‘Tis the Season for movies and snuggles



  • (omgosh @geoff1000 please don't tell anyone... I am in the 1%!!!)

  • @sillysassy
    WAS in the 1%. 😀
    I didn't know how to find a cuddler's page from their username, so I'm glad to have recovered some of my credibility.

    Edit. Hans Gruber was the ANtagonist.

  • @littermate I'd be SO down for a LOTR cuddle party... lol A few years ago I was really sick at Christmas and I laid on the couch and watch LOTR for two days between napping.

  • @2dogmom What's awesome about being over 50 is that I generally forget most of a movie by a week after watching it. Just watched Corpse Bride with my daughter and honestly, barely remembered any of the plot. Just that there was a guy and a corpse bride.

    LOTR cuddle party might have to happen at some point. I'll keep you in mind. :)

  • @littermate
    I keep watching Reservoir Dogs, looking out for the reservoir or the dogs.

  • Haha @geoff1000 - now there's one I haven't seen. You recommend?

  • @littermate if you like Tarantino or Pulp Fiction, it is a must. If you are easily offended, then no.

  • edited December 2019

    I loved Pulp Fiction and I'm not easily offended, thanks @FunCartel.

  • Omgosh!!!!!!! @littermate and @2dogmom I so completely and totally resonate with this! I’m not even 50 yet! I usually forget the specifics and for the most part forget the plot twists so it’s perfect to watch things again and again.

    This is for all the DIE HARD FANS.... @snuggleme123 @FunCartel @pmvines @DaytonCuddler
    My son and I just watched the first one. It was so fun to watch!!! He’s like “Mom... isn’t he an old guy now? Are you sure none of that was computer graphics?” 😂😂😂 All those big huge monitors. The first idea of a touch screen..... and it fulfilled my notion of a love story because he comes to his senses when he’s about to die and says “Tell my wife I love her and I’m sorry”. The entire score was Christmas music. Even the scary guy songs had hints of traditional songs in the melody. So fun! Thanks guys!! ♥️

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