beautiful experience. This web has provided an opportunity to a person like me, to meet new friends and cuddle with them. Thank you so much.

  • I love these stories, I haven't met anyone here yet, my fondest cuddling experience was with an ex girlfriend, we went to a friend of hers beach house on Lake Michigan, and sat on the beach watching the sun set. As we sat holding hands, her dog ran around chasing sea gulls, and the waves. At one point we must have gotten cold, so we covered up with the blanket until the stars came out.

    We got razzed to no end when we couldn't find the stairs in the dark and had to call up to the house for help.

  • Hey. I'm Manny and a new professional cuddler here based in Canada - are there any people here living in Canada too? It's pretty interesting reading all of your stories and why you use this service. I love a good cuddle. Sometimes prefer it to any form of sexual intimacy.

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