Would you cuddle with users without pictures?



  • This thread got me thinking, and made me decide to post some pics of myself. To me there is so much more to a person than aesthetics, personally I am more interested in personality, sense of humor, authenticity, etc. however I do realize that knowing what someone looks like is good to know so you are able to put a face to the words you are responding to.
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    thanks @funandadventure
    i did change my profile for a while and hide myself because my ex is on here but i figured i shouldn't change myself, or how i want to use this site, just because of him.

    @pmvines, it's lovely to see who you're chatting to i think. :)
    the more i chat to people online the less i care about pics i think now, it's still like i'm talking to a real person even without pics but i like to see who people are physically because i start to mentally build up a picture of them myself otherwise and it's always wrong, haha.
  • I would, of course, consider cuddling with someone who doesn't have a profile picture.  Iexpect that I would have built a rapport through email, phone calls and/or non cuddling face to face meetings before we actually cuddled, so we could both be comfortable. 

    I don't have profile picture, but it is not because I look like Quasimodo.  I grew up in a small town, where everyone knew one another's business and that has made me rather circumspect. Moreover, as I mention in my profile, I will send a photo once I begin corresponding with someone. 
  • @Irene, its funny you say that about getting the visual wrong. Just yesterday I spoke to somebody on the phone for the first time after we had been messaging each other for a long time. I had never asked for pics because it didn't really occur to me since we were only messaging each other nor did she ask for mine because she is visually impaired. She told me she always thought of me as being really tall and skinny. I'm a little bit tall but not really, ha ha
  • And as one can tell from my pics I am definitely not skinny
  • yeah you definitely not what i was building up in my head. although i got your hair pretty much right somehow. @pmvines

    is cool to see you whatever.
  • @Irene My hair is quite short from how it used to be. I have had it down to the waist before. Ive had a Mohawk, dreads, colored hair, etc. I ended up cutting about a food off of it ten yrs ago and this is how it has been ever since. My beard has been much longer and thicker as well.  When I worked in the community psych field with addicts, homeless, prostitutes, and serious mental illness, it was more acceptable to look the way I wanted.
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    Yes I would, but not with a pro...though we've all the opportunity to pr-meet with a potential cuddler pro or not for coffee.. However a pre-mtg, if one has to travel some distance, would probably be iffy for me. I'm over 6' and at 260 and I have to admit I would be sensitive about someone being much larger..... do not want to be resistance or be bias, but I would want extra opportunity to pre-talk... I recognize that due to my age and h/w many women would likewise be wary.
  • you've had some interesting hair @pmvines. and jobs. :)
  • I prefer not to see my clients face and to get to know them inside. I only say this because we are all human we cant help but be visual creatures whether it be attraction physically we are searching for or just looking for a cuddle. If i could have seen all of my clients with out talking to them first i would have turned them all down. But honestly talking before i see what they look like allows me to be open minded and feel more secure in trying new things.
  • @lovebug86. Dear Cheryl. you are a very special person, your profile speaks so clearly of who you are.
    Your point above is a very interesting one, may be you can see the inner being of a person, A rare gift.
    Peace and love to all, John and the trees, Auckland NZ
  • I have cuddled users without pictures and it was wonderful! Everyone deserves love & closeness, so looks are a non-issue for me. It appears that there is a stigma around cuddling that might cause one to feel the need to hide ones identity to avoid shame, judgment or embarrassment. Others I have met don't post photos because they were being deceptive to their loved ones & didn't want to get caught. That was a bummer. I'd like to work toward shifting ideas around this industry so people are less ashamed to be open and honest about seeking cuddle partners. Maybe even approach this with a sense of pride for being so in touch with their needs and leading with their example?! After all, there are much worse things out there we could be doing than loving others up with cuddles lol! :-)
  • i'm gonna have to go back to chatting to guys with pics only i think, so i can get an idea who is legit on here. just remembered my ex makes loads of fake profiles online so any could be him i guess, but at least if they have pics i maybe can tell if it's a genuine profile or not.

    kind of sad about this but a few dodgy things have been happening online for me this past couple of days and it reminded me to be more careful.
  • Yeah that's fine Irene...it makes no difference if someone has a pic on here or not...that's just foolish.  There are a million pictures I can use for my profile pic...but I actually did use a real one just obscured. 

