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  • This is not a cuddle story, since it only led to a hug and a fun day out, but a few years back I was in a chat group on skype with some people from around the world. A new girl was added to the group and she started telling how lonely she felt since she just moved to Antwerp in Belgium that week. She was starting at university the next week and didn't know anyone yet. I jokingly said I could go visit her and give her a hug so she wouldn't feel so lonely.

    To my surprise she send me a private message, asking if I was serious. Me and my big mouth. I couldn't just go and tell her I was joking, so since I didn't have anything to do the next day, we agreed on meeting at the Antwerp train station for a hug and some shopping. So I took the train to Belgium and met up with her. It was a great day and probably the most random thing I ever did.

  • I met my first cuddle from the site this weekend and it was amazing. I was really nervous because I had never cuddled a stranger before, just close friends and partners. We talked for a few hours in public and then went to a hotel. He made me feel really comfortable and safe. Neither one of us wanted to leave and I felt happier and more fulfilled then I had been in a long time afterward. I hope to see him again.

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    The last person that I booked from Seeking Cuddles we met at our local coffee shop, talked for an hour and cuddled on an outside chair, and that was about it. My original plan was to cuddle inside this VW tent that they have set up inside the coffeehouse but alas it was taken by students hanging out so there went that plan.

  • I just read amazing stories of emissary2ornj and 50statecuddler. Wow!

  • Havnt met anyone here yet . Didn’t meet here but had a really great 4hr cuddle session last night . Cuddling , talking , watching movie , laughing with candle light and a soft blanket . He fell asleep towards the end as I played with his hair . So much better than the one before where it was like cuddling a dead fish .

    A few days ago did a 3 hr session with a woman I met on fb. She wanted to be pampered . So I washed her hair and brushed it , Gave her a massage and then she fell asleep in my arms to some soft music as I tickled ( feather) her back . It was supposed to be 2 hrs but we lost track of time .

  • A few yrs ago I saw a woman being yelled at and shoved around by a man while I was driving. I cannot witness something like that and not intervene, so I got my sledgehammer out of my car and the guy was more than happy to get lost. The lady had nowhere to go and had been sleeping on the street. Also was a prostitute. I took her to get some food and got a cheap room in the area so she would have a safe place to be for the night and wash up etc. I stuck around in the room talking, and getting to know more about her situation and about her life. She said she was really sore so I rubbed her neck and back, and she went into a hugging/spooning position so just kind of went with it. We were clothed, and nothing sexual , though she offered out of habit due to being a prostitute. After about an hr of this I left, and she gave me a big hug and started to get teary, and said that was the first time she had been treated like an actual person and had been touched for her benefit and not for sex in a long time.

  • @pmvines That is a very cool story.
    <3 Jim

  • Just had a great session with someone I met on FB . First time cuddling with a straight man I didn’t know very well . It was so great !! He was a total gentleman , warm and great to talk to . He was very conscious of my comfort and making me feel safe . He had a bit of a rise but he put a pillow so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable without me asking . He cooked me a great meal , we talked and laughed like we had known each other for years, watched a movie while cuddling , then laid it bed listening to some blues while chattering . I’m looking forward to our next session . I had such a great time we lost track of time by 2 hours. Hope to have more experiences like that ! I did invite him here would love to see this community grow .

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    @I_am_Polyover Thanks. I don't ever judge people for their circumstances. I have been in situations where I was lucky to have a floor to sleep on and food in my belly, and I know what its like to do desperate things to feed bad habits. And I know what its like to not feel human. I did see her again the following year on the same street flagging down cars. Looked pretty thin and face was broken out. Its sad what drugs will do to an otherwise beautiful creature.

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    I would love to have a nice relaxed experience like those being described. But honestly, coming here made me feel more isolated in the end.

    I was and am a very open person at all times.

  • This is my joygasm cuddling by the fire , long conversation

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    I had a cuddle tonight that changed me and my view of cuddling. So, I had been pretty much cuddling all day. A 3 hr. Cuddle and a 2 hr cuddle this morning before my drive to Philly for my cuddle trip. I finally get here, checked in and I was beat. Now, for my next 3 hr cuddle of the day. (With another at midnight, and a full booked day tomorrow). Anyway, I was a bit tired, a bit hungry, a bit sleepy. I had cuddled with this client on a previous cuddle trip. I've attached the email he sent me. Basically, he asked me to help him deal with a life long issue that he has been battling. I happily agreed and we got to cuddlin . I held him like I held my children when they were young. I spoke gently and lovingly. Over the next 3 hrs he opened up, and cried and laughed. He said he had breakthroughs that he's never had in all his years of therapy. I had forgotten how tired and hungry I was and focused on my cuddle. I know the science behind cuddling, I know the positions, I know the rules, etc. What I didn't know, or at least had never seen was how it could literally change a 3 short hours.

