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    One of my closest female friends came over for a cuddle session today. She's 7 months pregnant so triple cuddle. It was amazing to cuddle her and feel the baby move.
  • If you cuddle as the little spoon, you'll feel the baby kick you.
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    So far, all my experiences on here have been pretty awesome. It definitely takes a minute where I am to meet people though.
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    Six years ago I was bored at 2 am, hopped on Craigslist(before it became useless) and ended up inviting a girl over to cuddle only.  At first I was excited.  Then I thought "What kind of girl comes over to a strangers house at 2 am to cuddle??" I hid my valuables and started playing out scenarios in my mind and how I would respond or get out of them.  In the end she was just like me: bored, couldn't sleep and just wanted some innocent cuddling.  I mailed her the next day and thanked her.  Then I mailed her a week later and she blew up at me telling me I waited too long to contact her again.

    Anyways, since then I've cuddled all kinds of races, ages with various marital statuses from all over the world.  I haven't had a good cuddle buddy(who is interested in platonic cuddling only) for a good 2 years(which is how long I've been with my current gf).  She just doesn't get the appeal of platonic cuddling and always wants more. 

    It was so nice to cuddle with someone when "no sex" was a non-issue.  That level of trust was comforting and it felt good that someone just "got it".  The search continues in sunny Los Angeles... ^_^
  • Well, have been here on site for nearly a year now! Would enjoy telling all about my experiences.. tho trouble is... I've not had the opportunity! Just thought I'd mention to all that's experienced similar results. Can't even find a local professional and it's not like I'm in a remote area.. is very populated around here. Just seems no one cares to cuddle, can that be so?!

    Has anyone else had trouble finding a partner?

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    I have a hard time finding cuddle buddies. Between getting ignored or blocked its been challenging.
  • [Deleted User]Samir_10 (deleted user)
    The first girl I met on here I drove about 15 miles to see her, she was really pretty and obviously kinda shy. We sat on her couch and I told her to relax a couple of times but she was as stiff as a board. Half an hour later she was sitting on my lap asleep with a blanket over us. Needless to say she kept on texting me everyday saying she fell in love with me, I slept with her and blocked her. Luckily for her I never told her where I lived.
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    .charming. ..

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    @Samir_10 You pretty much used her for sex then. 
  • Seem the only ones that have any success are in California

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    I'm a singin' Jf you don't have the dough, re, me
    . I'm afeelin a mime comin' on
  • I had a girl over last night for casual cuddles, kisses and affection. Turned into a one night stand
  • you know, for someone like charmingcuddler who wants to automatically meet with a blanket in a movie, disturbs me...I don't know him and was protecting myself,,,,guess he just wants to have sex....sorry, not that kind of business or person....beware ladies...
  • I'm actually new to this site but the only cuddling I've ever done was with my brother and parents growing up. My personal opinion on cuddling is it's better than sex. Cuddling is a way to become intimate in a physical way without going to actual sex. Your connecting with someone on a physical and nurturing level.
  • [Deleted User]NJCuddleDevil (deleted user)
    So why is it so hard to find someone to cuddle on here?  Seriously!  We all came here looking for one thing.  ONE thing only.  As long as someone is easy on the eyes and they don't seem like they're the type to hack you up and stuff you in the freezer, what makes this so difficult for people to hook up?  I'm starting to think this is no better than a dating site.
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    I just read the post by @Samir_10. He is clearly not someone suited for this website so have removed the account.
  • I have had two ongoing cuddling relationships.  One was while I was living in a co-ed dorm in college.  I became friends with one of the women who was a neighbor, we spent a lot of time talking and started cuddling as neither of us had a partner.  We were already friends and it felt natural to cuddle as we hung out, listened to music etc and it wasn't uncommon for her to curl up under my arm even when there were other people around.  I got a few "are you f*cking her" questions from my male friends, but people pretty quickly realized that we were just friends.  We remained good friends the last two years of school, but as we never lived near one another and both had other partners, we never returned to cuddling much.

    The other woman I cuddled was 10 years ago or so.  She was 20 and I was 31 and we had dated briefly and split up without any drama, both realizing it was for the best.  She had some family stuff go on shortly thereafter, needed a friend and someone to talk to.  We ended up spending a fair amount of time together for 3-4 months and besides doing stuff like going to the movies and dinner, we would often cuddle and she would sometimes spend the night.  I felt at the time that she was just feeling very lonely and our time together was affectionate, but platonic.  She wrote me a really nice Christmas card one year thanking me for being so kind to her and while it was touching to receive, I loved the time we spent together as much as she did. 
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    Several times in my past life I shared beds with women without having sex. Sometimes they were dating partners and we were not to the point of having sex yet; sometimes they were just friends and I or she had traveled a significant distance so we could hang out and do something together. Sometimes we would cuddle in our pjs, sometimes not.

    In recent years have I had a couple of repeat cuddle buddies with no dating in those relationships.

    One was a friend who I met as a potential housemate. We hit it off but in the end time pressure forced me to grab a place that Did not meet her needs. My new place was close enough to hers for us to be cuddle buddies for a few months before she moved away. Now that she has moved, I am looking for a cuddle buddy for when I can't see my gf for a while (see my profile for that backstory, and yes she does know I am on this site.)

