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  • [Deleted User]bang168 (deleted user)
    I met with someone from here today and it was awesome! Lots of cuddling and snuggling and have more cuddle sessions planned.
  • [Deleted User]Nikki3784 (deleted user)
    The only person I've ever cuddled with was my best friend, who I had feelings for, but she had a girlfriend ... then when she was single , I was just her comforter, and now she has a steady boyfriend .... But it was amazing when we cuddled, we wrapped our legs together, and breathed in each other's smell , and it was ALL DAY , so amazing! 
  • [Deleted User]EclecticLeo (deleted user)
    This is very new to me. I just made my profile and was browsing others and the last time online dates for the users I was looking at was quite discouraging. One said they hadn't logged on in 45 years though, so that just made me laugh. I wish I had joined a site like this before I was in a relationship because a snuggle buddy is so much better than awkward first dates. Nonetheless, I'm in a long distance relationship and we go months without seeing one another so I'm hoping I can find someone local to cuddle with. I have cuddled with a friend before and it was okay except that he was a little shorter than me so it was hard to find the right position to cuddle in.
  • I'm of the theory that LDR's can be less stressful when one happens to have a cuddly buddy. As such, I'm hopeful @EclecticLeo manages to find one soon. ;)
  • [Deleted User]itsmeinct (deleted user)
    I just made my profile today. Brand new at this but don't see many people in my area. 
  • [Deleted User]Angel110 (deleted user)
    Snugglelover, I feel your pain. I am a married woman but my husband and I haven't been intimate for about a decade. There's no affection but anger in our relationship. That's why I am looking to cuddle so I can feel loved. I am in a severe state of hug withdrawal.
  • hello angle hru?. I am sorry to here abt your story too. I would love to find out were you are at and mabey we can talk a bit and mabey meet each other for some cuddle time together. ty for your time matt
  • Hello from Orlando.  Any female snugglers around?
  • [Deleted User]brenda74 (deleted user)
    Just made my profile and not a big choice of people in my area
  • [Deleted User]EclecticLeo (deleted user)
    Honestly I don't think there is a wide selection anywhere. 
  • [Deleted User]Yurushi_Yami (deleted user)
    Just made my profile and there are 5 options........ 3 haven't been on in 3 years....... 2 haven't been on in a year...... and one was on a week ago.........Is this site even worth it?
  • The cuddle community is still young hence the limited choice. But there are numerous people who have posted about success from messaging people who have been inactive for a year and more. The reason for this is that email notifications are on by default.

  • [Deleted User]dreamdean (deleted user)
    So, reading all this, I can relate to you other ladies out there that may be in a marriage that has no physical love (and I don't mean just sex). I am a very physical person so going from a once passionate very loving situation to one where I don't even get hugs or have my hand held is debilitating emotionally and spiritually. I am staying the course for other personal reasons so this site is my outlet. As for the experiences, they run the full gamut of worthless to lousy to awkward to comforting to warm and fuzzy to absolutely wonderful. Regardless of your experience, don't be discouraged. Google "physical touch for health benefits" and you will get a plethora of information about why physical touch is so important. This site serves a great purpose. Be patient and believe that everything happens for a reason. Happy cuddling, peeps!
  • [Deleted User]MonsterRain (deleted user)
    Dreamdean, I typed too fast and was frozen momentarily on here.  Hopefully you see this.  

    This is site does serve a great purpose and I believe everything happens for a reason. 
  • I've never had a Cuddle Buddy when I was in my early teens my parents, accidentally this was the lesson I learned not the one they intended to teach, explained to me that I was disgusting and no-one wanted me to touch them. I have lived by that creed ever since it has only been in the last few years that I have dared to even choose to believe differently. That said as much as I now want a companion I can cuddle with, not sex I tried that a few times and was extremely unimpressed, all myfriends are 500 kms+ away or married. 
  • [Deleted User]dreamdean (deleted user)
    Vex, that is a heart-wrenching story and a horrible thing to believe. God made no one undeserving of love and human touch. It might be harder for some of us to find that special someone than it is for others but know you aren't alone. That is why everyone on CC is here. We all have different circumstances but we all came here with the same need. If you haven't found someone whose embrace brings you fullness and peace, please don't lose hope. You need to have hope to be open to receiving the best things in life. I speak from experience on this. Have faith that you will meet someone who gives you Zen.
  • Sigh, i wish i could manage to have some actual success on this site, but everythings so dead here. any women that are anywhere near me havent logged in for weeks or months :( 
  • [Deleted User]dreamdean (deleted user)