  • This was his response to that session. I love what I do![](

  • Hi, I am new to this but would like to try cuddling with someone. I am a middle aged man looking for a woman. Strictly platonic cuddling. I travel a lot and get very lonely and stresses. Send me a message if you are interested.

  • @znrt69 Most women do not respond to someone with an empty profile page. You would do yourself a favor to make an effort to fill it in.

  • Well, I'm not sure how cute this is, but hopefully someone will enjoy it: About a year ago, when I was feeling very low and really needed therapeutic cuddles myself, I hired someone--an experience that made me a firm believer in their ability to heal!--I ended up in tears because I finally opened up to someone else about some things that had been hurting me for a long time.

    Having a good cry is quite cathartic, but as my cuddler tried to sooth me by pulling me closer to her rather... ample chest and petting my hair, she admitted a bit sheepishly "I'm a little afraid of smothering you."

    I hate to be without a witty reply, so through the tears and with a very serious tone, I replied "Yeah, but it'd be a good way to go!" She cracked up laughing and putting a smile on someone else's face made me feel so good that I laughed, too, in spite of myself. I'll never forget that, that just a few words and a little cuddling can be all it takes to turn things around.

  • Two times I've had cuddles, one a close friend, we we're watching a movie, and the other with someone I'll never want to see again(ex) both were good experiences

  • Had a cuddle session with a friend tonight . Watched first Die hard movie , ate pizza , laughed and cuddled in our jammies

  • I had my third cuddle with my favourite professional this morning. It was sooo nice! Still feeling the after effects ...

    I love just lying face to face on my right side, sometimes stroking her back or her neck (and a little shoulder massaging too). I felt all tingly when she rubbed my neck and played with my hair. Down my back and along my arm were awesome too. Tracing the left side of her face down to her neck and shoulder was fun!

    Our talks together are really cool. She's just so lovely to talk to. I love the sound of her laugh.

    We were both very relaxed at the end. She sat up and I took the opportunity to rub her back all over with my fingertips, then she did the same to show me how it felt. It's fun trying out different things! We're getting good at communicating what feels nicest I think.

    So far I've always worn jeans, and I was amused to read all the negative comments about jeans when I looked through the past forum comments! Next time we'll try wearing something shorter.

    I took her to lunch afterwards, and when she touched my upper arm I kind of melted. Walking arm in arm was awesome too. I've never actually done that with anyone before and it felt amazing. It was kind of honouring for her to do that with me in public if that makes sense? I made a conscious decision not to worry about what other people thought (she's 21 and I'm 46). I don't think there were any negative reactions though.

    Cuddling not only makes me feel nice (yay for oxytocin!), it makes me feel valuable ... not that I don't feel valuable normally. I just mean that when my body is treated so nicely, my whole "inside" feels cared for and valued and loved.

    Three hugs goodbye ... til next time Sandy!

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    I am very lonely and really need a cuddle buddy near Jackson, NJ If you are out there let me know!


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    I had my very first cuddle today and I must say I don’t know if it was our connection or she is just that good but it was like I was in HS again, I had a GF that we would hook school and just lie in bed and talk and cuddle all day. I never had much affection from my parents and my wife is not a cuddler so to find that euphoric feeling again was amazing for me.

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    I had a cuddle buddy, he was a coworker who became flirtatious and I was oblivious to said flirty behaviors. Eventually I would hang out with him for days at a time and we'd just cuddle and enjoy each others company before going to work or after work, we'd go on hikes, watch tv shows and movies, it was very pleasant. Most comfortable I had ever been with another person even while including my relationships, maybe because there wasn't any ulterior motives.

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    i tend to have trouble sleeping since well.. cuddling my ex became a habbit but she moved out of states a while back as distance eventually ended our relationship and i havent been able to properly relax myself as i feel more comfortable with someone beside me which i dont mean in a sexual way but more of not being alone with just a cuddle buddy :p

  • @combine24 me too I sleep sideways it feels weird sleeping alone . Even if I gave insomnia someone close feels better

  • @cuddlebugTM glad someone understands :D

  • My favorite cuddle was a while back with a friend ( unpaid ) we sat it his juccuzi listening to music , talking and laughing with wine . Rinsed off and he gave me a great relaxing massage ( have sensitive back so very gentle ) , then we cuddled on the couch while I played with his hair . We both fell asleep

    Relaxing , comforting and recharged my batteries !

  • i cant find my cuddle buddy i live in florida and not that many users are here and tbh nothing against professionals i just cant afford them DX most are a 100 or 80 which i understand why they are so expensive i just wish i can afford it with out affecting me bills so im looking for a mutual cuddle partnerXD

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    I have recently cuddled with a cute pro cuddler off the site. She was very easy to talk and warm up to. I was uneasy at first but quickly realized that if you are seeking comfort and conversation snuggling with a stranger is just as enjoyable as snuggling the person you have been with for years. I feel like I learned some things about myself and look forward to being there for someone who was in need just like me.

  • i love to cuddle, but for some reason i end up kissing the person, so now its a habit,, does anyone kiss on here,

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