Would anyone like to share something about themselves?

I think its safe to say everyone on here has something in common, and that's that they like to cuddle. I was wondering if anyone is willing to share something personal about themselves. For example, I am a single dad with a teen who has autism. His mother passed 7 yrs ago, but we were divorced 6 yrs when she passed. I am also a social worker in the home hospice field, and an atheist. As a child and teen I really didn't like being touched and ironically I still struggle with that a little but I think that is more about trust than an aversion to physical touch.


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    I was in a bad car accident a few years ago. My entire body was pretty much wrecked. After physical therapy, I can pretty much function normally but I have good days and I have bad days. I have days where it hurts to breath and I can't walk. It gets really frustrating because in my mind, I'm still the person I was before all of that and I have the same will and emotions but then the physical limitations and pain set in. I get depressed about it all sometimes. This is one of the reasons I enjoy cuddling so much. Due to the physical limitations, It's difficult to get out and maintain friendships so it's nice and easy to pay someone to be my friend and spend time with me doing something that doesn't require much physical exertion. I don't talk about any of this much if ever but someone asked to share and today I'm having a bad day.
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    Big cuddle hugs to you Morpheus;-)  
    I'm an Earth Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Water Protector & Humanitarian.  I am pure Heart based!  I had to go through quite a journey to get to where I am now.  Most "healers" had to have endured some form of abuse, which forces us to tap into our psyche, like a trigger.  I was abused on all levels from the father of my children for eight years.  He was my "1st" and I didn't know any different.  My parents separated when I was 4, divorced when I was 8.  My mother wouldn't allow my father around me & my brother, and she didn't know how to express LOVE.  I've had some amazing teachers since my "awakening" about 11 yrs ago.  Now...I love what I do!  Helping humanity raise their vibration & consciousness, blessing our waters, and tending to our Mother Earth:-)  Peace 
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    I'm a Christian boy looking to love people through hugs and cuddles. I know how it feels to be empty and no one wants to real you up on your love tank My love language is physical touch so I give it for health benefits, relationship benefit and just because I love ❤️ you.
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    After being born with a plethora of birth defects and being clinically dead 5 times, the fact that I'm still walking on this big blue marble was a huge fight against the odds. Music and performance art keeps me balanced, even if what I do sometimes scares the onlookers. lol
  • Amazing stories everyone, you're all so strong to take your stories and grow from them and especially to be able to share with everyone.
    Flower that story touched me personally, I wouldnt say my life was as difficult but I totally agree that being a healer stems from a Darker past and wanting to spread light and love in return.if you ever want to talk Im just a message away, I love your energy and would love to learn some of your spirituality if you're willing to share! :)

    Best wishes everyone and big hugs to you all <3
  • Something personal about me-If I am on a back country road or off ramp and really need to pee badly and don't want to go to a nasty public restroom, I will pee on side of road !
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    @vines:   Nothing wrong with the side of the road.
    when I'm at the cabin I pee outside .
    i just don't want to waste the two gallons of h2o flushing the water closet
  • @jesuskid, Dear Jesus, good on you for your thoughts and feelings, we so need people like you.
    you have fun and you will find a cuddle buddy, keep asking.
    Love John and the trees.
  • The strength and endure from all of your stories really touched my soul. You are all amazing, uplifting, inspirational, miracles, and will touch so many souls.

    I grew up with a single mother of 6 kids and was homeless without food a lot of the times. I have been beat by a man who I thought love me. I was sexually assaulted by a man who I thought was my soul mate, recently I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ( I am in pain all the time)  and hyperthyroidism. Also, I am going through a divorce. I don't look at all I have been through as set-backs they are set-ups to go and tell my story and to be a blessing to others. Life is too short and making a difference in another persons well-being to me some how helps makes the world a better place.

