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    My first experience was incredible and I look forward to many more. 
  • Since joining not very long ago, I reached out to a professional cuddlist and my experience with her was incredible. She welcomed me into her home and into her life. It didn't take long before my worries were set at ease and she expressed the fact that she too was comfortable, which made me feel really good. She was extremely sweet, kind and caring and I look forward to seeing her again and hope she feels the same way. 
  • Hello all, am looking for a cuddle partner no sex and no touchy in the wrong places.
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    @Sanddy, you should post that in the cuddle request section. This thread is for describing actual past cuddling experiences.  When you post in the request section, you might want to put your location in the post, so people don't have to click through to your profile just to see that you're a thousand miles away from them. ;-)  And it's all no sex and no touching in the wrong places, per site rules. Good luck and happy cuddling.  And welcome to CC!

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    So far I've cuddled with 4 ppl, it's been a pleasant experience. Typically I've learned each person has different preferences one must adapt to. I'm happy I'm gifted to be able to do so :). I hope to cuddle anyone and everyone around Houston TX to bring joy to them all c:.
  • One of my most favorite cuddling stories happened in my early college days. 

    I was a part of a group of friends who called ourselves the "Dirty Dozen" because, at the time, we all felt like outsiders, geeks, and freaks in a very conservative community. There were 6 guys and 6 women. Of the group, I was the only gay guy. Of the women, one was bisexual. No one was romantically involved. On weekends and when school wasn't in session, we did BBQs, went camping, did movies, or hung out together at a friend's cabin. Sometimes we all got together, sometimes just whomever was available. We were a solid group that is still connected today (20+ years later).

    One night at the cabin, the majority of us were there and we did dinner, had a fire going, and hung out together on a big wrap-around sofa or on the floor. Someone started telling ghost stories, and I chimed in and contributed. I was between my friend Robert and Marge on the floor, and as the stories continued, we cuddled closer and closer together. Their legs entwined with mine. They had one arm over me and I had both arms under their necks. Sometimes we would shift and Robert would put his head on my chest, and sometimes it was Margaret. The three of us sometimes clasped hands and fingers together. It was warm, it was comforting, and it felt incredible. We stayed cuddled under a blanket for hours, and I'm happy that every time we told ghost stories down at the cabin, the three of us would cuddle together. We now live hours and hours apart, but we message each other and keep in contact via social media and phone calls. Yes, I'm lucky and am grateful, but I think these kinds of experiences should be the norm, not the exception.
  • @Sideon Your story made me so happy I miss having a solid crew of friends like that, it's the best <3 
  • @glitterfairy22 Thank you, kindly!
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    I had an experience recently because of this site that's really blown my mind. I had a couple of disagreements maybe more like miscommunications with a pro on the site that led to some ill feelings. There was a time not horribly long ago where there was a small war happening on the message boards. There were people reporting people and blocking people left and right and not much in the way of a resolution would happen. This pro however despite the miscommunication, was ridiculously kind, sweet and polite and took the time to talk things out with me. We finally met recently and had an amazing session. The kindness she showed really amazed me. Most people wouldn't take the time out like that to resolve something with someone online who is basically a stranger. Most of the time I feel disregarded and I think being a full grown man in a position of power at work, people just assume you're fine and can handle yourself. This is for the most part true and for the most part, I put my own needs and feelings aside to help others. It felt really good though to be on the receiving end of kindness on a level like this from someone who owes me absolutely nothing.

  • @morpheus do you think your session was amazing because you had some preconceived notions of this person or because it was simply amazing compared to other cuddlers.
    I had a bad experience with one cuddler who is no longer on this site. She was upset that i had to cancel 3 days prior to our session. Unfortunately she was upset at me because all her appointments had cancelled on her that week. But i was never able to clear things up. Kinda wish she would had let me meet her, but she just closed her account and never heard from her

  • @LaGuy I would have to say that the majority of my sessions have been amazing. I can't say that the session in and of itself was far better than others. My point in telling that story was to talk about kindness and forgiveness.

  • Well, I think we're all on this site because we all want to find a cuddle buddy (in some shape or fashion).