    I have been to some workshops that include opportunities for cuddling if participants want to do that. It was at those that I experienced cuddling with a man. It is nice to be held by and to hold a man, but feels a little flatter;  it is more fun for me to cuddle with a woman. BOTH are positive and comforting, just one is more so. 

    Cuddling does not need to be connected to sex, even with a regular sexual partner; like yesterday as my gf was starting to come down with something, and we just snuggled. I read for work while she slept in my arms (awkward for reading and taking notes, but a very sweet experience. ☺️).  

    One cuddle buddy is a woman I had dated that I met through personals. We have known each other for 6 years now and dated for a bit a few years ago but never got to the stage of having sex. We cuddle rarely because she is a little far. Sometimes we have cuddled with less clothing on than recommended by this site, but still we choose to not have sex or even kiss since we were not dating. 

    The less clothing cuddling might sound edgy to some of the folks here based on some forum discussions I have read, but  for me it has only reinforced that cuddling exists as it's own thing and does not have to be overtly sexual or with someone who is also a sex partner. 

    I understand the restriction this site places on professionals; regardless of how comfortable and trusting two cuddlers are with one another, if money is changing hands at some point there are legal risks for the website and maybe the cuddlers too. Even if sex is not on either person's mind, it gives the wrong appearance. 

    For me, the bottom line is about discussing boundaries ahead of time and making them clear (including the boundaries the site requires if I connect with a professional); respecting them is part of respecting my cuddle partner and part of honoring him or her as a person. Respect for each other also means speaking up in the moment if someone wants to update their boundaries or if they feel their boundaries are being crossed. Following that basic guideline of frank and *complete* communication will avoid misunderstandings. 

    Happy cuddling!

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    I spent close to 400 on an all night cuddle. One thing that happened that night was a bit odd. This was an independent girl. So all the money was hers. We met at 8pm or so. Around 10 or 11 headed to bed she massaged me and then i massaged her. At that point she was like so what you want to do next. The room is pitchblack at this point. Seemed a bit odd to me. Was not taking any bait. That is for sure. She didn't push it but she did ask a few times. I was there for one reason to cuddle.
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  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I got my annual bonus recently and went on a mini cuddling spree. I saw five pros in the course of two weeks. I generally see one a month. I had previously seen one of them but the other four were all first timers for me. All five experiences were amazing. All girls were different and had different qualities that made them all unique and awesome. All five girls were very sweet and affectionate. I spend plenty of time on the boards talking about the negative side of pro cuddling but I have had many more positive experiences to share than I've had bad experiences. My splurge is over now though and it's time to go back to my once a month cuddle.
  • Dear all, I had to share this one, I worked last night so my sleep time today. There I was in bed minding my own business in the land of nod, my partner had risen and was reading in the office. There's a knock at the door, not for me my day off, turns out three friends of ours have turned up, driven for 8 hrs to get to Auckland for work which starts at the weekend, having a coffee in the lounge and making an almighty racket, laughing giggling and so on. Well I got up eyes half closed and walked into the lounge, there they were all looking and reading some of the comments from the staff meeting and in hysteric's, I pointed out I needed my sleep as I am on shift tonight. Well mrs a and my partner said they all needed there sleep as it had been a very long drive, so why waste a warm bed. Mrs b and mrs c agreed, they are all cuddle buddies of each other  but not me so I went back to bed, all arrived dressed for a cuddle, I thought man this is going to be to hot even for me especially if i am in the middle, turned up the air con, only one sheet, extra pillows. We all snuggled up and I had the best sleep ever, spooning this way and that, arms and legs everywhere, We did sleep for quite a few hours, leaving us all refreshed and ready for the world and with the air con up full warm but cool.
    I have had my first fivesome what an experience, I know cuddle parties can be moresoms but this was just for me or may be not. Cuddling is fun and should be and you never know what is round the corner.
    Love you all from Auckland nz

  • Congrats my friend, that's amazing
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    Seems so many guys want everything for nothing these days. (Guys on this site and those I meet out in the real world as well)  So I'm on vacation and one potential client recently said to me after I told him I can not host due to where and who I'm staying with: "So I need to pay for the room and also pay for the session? Is that what you want?" This is in the town he lives in and after he first wanted me to come to his place at midnight and I told him that hour was unacceptable. 
  • He seems to me to be someone to avoid.
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    yeah. it seems like that too.  No loss for you.  
  • LOL  No worries! There's a lot of other really great guys on here that will be great clients! 
  • I haven't met anyone through this site to have a cuddle with yet. Even the few professionals within 80 miles don't seem keen to meet me.There are few members in the south west of England at the moment,a situation i hope will change at some point as i think this site provides a great service.I had a half hour cuddle with a woman who is not on this site the other day and it was a good platonic experience for both of us.
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    @OnMyWay  "Seems so many guys want everything for nothing these days."
    Don't you think that's a bit unfair? Guys tend to have to pay for everything these days. There are places and sites where women can join for free but guys have to pay. Also, many women still expect guys to pay for them on dates: the meal, the drinks, the entertainment, etc., even though these women have their own incomes and could pay their own way. So don't be too quick to criticise guys wanting something for free or questioning whether they should pay for everything. There are no guys making $80 an hour through this website. The only ones who do that are women. If you wanted to point out greediness, you were looking in the wrong direction.
  • I have never cuddled with any one yet but i cant wait to meet someone who would like to cuddle

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