‘Tis the Season for movies and snuggles



  • PS: no mater what time of year or what you are doing, if Die Hard comes on then all stops and you sit down and watch.

  • No mention of Christmas Vacation?

  • @SpooniesBack CV has not been mentioned because Chevy Chase is an acknowledged arse hole.

  • How sad. If one of the actors being an “arse hole” i reason for not watching a movie, then the pickings are mighty slim.

  • Hahahahaha Omgosh. Christmas Vacation.... I think it would range right up there with Black Christmas!!! 😂😂😂 @SpooniesBack thank you for the giggles.

    @littermate I will certainly love the snow for you my friend. ❄️

    Wow!!! Michelle Pfeiffer!! Getting lots of attention!!! She and George Clooney in One Fine Day. So sweet and yet somehow steamy in a struggling single parent kind of way.

    Oooooohhhhh George Clooney. Seriously as fabulous as Michelle Pfeiffer! 😊

  • Chevy is universally known as historically difficult to work with. It's amazing he was cast as often as he was because stories date back to SNL days. If I forget about the things I've read, however, I can enjoy watching him Especially Caddyshack.

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    Sure there are divas out there no doubt, but then there's another level


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    @AceCuddlerMike He has been known to treat children on the set so rudely he has made more than one kid cry. He is beyond the pale on a lot of poor behaviors. I can overlook a lot but when I see his mug up on the screen and know he treats children like trash I have better things to do than support his livelihood, and by extension, his behavior.

  • @FunCartel oh my. Yes that definitely makes it difficult for me as well. I know of course that they are "ACTORS" and not in fact the fabulous character they are performing for me.... but I definitely have a different opinion about spending time and being able to actually enjoy the picture... especially when they are the star.

    For example Tom Hanks. He has played some AMAZING roles and has the ability to be cast in a various amount of settings because of his extreme ability (My opinion) but oh my.... It takes a serious kind of sensitivity to play a role like Mr. Rodgers!!! :) I just heard that he is actually a 6th cousin or something to the real Mr. Rodgers. Haven't seen the movie yet.... has anyone?

  • @sillysassy I can separate an artist from their work quite often and accept the artist is imperfect as we all are, but when the indiscretions involve children, or sexual assault as in the case of Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein, my personal belief is that I have a moral obligation to not support anything they are attached to because by doing so, I am financially supporting their ability to act that way and to pay their lawyers to get them off. Life goes on if you do not watch their movies. But the victims of their actions are often lives that are permanently damaged. Just can’t be a part of that.

  • Edward Scissorhands is my Christmas movie of choice, so I'm gonna be getting down with that next month.

  • Was ES a Xmas flick? Just saw it once. I liked Depp in Benny and Joon :)

  • I used to struggle with confusion the other way, disliking an actor for the role they played.

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    @FunCartel You are so right. I completely agree about spending money in the theaters or buying videos. There aren't many actors out there that haven't let us down here and there.... but children and sexual assault. Done.

    Oh man!!! Kevin Spacey????? NOOOOOOOOOOO I use the Pay it Forward premise in tons of my life discussions. I am so sad.

    @Catloaf Edward Scissorhands!!! oh my hahhahaha yes.... that was so so so good. Johnny Depp.... so long ago!! I forgot about Winona Ryder in that!!! She says "hold me"-----------"I can't" he replied. :'(

  • @geoff1000 Yes you are confused by not separating actor from a role. It is not confusion to boycott the work of an actor because of their criminal behavior—it is a moral choice in my case.

  • @geoff1000 I know what you mean. Good example, used to dislike Sam Rockwell because he tried to kill Drew Barrymore. Sorry I love Drew. LOL And have loved Steve Carell in everything.....EVERYTHING. He's always this lovable character even though he was really awkward in The Office, that last scene when he showed up at Dwight's wedding and could barely get out the words "that's what she said" just killed me. I think it kind of got him too. Anyway, then I see these two guys in the movie The Way Way Back, a boy's coming of age story. And these actors are playing roles completely different from anything I've ever seen them in. An actor has to really kill a role for me to be able to overcome a bias from previously having only played bad, or having only played good guys. I mean, how could you hate Steve Carell, how could you like Sam? But both of them did awesome jobs. Carell played a scumbag like the pro he is, and Sam was incredible as a pal/mentor of the kid. But some actors just aren't good enough to make me forget their past roles.

  • @geoff1000 you are right!! I know what you mean like Anthony Hopkins. After Silence of the Lambs.... every time I hear his voice it’s ALL I can think about!!! 😂

  • Scrooged is so worth it just to see David Johansen of the New York Dolls as a cab driver

  • Favourite movies for the holidays, huh?

    1.) Cheaper By the Dozen

    2.) The Dark Knight Trilogy

    3.) Shazam! (technically a Christmas movie)

    4.) Krampus

    That's my short list. :3

  • Oh @pmvines he is one of my most favorite characters!! Good clip! hahhahaha
    @AceofCuddles Cheaper by the Dozen makes me laugh and laugh and laugh (it also makes me very thankful I only have 2 children!!) wow.... Krampus. I have never seen that! It looks.... really frightening. :/ but the storyline looks amazing! I think I'm taking my son to see Shazam.... Looks fabulous but is it really a Holiday movie?????

    The Christmas Chronicles were very fun and silly. Kurt Russell.... Its so strange to see these actors getting old. LIKE ME!!! =)

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    @sillysassy, Krampus isn't as scary as it looks! It's much more funny. Imagine "The Gremlins". It's got horror undertones but it's not entirely a horror movie.

    As for Shazam!, if you take out all of the superhero stuff, it's pretty much a Christmas movie.

  • Ace thank you so much for THAT!! I probably would have put it in the "save for @pmvines category" :)

  • @sillysassy well let’s hope Kevin Spacey didn’t tell his victims to pay it forward after he sexually assaulted them.

  • omgosh @FunCartel no. That's just so wrong. so so so wrong.

    I'm still going to love Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. What a cutie pie!!! Its a role like he played that makes me want to believe he is an amazing little human. Well that and Forrest Gump!!! <3

  • For me is “Jingle all the way” , classic sweet and lovable Christmas movie with a great cast and the great Phil Hartman just as funny as he ever was.
    And for my money one of the best and funniest post credits scenes ever.

  • So many fun choices!!! Awwwww Jingle All the Way!!! Arnold <3 How can you not love him. :) Phil Hartman is amazing in almost anything.

    Here's a fun list... and omgosh!!! The POLAR EXPRESS!!! I love Tom Hanks. So swoony. @FunCartel if he is a jerk, I think I will cry for REAL!!

  • @sillysassy There is no crying on Cuddle Comfort.

    Tom Hanks
    “A Cuddle of Our Own”

  • awwwww @FunCartel thank you for that!! "Tom Hanks is just as nice as you imagine him"


    (You won't know that "there's no crying on CC" by some of the forum posts! Yikes!!! I don't think we would cry if we were hanging out though! So much silliness!)

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    I'm gonna have a big cry right now.

  • hahahhahaa oh my gosh. @littermate So cute!!! I'm playing Christmas music, I got to spend the evening with my kids, watching movies and loving each other (all together for the first time in years decorating our tree)!!

    I love Little Women during the holiday season..... when all the March girls go caroling to take their Christmas feast to a poor family. THAT IS THE KIND OF THING I LOVE ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! <3 Jo March (one of my fav heroines) "Lovely weather for a picnic!!" :)

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