Are there valid reasons not to post a picture of oneself?

There seems to be a lot of discussion about providing a picture before cuddling. Are there valid reasons not to post a picture of oneself?



  • Yeah, privacy....unattractiveness....self consciousness.....insecurity. They all may not seem reasonable to you but to the person

  • @BashfulLoner is correct. People don't post pictures of themselves for various reasons; insecurity and privacy I think are the biggest. It's valid for that individual but it decreases their chances of finding someone, especially for men seeking to cuddle with women as this is a safety concern.

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    I do not post a picture because I work for a company teeming with ultra-conservatives who if they knew I was on this site would tie me to a ducking stool to see if I float.

    With that being said, I send a pic when I send a message and it has not inhibited me from securing cuddles with females. It is how you handle it.

  • "Search Google for similar images"

  • If i thought my company or anyone involved were on here I’d go pictureless immediately. Or for that matter anyone from my community. I have a library full of leather bound books and my home smells of Mahogany and Dominican cigar smoke, various scotches and bourbons.

  • In other words I’m kind of a big deal......even though all that’s true

  • It makes women think you may be sending different pictures to different people and are therefore not who you say you are aka a creep.
    Hatw to break it to you any concerns about your appearance Are also shared by any potential cuddlers. Why not give someone to choose you without the element of deception? As for a coworker finding you? They would have to #1 know about the phenomenon #2 know about the site #3 be actively perusing the listings. I figure your secret is probably safe with those people....but Why is it ok for ppl to openly seek sexual hookups on Tinder, but taboo to want to cuddle?!

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    @Zeebie Hardly safe with those people. We had a lady that was a swinger and her and her husband were on a swinger site and someone in the company found it. Then it was leaked to other people and then it came to the attention of the VP. She was fired a month later by the VP because our company is based out of an at will state (Michigan) which means a reason really does not have to be given. The bottom line is I have been paid entirely too well for 20 years to become a martyr for cuddling. And yes, I have no doubt they would fire me. They love me now and they have been nothing but fantastic with me but they do not stomach anything they perceive to be outside the norm. I know of other occurrences over the years.

    Besides, I am not deceiving anyone. I send a pic on my first message as I stated in my previous post. Deceptive would be to send no pic or a pic by someone else. But none of this has ever hindered me in finding someone.

  • I’m going to have to say no, there is no valid reason to not provide a picture. There are valid reasons not to post a personal picture on the site but if a potential cuddle buddy wants to see a pic, there’s really no reason to not send him or her a pic privately.

  • @Morpheus That I agree with and practice.

  • @Zeebie:
    It isn’t only the men who don’t post a public self-pic. Women do as we’ll. I re-read your first sentence in response to the OP and immediately wondered if it should be acceptable for women who use a photo of their pet or something else altogether as their main public pic. What are men supposed to think of that? Surely a man who does that isn’t given the same benefit of the doubt with regards to being a creep as a woman would. Or, am I wrong?

  • @Zeebie Both men and women alike dont post pics for various reasons, many of whom dont fit into the creep category. Also men and women alike dont always post or send the same pics to everybody. And as for not wanting to post a pic for privacy purposes, that is a completely valid point. It might mean a lack of willingness for others to engage that person, but regardless that is their choice and it is valid. I however will add that someone who refuses to provide a pic who is showing interest in meeting is someone I would avoid. One should always provide one if progressing to the point of meeting someone.

  • Privacy. I don't like that pictures on here are searchable via google - I do wanna be able to run for President someday, even if I haven't slept with/paid off porn stars.

    Site content should remain behind an account/login/authentication, but hey, it's not my website, so I've locked down pics for friends only. Getting to know people takes time.

    FunCartel makes valid and meaningful points here.

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    The short answer is "Yes". This has been discussed at great length in many past discussions. I suggest going back and looking at the earlier threads.

  • All of the above reasons. I don't think I'd be fired, but I don't want to risk it. I was surprised to see co-workers on Match and Zoosk....

  • Personal reason for not posting a picture of myself is......I'm a public person and too many people know me in my area and surroundings as well as in different cities and even a few states . Chances of being recognized are probably minimal , yes.. but there's still the people who join the site, just to be able to see if someone they know it's actually in here ... bad thing , embarrassed or hiding something??? Absolutely no !!! Privacy reason?? Totally yes!!!! Because what I do on my free time it's nobody's business.... you'll be surprised of the things hateful people can do to your career or business, with little to non information about your private life or personal activities.

    I personally bring up the picture subject from the beginning of a conversation with anyone i message, whether the person is a Pro or not , never had a problem sending as many pictures as they like , but only via text message , never through the site, but that's a different subject , for a different topic lol.

  • Does it really matter considering when booking a person will ask for one anyway? I've never had a problem by not having a photo on my profile.

  • @zeebie i feel the exact same about tinder and things like that. So I’ve been on them, plus they are much wider used than CC, so I feel much more concealed in here.

  • I'm too self-conscious to post pictures of myself, but luckily I have an identical twin brother named Jon Long I can post pics of. We look exactly the same, but he's more photogenic than me. We never go anywhere together in public, but I swear he exists.

  • I get enough 'ribbing' at work for my drinking, or rather choice to not drink. I think I would have more ribbing for cuddling, than for visiting a brothel.

    As Christian Wolf's dad tells him in "The Accountant" ; "Sooner or later, different scares people".

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    If I don't get to cuddle someone just base on not having a picture of myself in my profile, so be it. I am cuddling an individual not a website. There is so much sarcasm and bullying here that it is frighting at times. It's better to be safe than sorry

    Platonic cuddling is intimate and private. I have no problems sending pictures to potential partners through messager.

  • I think another reason and we talked about it some in a discussion a month ago is because some men don't want to the world to know they pay the pros (unless you are want enthusiasts) from their services. You can text a picture to the pro

  • How safe really is a picture sent via text or any electronic means? I mean there is not a 'patient-client' relationship protecting someone with said pros. So, they could use your photo for anything they choose. To be able to afford any pros, you have to have a darn good job and good jobs are much easier to loose than to find.

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    @takestwo but what caliber of person, pro or not, are going to be able to meet for cuddles without verifying your identity, with at least a selfie? I would be immediately concerned for my safety regarding meetings a totally anonymous / faceless person online. And even questionable of the person on the other side who would agree to that. ? No?

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    Camera-shy. I suppose I look okay in person. However, catch me at the wrong angle and I’m Steve Buscemi in a long dark wig. No offense to Steve.

    This appears to be a universal quagmire:

  • I get not meeting in private without having seen the person first. Why not just meet in public prior to deciding whether or not to meet in private in the future?

  • For me the valid reason is that we are adults and can choose to post or not to post a picture. If someone refuses to send a picture privately, then make an adult choice to continue with that person or not.

    I asked a potential cuddle partner for a picture and she said no and wanted it to be a surprise and spontaneous. I told her "no thanks", blocked her and moved on. Her reasons or lack of reason for not sending picture is valid to her. No need for me to question her.

  • It’s a strange experience running into your boss, coworkers, or family/friends on tinder so I totally understand if someone isn’t comfortable having a picture of themselves on display for all to see.

  • Well said @funnycuddles, sadly the terms; "we are adults, "making adult choices" often get lost in this community. And didn't it say when we first signed up on the website, that "you" have to be 18 (eighteen) of age?

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