Would you cuddle with users without pictures?



  • of course you need a pic its only fair duhhh
  • Well, perhaps there are good reasons for people not to post their pictures. But once I start chatting online with someone and have some sort of a connection, I do email my picture. 
  • I just ask for a picture beforehand. I've had someone decline due to privacy but he had the decency to meet me in a public place first. The session went swimmingly and he wasn't ever creepy/inappropriate/disrespectful.
  • [Deleted User]horner_jamie (deleted user)
    I will cuddle with anyone even if they don't have a pic. The first time I ever did this it worked out quite well and since then I've never had any issues
  • Would one possible solution be to put up a picture with your face covered?
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    I've flirted with the idea of posting a few face pictures on here but I've tended to be rather private with what I share online in my lifetime. I've not been considered unattractive to my knowledge, it's just a preference thing. And I don't rule out posting in the future, just that I like to get comfortable with a group before doing so. To answer the title of the post, sure, I'd cuddle with someone without a picture. To me, cuddling is all it is so I don't have to be attracted to someone to give them comfort. I've had friends of all shapes and sizes that I've cuddled with frequently. Never thought of it as anything other than an expression of how much I appreciate having them in my life.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    " Never thought of it as anything other than an expression of how much I appreciate having them in my life. " Lovely thought. When it becomes about physical attraction, it starts to become about something other than the simple concept of cuddling, IMHO...but it seems to be a common stumbling point for many that can't differentiate between cuddling and sexual attraction. Makes me open up to cuddling with women.
  • Some people, like me, didn't get any physical affection growing up, and have had a severe lack of it as an adult too. And so without the experiential learning of what different kinds of physical touch are like (platonic, familial, romantic, sexual, comforting, etc), we get confused. We can't always differentiate between them. Then you get into a situation and because of all the repression and longing and loneliness and anxiety etc. you've had all your life, the feelings come back up and it's a tall order to make sense of them in a situation like that. It's hard to make sense of them even when you are sitting on a couch across from a therapist.

    So it makes sense to me that others would just not be so sure. I wish I did have the attitude /belief that Veep has. It sounds so much more healthy than what I've experienced. If everyone felt that way and acted that way, the world would be a much healthier place and people would be better all the way around. I'm working on it and happy with the progress I'm making, but there is still a long way to go.

    That being said, I would consider cuddling with someone who didn't have a pic if they contacted me first. But I'd need to see a pic or meet them in person before deciding yes or no. The decision to enter into a cuddling situation with someone would have real consequences for me emotionally. I did have a few sessions with someone I met for expressly that purpose, but she had similar issues and she pushed the boundaries, I got confused, and it got uncomfortable. Not bad, just uncomfortable and it ended after three meetings (it was purely platonic until the very end of the third meeting). One way of feeling safer in a situation is getting an intuitive read on someone. Sometimes seeing a picture isn't about whether they are attractive or not, but about getting a feel for them. I'd cuddle with someone older to me if they had the right feeling. Some people have a need to express motherly or fatherly feelings to another - I didn't get it from my parents and I'm 40 and have no kids of my own. I've lived single most of my life (though I was married for a few years and she didn't like touch) and have largely just missed out on all of this. So even though I prefer to see a pic, it's not just because I'm looking for someone I'm attracted to. If someone had a motherly or grandmotherly energy to share with me, I'd probably take them up on it. But I'd still want to see them. So much of this is beyond words. Words aren't enough.
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    @thalo nice beard
  • [Deleted User]Fkl (deleted user)
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    Why not? It's just getting something you lack in your relationship, however if you meet them and feel uncomfortable, it's not like you have to do it. 
  • i won't talk to anyone without pics. it feels like they have something to hide. i also want to know who i'm talking to, like you would irl. i do chat to everyone who is not married as well.
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    @irene were you ever in the Spice Girls?
  • lol no i'm not. is this the pro section or something? @Morpheus
  • @irene you're funny.
    This site is not just for cuddlers cuddling for free but for cuddlers to hire pros to cuddle with.
    Some people don't want all their friends and neighbors seeing that they pay a professional to cuddle with them. It might be embarrassing. Maybe you don't think so but that's you. Others have a different opinion.
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    I wanna tell you what I want what I really really want
  • that's ok @greenearth, i don't mind if people don't have any pics. i just won't chat to them.

    i'm quite fortunate that everyone in my life accepts me for who i am and can be open and vulnerable myself, so although i get others might not be able to do the same it also means we are not compatible as cuddle buddies either.
  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)
    I don't have pics but I always give pics to any one I message in pms. Cuddling isnt known so a person might get a bad idea.
  • Well that's very sad @irene.  

  • I never judge anyone without pics, doesnt matter to me really :)

  • not really @greenearth, i'm quite happy with that.
    i don't mind what people look like, i just am not comfortable with people who hide things. you're only a nose and mouth but at least you are someone.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I don't have a profile pic up but I'm happy to send one out to a potential cuddle buddy. Not having a pic doesn't mean people are hiding something, it just may mean they want privacy.
  • [Deleted User]masterofcuddle (deleted user)
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    I agree I just want a little privacy too but I'm always happy to send one or put one up on here temporarily so you can see me
  • I know how others need my picture so they can act like me, so I post my picture. Some say they can steal my soul. To those, I say "Be careful, you might get it"
  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)
    I met my first cuddle buddy through Reddit, and had no pictures. We did add each other on Facebook before we met, but even then there was only a picture where I could see part of her face and it wasn't particularly clear. I still decided to meet up with her, and we have been cuddle buddies for nearly a year now!

    Having said that, I would probably give priority to people who did have profile pics if I had the option. I'm a little more cautious now as I've met more people from cuddling websites/online groups.
  • It just seems very judgemental to me just because someone has more privacy concerns than you doesn't make them less worthy of cuddling but you know what I wouldn't want to cuddle with someone who is judgemental anyway so you're actually doing them a favor there's also a guy in Georgia who likes to videotape all his sessions sounds like a good match for all this openness
  • Yeah, a lot of the cuddlers want discretion and privacy. As long as they shoot you a photo before arranging or meeting for a session through pm or even just Skype them. I see no problem. I personally like receiving a photo to make messages more personable feeling and so I can identify them too. Or I'll be that one awkward chick looking around for the person and they be right in front of me lol xD
  • it's not that they're less worthy of cuddling by having no pics,

    i'm from an era before the internet and before people could hide who/what they are and need that openness to feel comfortable with a person. seeing as cuddling should be relaxing/comforting for me why would i start the process off in a way that's not comfortable for me to do so?

    the fact that people could have fake pics makes that point almost moot but that's the level of risk i'm willing to take.
  • It's a free world, but it also has me wondering.
  • @irene. Dear Irene, nice new photo. looks good.
    Love you all John Auckland NZ
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