    I'll say I think it's harder for single men to find the cuddle/affection time they need, generally any attempt that might be made towards affection with girls, or talk of it, will probably seem like we're hitting on them. Perhaps it might work for guys if they have already been long term friends with a girl and the relationship already includes a fair amount of physical touch, but I find it very difficult to find anyone who might be interested (who is already married, and guys are out of the question as I don't feel comfortable with cuddling with other dudes).

    That said, I think girls have a lot of the power here (for those looking to find cuddle buddies). If you're interested, and ask a guy to cuddle with you, I think majority of time they'd say yes if that possibility were available (minus if they are aren't very affectionate to begin with, or if they already have gfs, etc). Both parties do want to be careful to keep it non-sexual, but from there, I think it's much easier for girls to break the ice or request it to start, as long as the guy is someone you trust to be safe with and not break boundaries.

    I'm more shy and introverted by nature, I feel I've had this need for affection for awhile, but haven't had a good outlet to give or receive in it. Some of it is not culturally standard, though I do feel like physical touch and affection should be more normalized than it is. My experience unfortunately, with women is that they tend to be too shy / afraid to hang out with guy friends in any strong capacity, outside of groups. Lately, my experience post-school has been fairly isolated, I think this phase of life we all get busy and have to focus on work. While busy, I'd be willing to throw a lot of that down if I had a cuddle buddy / gf to spend my time with, but I haven't found others willing to hang out. I've even tried a year or so of planning social events to just hang out with and meet new people, but nothing lasting really came from it.

    I did just 'discover' cuddle parties and that there are people intentionally seeking cuddling, recently (in the past week), which is a cool and gives me a bit of hope that things could change for the better, but I feel like it's still pretty niche and that it's hard to discuss this with the uninitiated (or those who don't already have a need or a good experience per cuddling).

  • Just came back from a session. I volunteered for a pro who was recently certified and wanted to practice on someone. We had exchanged a number of emails and one phone call previously, so I went in with a level of trust already established. My intuition was right, and he did not disappoint. We talked first, during and after. To me it seems very natural to have conversation, especially when faces are so close. We laughed a lot, and it was fun! Because of the closeness established during that session, I ended up revealing something about myself that I normally would not have revealed to someone I barely knew. I didn't think I was that stressed before I got there, but I definitely felt more relaxed when I left. It was wonderful! My next cuddle experience will be a cuddle party on Sunday. I am totally getting my cuddle on!!!

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    I have had two sessions with the same professional cuddler and have another one set up for next Tuesday.

    A little background on me. I'm a married, 40 year old guy with two amazing boys. My wife and i are a great parenting team and my kids have a happy life. I'm covered in tattoos and enjoy loud music and whiskey. I also love immersive and traditional theater, music that evokes deep emotional responses, floating in a sensory deprivation tank to promote self reflection, holding and being held by others, sharing honest, uncensored feelings and experiences with like minded people and a good cry (happy or sad). Needles to say i'm a strange mix and the first part of my description is easier to share with others than the later.

    My wife, on the other hand, avoids connecting with emotion like the plague and cannot tolerate extended physical touch. She hates it when I talk about my feelings or ask her about hers. I did not know this until two years ago when she revealed that she had been pretending/suppressing her real feelings throughout our whole relationship to make me happy and that she was finally done with it all. A therapist said that we were a perfect stereotypical 50's couple, but with the roles reversed. I understand and respect her position, everyone is different, but I also recognize my need to take care of my own needs and emotional health.

    I can't remember how I came across it, but I discovered that cuddling was a thing. I told my wife I was interested in it and she said, "That's fine. Do whatever you need to do".

    So I took the plunge. I reached out to a professional cuddler in St Paul. She followed up with an email to set up a phone screening. We talked about my reasons for wanting to cuddle and what I expected out if it, her motivations for being a cuddler, we thoroughly went over the expected code of conduct and ended up scheduling a session.

    I admit that I was both nervous and excited walking up to the door. I was immediately put at ease by her kindness and warm reception. The cuddle area was in a warm inviting room on a twin size bed covered with a wonderful collection of snuggly pillows and blankets. Her son and his friend were playing outside, which also some how made me feel safe. We spent the first 25'ish minutes reviewing the code of conduct and playing boundary establishing and honesty/trust enabling "games". We took turns asking for specific kinds of touch, one we wanted to receive and one we wanted to give. We also practiced saying "no". I did not expect this part but found it to be a wonderful way to begin.