  • you can get an idea if a profile is legit or not off the pics, sometimes. might not even be that it's a fake profile but if the pics look old then they probably don't represent that person at this time, little things like this help too. i'm just being over cautious for now, for a reason, and going back to what worked for me previously.

    there's other stuff as well where you can tell that i'll be using too. shame really, i kind of liked talking without knowing what someone looks like. it went against what i thought previously about them not being a person, they still were one.
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    I don't have a pic up and have only had 1 out of the 19 pros that I've seen ask for one. I kinda like them not knowing and then meeting me and seeing their reaction. I remember @kuddlebunny opening her door, seeing me and saying OMG and jumping into my arms lol Loved it.
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    I'm think it's funny that it seems you think that the reason people don't post pics is because they are insecure.  For me, it's about maintaining some level of anonymity.  If someone messages me I'm happy to email them a pic and I will expect one in return.
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    Well said mjjean1998  :)
  • A woman just told me not to contact her again (I messaged her first) because she found it creepy that I had blocked out just my face. So I guess now I'll go blank or put up a cartoon or something. Can't decide if I'm amused or disappointed.
  • LOL. Sorry.! Your message literally made me laughed out loud.

    On a serious note, the blocked out part of your profile does REMIND me of a few horror, thrillers that felt too real.

    So I can somewhat relate to her feelings (certain graphics creep me out) don't think I could have sent a similar message. But we don't know her history etc.

    I've become a more comfy with your profile through familarity and read about your need for anonymity but can also see how someone can be uncomfortable about seeing a blocked out face.

  • [Deleted User]Meggars (deleted user)
    For me, it's all about transparency and honesty. I like to know that just in the same way that I am willing to let my guard down, the person who I'm cuddling with will do the same. While I'm more than happy to talk to someone without a profile pic and I have nothing against them, I would have to see a picture before our appointment
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    I just put up what I consider to be my "poor placeholder" pic until I take a better one. I'm intentionally scruffy in this one, doing my best to look like a biker... or a modern-day pirate, hence my handle. ;)
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    I may be a bit jaded but...my experience online is that no picture usually means "married and doesn't want her or anyone to know what I'm doing online or away from home". That's just my experience. Although there are perfectly good reasons why they may not want to show pics right away which have been mentioned.
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    In my mind its a challenge because I recognize that there are those who feel vulnerable about their appearance and have self image issues...not to mention living in a small community.....but ultimately I share  Meggars comments....I probably would require messaging interaction an a pre-meet..
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    To me if you don't share a profile picture of your face it makes me think what are you trying to hide? Others might feel different but that is just how i feel. It just makes me feel more comfortable.
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     I always FaceTime or video chat before I am willing to meet someone in person.  And lots of communication by voice over the phone in addition.

     I understand about wanting to have some kind of privacy online, we tend to over share on the Internet as it is, and information is so easy to gather so I can understand not having a photo posted on the profile.

    I should have listened to my gut with the last person I made a last-minute arrangement to cuddle with, there were several red flags and we had just a split second FaceTime, literally under 30 seconds to flash his face and then it was cut off. 

     Moving forward I am not going to meet anyone in person without really building up some kind of trust and photos/some kind of identifying information.  A discussion over video chat or someone who is willing to take a photo of themselves and send it to you ( I have found a good one is saying something like hold up two fingers like a peace sign and take a selfie and send it)  that way you know it's a picture of the person you're speaking with because you've asked for a specific pose or identifier. 

     Happy and safe cuddling everyone. 

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    I've been thinking about putting up a profile pic
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    I'm new to this site and I obviously don't have a picture up.  I'd be happy to share pictures and even my FB page with people who might want to cuddle with me.  I don't put the picture up because I'm well known in my area, and I'd rather not have to answer questions in a public forum.
  • @Cis4Cuddle. Dear Cis4Cuddle. This is a copout, there is 59,000 members on this site why should anybody see you unless you want them to as in being active on the forum, you are not doing anything wrong or are you sneaking around. I work in a very big hospital am known by thousands of people, my face is up there and I am proud of it, This is not a dating site, it is an energy exchange web site, there are many married men on here and there faces are on there profiles.
    John Auckland NZ
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     I totally respect @Cis4Cuddle and his decision to remain anonymous on his page. A lot of the people who post here in the forums most regularly do not have a real photo on their profile, and other people have brought it up that it makes them uncomfortable. I think it is each person's decision to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable on their profile… but any time contact is made with the intent to meet in person, or before plans are made for cuddling, photos and more  identifying information is absolutely necessary. 

     From the communication we have already had, @Cis4Cuddle is a very nice guy! He is also attending my gathering and I can vouch for him that he is indeed real. 

    Hugs everyone.  It is so easy to form conclusions without all the information, but I am really excited that all of us have  committed to making this space welcoming and feel safe for everyone!  

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