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    @ ursearchisover - God bless you Goddess!!!  Keep shining your light;-)
  • [Deleted User]Jesuskid (deleted user)
    I'm a Christian and hugs became a big thing for me when I saw Jesus hug John the Baptist in a movie.!! Ever since then, I've studied hugs, cuddling and I've tested most of it and know the power of physical touch in illnesses and pain and would like use it.
  • Dear All. a medical journal was put on my desk a few days ago and having time, I read it today, it is a collaboration between three research groups from, Rice,Houston,Delaware universities.
    The work is to see what affect Loneliness has on disease, the test pool was very large, about 2000 people.
    The methodology seems sound, the out come is a bit surprising.
    The medical conclusion is, Loneliness over-stimulates white blood cells and reduces antiviral proteins, which can affect the immune system.
    Part of the trial involved human contact and these participants showed marked changes in disease resistance, in fact those who were cuddled ever day became immune to the contagion's the trial was using ( common cold, flu).
    This is good stuff, we are getting main stream acceptance.
    So from now on, do not go for the Nurophen call a pro and if the boss finds out you can quote the university research.
    To show how comical medical staff are, a enterprising doctor is offering cuddles at a much lower price than the flu jab, he had little pull off labels with contact details, three A4 sheets, the tags were all gone by lunch.
    Clarify, he is about 25years old and a movie star, of cause his wife, who is also on staff might have taken them.
    Ho the fun in a hospital. Love you John Auckland NZ
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    It's my birthday :-)
  • Happy birthday Morpheus
  • Ive had a beard since I was 19. I'm now 42
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    On Tuesday, I have a session set up with a girl the 20th professional cuddler. 
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    I'm 38 years old, 39 in August. I bought a house this past October so that's kinda surreal. Unmarried, no kids. But I do have a little nephew who's 21 months old now. Wouldn't trade him for the world. :)
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    I have no kids either but have young people in my life that are surrogates in a way. I have my nephews and nieces but I also have quite a few young employees that I am definitely a mentor to. It's fulfilling.
  • Not to get too deep here but I have been sober 26 yrs now. I started drinking and drugs at around 10 and by 14 had done crack and heroin. I saw too many people going completely sideways so I decided it wasn't for me and quit cold turkey at 16. Havent looked back since.
  • I can sympathize with you @FlowerofLife, @Morpheus, and @PatchworkMan. Iam a 21 year old transwoman. However, I wasn't suppose to live past the age of 20. Starting in my early adolescents, the age of 14 or so when puberty started for me, my body began to degenerate. I had a prolific skin disease that rotted my flesh to the muscle and frequent organ failure. I have been medically determine dead 5x, from a result of this and asthma attacks when I was a young child (it gave me extreme paranormal and spiritual sensitivity as a result). But anyway, I digress, what saved me and my body is my transition. For 6 or so long years the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me until I started HRT. It turns out I have a rare intersex condition in which my body is violently androgen insensitive; testosterone was literally killing me. Through further testing they also found out I am genetically XX chromosome, but missing the SRY gene, so as a result, developed male genitalia. 
    I have been on HRT for 11 months now and couldn't feel better, I still deal with depression and really bad anxiety and trauma. Because, due to me being just me, my entire family has alienated me. I grew up in an unloving household with a narcissistic sociopath of a father that even threatens my life for being trans, an aspect I cannot and would never change about myself. 
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    @pmvines Respect, brother. Addiction is a damn hard thing to deal with. Congratulations for such a long period of sobriety!
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I struggled with addiction, mostly booze, never really did drugs much. I concur, congrats. Most alcoholics and addicts have relapses but to stay clean that long is amazing.
  • @Rei, Dear Rei, You are a brave person to share with us such a personal situation, thank you for that.
    I have not had these kinds of life stories, I seemed to control my drinking and have never done drugs but I have seen it first hand. I think you are all brave strong people to publicly share.
    Love you all, John and his trees. Auckland NZ.
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    I've struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time. Last semester at school was when I had the big mental breakdown. It was awful- every single aspect of my life fell apart. I pushed everyone away, including the ones that I cared about. ESPECIALLY the ones that I cared about. Even now that I'm in a MUCH better mental state, I still feel too ashamed by what happened to reach out to them again. That's another way that this site is helping me. Surely if I can be intimate and close with a complete stranger, then I can do the same with my friends
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    I'm grateful for this thread <3 hugs to all of you for being brave and sharing. 

    I have survived abuse and experienced near death a handful of times, but the one thing I feel shaped my life was when my brother was born into my hands. I was 15 years old and it was that moment I decided to become a Midwife. He changed my life and I loved him like my own (my mother was awful and always drunk, I basically raised him). He was killed at age 19. A proud US Marine. My heart has never hurt that much in my life, ever. And I've been through some big shit. 

    My my father is dying of Lymphoma and still lives in California. Aside from my 2 children,  my dad and brother who was killed are my only family. I'm always bracing myself for that phone call and I'm terrified I'll fall apart when it comes. I'm afraid it will break me and I won't be able to handle it (but I will have no choice except be strong for my kids)
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    @FireAndBlue That's a lot for anyone to handle. You are very strong and brave, as are the others who have shared in this post. ♡
  • I really like going to the dog park, possibly more then my dog. Ive often wondered whether she thinks I am using her for my own personal socialization. Oh well, everyone needs an excuse to leave the house every now and then!
  • I seriously want to squeeze everyone on this thread right now!!! I feel like after all these years I've finally found my tribe. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, or so they say. You guys are beast! Love and hugs to every one of you!
  • I pocket condiments and napkins from fast food places all the time. I also pocket the fancy flavored coffee creamers when I come across them.
  • Feels like I have a demon tied to a chair in my brain
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