    The remaining hour was one of the most relaxing and emotionally reinforcing I've experienced in years. I felt safe and understood. I told her of how some of my most fond memories were of laying my head in my mother's lap as a child and she suggested we do that. So I did. I was 6 years old again. All those feelings of love and acceptance from so long ago came rushing back to me along with new and relevant ones that I will always have. She gently stroked my hair, arms and back and touched my heart.

    We were silent, we talked and we laughed. I know that at least once I teared up a bit.

    We ended the session with a standing hug and I left feeling more whole than any time in recent memory. I also took away with me the knowledge that, although I might be "strange" or different than many people around me because I desire touch and connection, I am not alone. I now have a safe place to go to where I can be all of the things that make me up. I can be sad, vunerable, strong, confused, happy, melancholy, needy and supportive.

    I can be me.

    And it's ok.

    That's why I've come here. I want to find others that share similar feelings and needs. I would like to share those experiences with you.

  • @cudguy76 That is a beautiful story! I'm glad you've found a way to be fulfilled.

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    Thank you @blueIris it has been a short, but wonderful journey so far and I hope to continue and share it with others.

  • The majority of my cuddling experiences have been amazing. I did however recently have an experience that was not good, borderline horrible. I had a disagreement with a pro which ended with us both blocking each other. Awhile later, we made amends and had a session. She set the timer incorrectly on her phone and we ended up going over by an hour. She asked me to pay her for that extra hour but I told her it's against site policy to ask for more money. I was willing to compromise though. She told me to go to the ATM across the street. I felt really badly that she kept insisting so I paypalled her the money which she sent back immediately. She said it wasn't my fault, it was hers for setting her alarm wrong. A week later, she messaged me offering me a free session so we could have a fresh start. I declined and told her it wasn't needed and the reality is, despite the fact that it was her fault for setting her alarm wrong, I still had a two hour session for the price of one so in my mind, there was no need for a free session. She then started to text me periodically asking me to come over for coffee and to just hang out and visit. I thought it was all a little odd so I said I would let her know when I had time but I kind of just stayed away. She then out of the blue started asking me if I could get her some free stuff from my work and if she could borrow some other things from me. Again I thought this was all really odd considering we were not friends and hadn't had the best of encounters so far. Against my better judgment, I agreed to get her what she wanted and to let her borrow what she asked for. The day I was supposed to take it to her, she completely ignored me. I finally decided to block her on this site and on social media (she had added me on Instagram). I just felt like this was all leading in a potentially very bad direction and decided cutting ties was the best thing. Am I crazy or does all just sound odd?

  • @Morpheus It sounds more than odd, it sounds really messed up. I think you're wise to stay away.

  • Cuddled with one person from here. Turned out to be pretty good. Hung out with a goofy guy not too far away from me. I thought my first experience would be cuddling with a girl but it's opened me to a bit more. Now I'm interested in traps c:

  • Since I wrote about a negative experience, I want to share about a positive experience. I met a pro on a different site and we hit it off very quickly. We have a paid cuddle session at my place at least once a month. The sessions are always amazing. Even more amazing is that we have become great friends. We text each other almost daily and meet for lunch and or coffee, not paid but as friends, in between sessions. It's never gotten weird or negative in any way. When we have our paid session, we go to lunch sometimes afterwards. I don't expect this from all pros, not everyone is going to have the same chemistry. I'm extremely grateful for this pro and for her friendship. I couldn't ask for more :-)

  • A friend was in town this weekend and we took the BART/train into SF where we celebrated a birthday party at a karaoke bar (which is a story on its own). I don't take BART often, so I wasn't too sure about the time tables, and I trusted my friend when he said they ran all night. We made it into BART and down to the platform only to discover that the last one to the East Bay had left a half hour earlier at 12:30am. Two guys (and complete strangers) nearby discovered the same thing. I offered to get a Lyft and we all exited and went upstairs to Market street to wait for our ride that showed up 2 minutes later. There were four of us total, if you're counting and following along. The car shows up and it's a Honda Civic. Four guys, plus the driver. In a Civic.

