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    @hugonehugall I am definitely not saying it isn’t factual that pro’s don’t visit potential cuddle profiles, I am basing it on what I do as a pro. A profile is huge for me. It is my first impression of someone. I do thank you for your thoughts!

  • @hugonehugall
    "We don't know what kind of vetting process they have on place besides that."
    They might have a SWAT team behind that full-length mirror. I think I'd rather not know. 😀

  • @CreativeCuddles After all, that's why you like ME, right? :grin:

    Right? :sweat:

    Whattaya MEAN it's only because I'm safely far away!!?!

  • I love this thread! I like seeing profiles that have something on them, I'll take clients that dont have anything but ALL my new clients must go through a video chat with me. I want to see who they are and what they are about. I think its important to be careful and too see what the client is also looking for. Many reasons but its nice to see a profile and feel a little bit more comfortable that they took time to write. :)

  • "Many reasons but its nice to see a profile and feel a little bit more comfortable that they took time to write. "

    ^^^^^ THIS from @SouthFlorida4U... Yep. Makes them seem "serious" about cuddling.

  • @StoryDoctor1138 Silly you! Distance means nothing in the cuddle world! If you are destined to meet and cuddle, it will happen! So, that being said you really are not safe from my cuddles! I am meeting someone 5 states away in March I never thought I’d meet and you may be next!

  • Regarding the issue of pros visiting profiles and other screening issues, I suspect the discrepancy we’re seeing is largely due to the fact that the pros who post on the forum are pretty different from the average pro in the site. Many pros are not nearly as dedicated and thoughtful about the process as the pros on the forum.

    Another example: before I cuddled with a pro, I assumed based on the forum that it would be fairly common for pros to want a video chat or even meet in public before cuddling. But no, in practice basically none of them want to do that.

  • @mb0 It could be a number of things unfortunately we will never know. I have often wondered how much “vetting” can some of the pro cuddlers do that see so many clients each week. I only do it part part time and I know how much time it takes to feel comfortable enough to have an initial cuddle with someone. The pro’s that have several a day, everyday I don’t know how it’s possible to properly vet that many people. I think some pro’s are all about the $ and the karma and don’t vet as thoroughly as they should. I think you are correct in saying many pro’s are not as dedicated to vetting as others.

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    @CreativeCuddles @mb0 again I think it's irresponsible to assume or suggest that because a pro doesn't take the same amount of time to vet someone as you would or as you think they should. We don't know what they discuss privately with potential clients before they meet or what safeguards they have in place when they do agree to meet someone. Just because they're able to see multiple clients a day doesn't mean they're rushing through the process. Again it's all subjective about what someone thinks is long enough or not long enough to vet someone with everyone's comfort level being different.

  • @hugonehugall in my post I do state “I don’t know how it’s possible to vet that many people” and “some pro’s” I didn’t say all. There is no way to do this full time and not spend hours upon hours vetting individuals, no way possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s private or in a forum. It could be looking at profiles, emails, texting, video chat, etc., but no matter what it’s very time consuming.

  • @CreativeCuddles you're right you said some. But you also re-enforced my point in a way. You said " There's no way to do this full time and not spend hours upon hours vetting individuals " That's just my point ... Some pros don't need hours to vet someone.

  • @hugonehugall Lets agree to disagree, I have vetting to do.

  • @CreativeCuddles 😂😂😂😂 yep. Added you as a friend.

  • I think this thread has had great discussion and positive feedback. What i don’t see is that we’ve had any discussion that we will learn to make drastic changes. It seems that most of us have good and appealing profiles and that the profiles are not the obstacle in our perception.

    Maybe it’s just the type of person that actually puts themselves out there. Maybe the folks that need some real coaching are not the type to engage. I think we discuss in other forum posts about who we think is inappropriate, and that’s usually obvious, but there are some that probably give an impression that’s not intended. It might be to sensitive a subject to bring up publicly.

  • @BashfulLoner I've had 5 people (3 gents, 2 ladies) see my offer to review their profile who contacted me privately via the message function. I helped them all. Some needed some help, some not so much, but ALL needed a little reassurance because of a lack of confidence. To me, even those who have "good" profiles need a little assurance that others find it appealing. I think this was a great thread and I will offer, again, my review of anyone's profile if you wish to message me.

  • I may do some slight edits based on the info I've received back but I don't see a need for a complete overhaul as to this point I haven't had much trouble achieving what I came here for.

  • I would like a profile review if this service is still available! I've got my "Big Girl Undies" on, so give it to me straight! lol

  • @ImajenMoon what you’ve written on your profile is very descriptive. I think it’s great ☺️

  • Thank you, beautiful Sheena!
    I'm more of an "in person" interactor, not even much liking the phone, so I really appreciate the feedback.
    I'm having an issue with what I believe is sort of like "hitting a wall"---in that the people who light my proverbial candle are HUNDREDS OF MILES away!!!
    Am I just being impatient? Is there something a person can put in her profile that would alert potential Cuddle Buddies to the fact that she'll show up for appointments?? lol
    The very concept of platonic cuddles just blows me away! I LOVE the idea of getting to meet with, talk with, and cuddle people from different walks of life. We're all in this together, and every time I interact------especially in such a warm, tender way----- I grow as a person!
    I guess Ohio just isn't the Cuddle Capital of the world, unfortunately! :(
    Even so, hope springs eternal over here where I am!
    P.S., I have warm skin and long arms! lol

  • @ImajenMoon
    Not hundreds of miles long arms. ☹️

  • Alas, geoff1000, that IS the problem!
    P.S., I enjoy your posts! :)

  • @ImajenMoon looks good. If you can add a couple more pics that will be the whip cream on the pie.

  • AARRRRGH, LM!! I had a bear of a time trying to get these on here! lol
    I'm usually the one taking the pictures, and don't have a lot of pictures of myself. For now, these are just gonna have to do!
    Thanks for the feedback, though!

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    I wonder if anyone would cuddle with a clown like me Lol

  • @creek12 Why do you doubt no one would?

  • @creek12
    What a Joker.

  • I'd love feedback.

  • DT80~
    Your profile looks good! I'm new, so I may not be the best person to answer, but you've got interesting, thought-provoking pics (LOVE the bumble bee vibe!), and you make it clear that you're here for platonic, safe cuddles. That seems "golden!"
    P.S., I hope some of the more experienced members will also weigh in with some feedback for you! :)

  • @DT80 - I took a look at your profile and thought it was perfectly fine. I think people overemphasize the importance of a profile. Professionals don't much care so long as there are no obvious red flags (there aren't) since they are motivated by money, not your profile. And non-professionals, well good luck finding one under any circumstances.

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