Would you cuddle with users without pictures?



  • I agree with @mike403 I have never understood guys that seek out pro cuddlers for sex, when the number of prostitutes in the world, far outweighs the number of pro cuddlers in the world. If they want a prostitute, they should go get a prostitute.

  • Thank you, thank you very much....

  • absolutely i would. i'm not a supermodel myself, but i'm also not a coward. the few people that actually know me know how much i love cuddling so it's not like i'm afraid of anybody finding me here. and what's to stop me from putting up pics that aren't me, or just a picture of puppies or something? at least while it's blank you know i'm not doing the catfish. the people i avoid are the ones that refuse to fill out basic info. do you smoke? have a cat, don't like music, eat healthy? much more important that we get along than you matching my favorite physical characteristics. it actually helps that i can't post pictures because whenever the first thing someone says to me is, hey let me see a pic, i'll know that person is potentially shallow before we even meet, and can adjust my expectations accordingly. and in response to a great point i saw above, yes it's quite unfair that anonymous users can browse through pics. but remember, that's a choice you made. nobody forced you guys to put a photo.

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    @greatgreenfox I really don't know why you and others are assuming that looks are the reason that another member would request your photo. I only ask for a photo when a session is going to be finalized, so I know who to look for at the door. I don't care what my clients look like, or what their size is. Showered and teeth brushed, I do care about. :)

    You may be thinking to yourself, "Yeah, but what if you didn't get paid to cuddle?" After messaging a good bit, if the other person is an intellectual match, has similar humor to me, and isn't a misogynistic jerk, then I really don't care what someone looks like. Those qualities rolled into one are like finding a unicorn.

    ~StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

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    I don't care what anyone looks like but I don't want to be deceived into thinking someone is different then who they are because I value honesty so I would want to know if I am meeting someone that they are an accurate representation of who they lead me to believe they are.

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    Amen, @pmvines .

    PS you are a unicorn. Whyya hafta live so far awayyyyyy?

  • Awe thank you! I'm a chubby unicorn, like a rhino!!

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    Lol @pmvines not to me. You're a sparkly superb unicorn.

  • Unicorns can stab you with their head

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    @Starflower, funny you should mention that it's not about looks. Way back in July of 2016 when this undying thread was begun, the OP (a now deleted account belonging to someone named snugglesymmetry) said this: "Why do you think that users without pics don't have any pictures? Maybe they are insecured [sic] about their appearance so they hide behind a no pic profile. It's like a gamble messaging them because they are probably unattractive. What are your thoughts on this?" So when that person started the thread, looks were very much on his/her mind, becasue he/she thought it a "gamble" that they might end up talking to someone unattractive. In fact, the exact quote is "probably unattractive." So I'm with @greatgreenfox on that one: that's pretty shallow thinking.

    That said, I realize that for most people (myself included) an exchange of pics before meeting is normal, natural, and prudent, and it's not about looks. But OP wasn't even talking about that private picture exchange by email or text. . He/she was talking about people who don't have pics already on their profile. Maybe the original post was just an effort at trolling. And here we are, nearly 14 months later, still discussing it. ;-)

    I feel I don't need an actual pic because I look exactly like my avatar. LOL

  • There was one who just had a picture of her dog. I was so tempted to send a message asking if I will be cuddling with the dog.

  • Cuddling with dogs is awesome! Most anyone can volunteer at your local animal shelter for all the puppy (and kitty) snuggles. I luckily walk dogs a few times a week so even though I don't have one of my own I can get my own dose of unconditional love. Maybe that's the new big thing in the cuddle business, sessions with pets (joking)!

    But in all seriousness, a photo of a person is just another way to feel comfortable with them. If you know going into the situation what the person looks like, via public profile or later email, it one less thing for the people meeting to stress about. I personally and as a Pro don't care what a person looks like, it's more about how they act and converse with me. Being rude or showing a lack of common sense will rebuff me more than having a non-symmetrical face will.

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    @pmvines #MetaphorCheck pretty please. Your response, "Unicorns can stab you with their head" doesn't sound very nice.

    @quietman775 Yes you are a Greek god.

    @Mike403 Lol!

    ~StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

  • @ GeekCuddles Non-symmetrical faces can actually be quite attractive.
    <3 Jim

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    Im sorry i kinda need a pic, please dont shame me for my opinion

  • I don't have pic. I only share if after I know person not shallow. .fyi I know I not bad look guy ..def not insecure. Profile well I kinda lazy

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    is there a way to send a picture along with my message when I reach out to another user for the first time? I don't have a photo on my profile for privacy reasons, but I realize fair is fair when I am attempting to contact someone, I would love to offer my pic right up front in that case.

  • If it's a dating site, I tend to not consider any profile without a pic (there's too many profiles with pics to spend time sifting through and requesting pics, physical attraction to some degree is important imo for romantic relationships, and people tend not to reply anyways so it can be a bit of a hassle)

    For here, since the goal is platonic cuddling, I've messaged some people without pics.

    I prefer pics though, if anything it helps me trust the person more. Technically anyone could post any pic, so it's not foolproof, but it gives me more assurance you're probably a real person. Probably more for the girls, I'd imagine a pic (of the guy) can give some reassurance that they're real, and non-threatening, which I imagine is one of the main considerations.

    It's true that a static image can only say so much, and you don't want to judge a book by it's cover, so I try not to give it too much weight. I'd be lying if I said that physical attractiveness doesn't help per feeling or trying to predetermine compatibility. Even if it's platonic, I'd like to have a good time conversing with people through part of it at least, so it helps to have some mutual interests imo.

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    I'm really new here, only joined a few days ago. At first I found it really odd that there were so many profiles without pictures. After being messaged by a few guys without pictures, I asked them why they didn't have one and learned that some people have some privacy issues. So now I understand, although it's really ironic that social pressure has made people feel the need to hide an activity that is neither immoral, illegal or unethical.

    @DeltaPng "Probably more for the girls, I'd imagine a pic (of the guy) can give some reassurance that they're real, and non-threatening, which I imagine is one of the main considerations."

    Absolutely true!! The first time I visited the Cuddlers page, I found 99% of the photos of the guys on there terrifying! Really, fellas? You expect a total stranger to want to cuddle with you when you put up a photo with a grim, scowling face? One guy messaged me who was very polite and nice, but he had a nonsmiling photo on his profile and an aggressive screenname, both of which bothered me a bit. I gently suggested he might want to change both of those things to help him seem more friendly. He put up new photos right away, and what a huge difference! He's very sweet looking and much more approachable. I'd definitely cuddle him now.

    "I'd be lying if I said that physical attractiveness doesn't help per feeling or trying to predetermine compatibility."

    Unfortunately true, also. Sometimes, though, in cases where the person may only be average, I'm able to discern a kindness in the face or something else that puts me at ease. But I find that even average looking guys get better looking once I get to know and like them.

  • Sure why not?!

  • I'd cuddle a user without a picture. Maybe ask to see ID in person? Some people just don't want their faces seen for one reason or another but if they seen polite and respectful why not?

    I'm more of a risk taker though lol

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    I would and have cuddled users without pictures. I get to know them on an intellectual level first and then if i feel comfortable i will oblige their cuddle request. I dont care what they look like in person as long as they are a good person. :) if they offer a pic i wouldnt decline to see it though. Ive always been a curious one.

  • Yes definitely. It's about connection

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    I don't care if they have a profile pic or not but I would like a pic via email or better yet a quick Skype session.

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