    My friend took the front passenger seat (thanks a lot, pal) and three of us squeezed into the back, at which point I figure out that I'm not the only one that's been drinking. We all smelled like alcohol. The driver took off and we all started chatting and introducing ourselves. The two guys were dad and son, working a networking contract at one of the conference centers, and they'd stopped for a few drinks after their gig. The guy in the middle was the son and his head kept falling forward then jerking up when he realized he was falling asleep. At one point he slid down a little bit and then he had his head on my shoulder. His dad looked over at me and he and I both kind of grinned but I didn't move the guy. His dad gave a thumbs up and we kept talking with the driver. My friend in the front seat woke himself up a few times from snoring.

    We got onto the Oakland Bay Bridge, but my shoulder was starting to feel numb from this guy's weight against me. I moved my arm up and around him, he moved forward, then back into the crook of my arm and snuggled deeper, his head on my chest. If not for the vast amounts of alcohol (cf karaoke and liquid courage, above), I might have been a little freaked out, because I'm not touchy-feely with people that I don't know. But there I was, squeezed into the back of a Civic with a father and his son and the son was cuddled into my side. His father ruffled the guy's hair a few times and let him be. Every time I had to shift, the young guy shifted and cuddled right back into me. His father and I talked non-stop the rest of the way and he seemed completely nonplussed that his son was asleep against me.

    We got to the BART station and piled out. I offered to give them a ride but the father waved it off, saying he had a ride on the way, and thanked me for the Lyft. He shook hands with me, pulled me into a hug, and told me to get home safe. His son, sleepy-eyed, shook hands with me, then surprised me with a hug too. On the drive home, I let myself imagine a world with more hugs and random cuddles, which was broken only a few times by the sounds of my friend snoring.

  • What a great story!

  • Pretty good read. And a few good stories from some of our own in Houston TX

  • seems not too many from Canada and Toronto on this site. In canada though pretty easy as people do understand cuddling as being non sexual.

  • I have not met someone on here and then cuddled with them through this site, but I have met someone at a cuddle meet up in fact several someone's ;^) I was nervous, but everyone made me feel welcome and safe. It was a wonderful gentle experience. I left happy, and about 30 minutes later felt positively hyper,-happy. That used to be my normal state of being. The happy beaming energetic feel lasted several days after. I am an introvert so I usually need downtime after being with people. In this case no. Can't wait to do this again.

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    I've had two types of cuddle sessions.

    One was where the cuddler (a "professional", even) may as well have just been a rock that someone put down. They were very keen to receive attention, but there was nothing reciprocated. It wasn't pleasant or enjoyable and was disappointing.

    However, the other was incredibly powerful. It's difficult, particularly as a guy, to be articulate enough to express it in words. I was so fearful of meeting someone from this site, but they made it so very easy. They were so sweet-natured and warm and also very interesting and pleasant to listen to. I felt such warmth rising up inside my chest and it was both powerful and almost entirely foreign. I had not thought it would ever be humanly possible to feel such comfort and safety and just plain contentedness. I was sad when time inevitably ran out, but the feelings lasted with me for a long time. The next day I felt a lot of peace, and almost that my life had changed - why get upset about things, why be angry with people ...

    So, one cuddler was an opportunistic taker but the other was a true healer.

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    This is an interesting topic. Yes I have an attractive cuddle buddy. we meet once or twice every week and sleep in each other's arms after doing limp play role plays. So much fun and it feels great! Hoping for find a cool girl here to do this with weekly.

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    Hopefully, I can find a cuddle buddy so I can post a story on here LOL!

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    I'm trying out this, because I'm asexual and love cuddling, I used to cuddle with my ex-boyfriend but alas E X. So, me and my two friends ( a guy and girl/fellow NB) decided to every Friday platonically hold hands and cuddle while watching shows. Went great for the first two years, but now our third year is where my one friend (Who is very sexual) makes it awkward. They sit on top of the guys crotch and make nasty comments, or grabs me or tries to kiss me, it's become a very uncomfortable experience for me now. I just wish I could have that again and not have to be scared or on edge. Besides, even if things weren't going to shit, this will be our last year together anyways. So, I'm doing this to make friends and hopefully find a cuddle bud or two or more!

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