    Andy - Don't worry about lack of activity. If you message them, they'll get an email from CC letting them know. They may only check in if someone is interested. Good luck! =)

  • dreamdean- i wish that was true for me. but it seems alot of people have abandoned this place completely and have no intention of talking to anyone. 
  • [Deleted User]dreamdean (deleted user)
    Hmmmm ... Have you tried Spoonr? I've heard there are more people on there but I have no first hand knowledge. I will say traffic on here is not consistent and expectations are all over the place so your patience can easily be tested and it can be discouraging but if you're willing to weather the storm, there is a rainbow. =)
  • [Deleted User]Nathan25 (deleted user)
    Hello guys, I joined today out of curiosity and... maybe a bit driven by being lonely XD

    Anywho, I've cuddled with a couple of friends in my immediate area, and have had fun doing it. I'm very tall ,so no matter the position, everyone else is most likely to be a little spoon! One of my favorite moments was spooning in the back of my car (no, nothing else came of it after. Car was only spot cause he lives up the hill from me, and can't have guests in the house, like ever...) and we watched The Emperor's New Groove XD

    I'm hoping for more stories like that here. So far it seems like a very chill place and will enjoy my stay here :)
  • I had a cuddle buddy once before finding this site. I had been inexperienced, had some communication about likes and interests, but had expressed no hard boundaries. She never asked me to stop, but she didn't let me continue, either. I basically failed to respect her uncommunicated boundaries.

    I realize it's my fault for trying to push things further, but it sucks that she just felt uncomfortable and didn't speak up about it. Luckily I made another friend that strongly believed in communication, and I finally learned the concept of boundaries. Patience and limits are constant areas to improve, but I've gotten so much more mature since then.
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    Have had great sessions as long as your/they are up front rite from get go.. I've done clothes and also semi nude and nude.. All were fantastic experience.. I'm a older mature guy and would like to see a bit older ladies in south Florida area.. 20's and 30's are great except a tad older would be nice also.. To all good luck as I have found this experience.

    QUESTION..... Any females into snuggling 50 yrs of age??Anybody in South Florida?? Can't find females in my area.... (HELP guys/gals to find female)

    Come on there has to be someone that somebody knows that would like to meet up with a nice guy (at least that's what I've been told) To meet for coffee,tea, or cocktails and talk a bit hoping they would be interested in cuddling together..Need a little help here in South Florida...

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  • I have met several ladies on this site and cuddled. All very wonderful experiences. BUT.....  On 8-20-2016 I met emissary2ornj at mcdonalds for a pre-cuddle date. A few hours later we were happily married!!!! Truly love at first site. We both now have a lifetime cuddle partner in each other.
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    Thanks, @Crispin!
  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)
    Ya'atheeh Cuddle Family:-)  Last October, I was just returning from Utah.  I was there for a 3 day conference & we drove there & back.  Up to that point, I had already been doing a lot of traveling.  I was physically & energetically exhausted!  I called a male friend, literally while I was on the road back to Cali.  I was up front what I needed & he was happy to oblige. We met around sunset at the beach.  He showed up with blankets, made a cozy spot on the sand, he laid down on his side.  I took that as my cue to spoon in front of him.  He just held me:-)  I felt so nourished, safe & comfortable.  I think that I even started crying, which is a form of "release".
  • I like to cuddle my female cousins; those who are up for it, lol. I don't make the first move, cos each person's boundaries are different. That, and I'm the very shy quiet type. But I do have one cousin in particular that I cuddle almost every time we meet. We do sitting and standing cuddles.

    I am female, Asian. And well, I got 'told off' when I tried to cuddle one male cousin (we were standing up) lol.

    So here goes my story about meeting a stranger from online, in real life. I'd spoken to him over the phone, and online for quite some time. But when we met, he moved in and was too touchy.

    So I did not cuddle with him despite him asking. And he isn't the first guy to do that, despite my saying NO SEX NO TOUCHY IN THE WRONG PLACES.
  • [Deleted User]jenna (deleted user)
    In my short time on here, I have gotten many emails and most seem to be interested in sex.  ....immediately asking for pictures of my body parts.
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