What are you doing right now?

9 45 pm central time, just watching vids of some of my favorite hardcore and punk bands Dead Hearts, Converge, From Autumn to Ashes, and Another Breath. Its refreshing and makes me feel young I suppose! Not everyones cup of tea I know but I love a good sing along with a really loud fast chorus. I love most music, from Leonard Cohen to Cannibal Corpse, from A Tribe Called Quest to Black Flag. All depends on what I'm feeling at the time I suppose.


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    Cleaning house
  • cleaning can be somewhat therapeutic in a way. I actually really enjoy washing dishes and laundry
  • chatting to men on other sites, got a bit bored so came to have a nosey on here. i did all my tidying yesterday.:)
    going to the dentist later and a,bit scared of that so needing distractions. .
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    Irene .   
    I let 20 years go between dentists visits . I did take care of my teeth though in between . ( except for some flossing)
    Every 5 years or so I said to myself yes I'll get this done .  Finally , last year I went . Yeah , I thought , they are going to do a whole bunch of work . 
    She looked at me and said "gosh , how long has it been ?? Il bet you haven't seen a dentist in five years?" " uh, yeah , it's been about five years".   I said . Ok , I got though that part .

    So, they took a whole bunch of X-rays, 
    thw deep scaling was the worst part, that water jet thing , my mouth was a bloody meSs, blood spatter on the nearby wall , and ceiling too .The place looked like a crime scene from forensic files instead of a dentist exam room .
    then she had to scrap 20 years of plague out between some of my teeth . There was one person holding my head , while she used both hands to scape using the dentists pick . Since no teeth came out in the process , I guess I was ok , 
     when it was all over , she commented that I have a good set of teeth . ( I wish the rest of me was in good shape ). I did have to go back and get a wisdom tooth taken out .
    since then they had me come back in three month intervals for maintenance .
    im am at six month I intervals now.
    i hope I didn't scare you any more .

    edit   :  "bloody mess".  I meant real blood , not bloody as in a @&$"/: cuss word you englanders mean.
  • Well if Irene wasn't scared. I am!:(. Totally regretting not buying the mouthwash I picked up earlier and wondering when next I'll be given a dental appointment.
    Thanks Sparky_forhire. Lol
  • i go to the dentist regularly, just i was going to have 3 teeth taken out today and was scared of that. i started crying before they did it but am feeling alright now, in some pain but loving my new dentures. miss my old teeth a little. what a day!


    you made me laugh with the bloody explanation. i forget our language is so similar yet words mean different things.
  • Just woke up and started my day! :) going to eat some breakfast, meditate and have a 4 hour cuddle session, then gotta come home and do my wprk out dvds and shower and probably meditate some more! Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!! :)
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    Three teeth !
    tell you what , put them  under your pillow tonite , and I'll send the tooth fairy , with 75€

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    dentist kept them @sparky_forhire, i'm glad to be rid of them as well. although i wouldn't have minded that money.

    and there was no bloody ceiling. haha. but there was a ceiling.
  • I'm still resentful they get to keep them. My dentist had to shout at me when I insisted on taking mine. Never appreciated how deep a tooth can be. Can't be blamed for wanting to keep the proof.
  • Not dental related but to answer the original question, I am at work but thinking of my most recent cuddle and cuddler.
  • why did they shout at you? they're your teeth. @annie85

    my mouth is hurting a fair bit now, need to keep drinking warm drinks to help with the pain. :-/ don't even think a cuddle would help tonight.
  • Apparently one can't keep it for hygienic purposes. I think my question and insistence on keeping my teeth annoyed her, then again I was slightly medicated. So my recall may be very erm subjective!

    Aww, r u using pain killers? Hope u feel better soon.
  • haha, that might explain it, the medication. teeth must be classed as medical waste then?

    i've just taken some codeine and feel a lot better now, thanks. pretty tired now so probably will go to sleep soon. just getting some washing done on a pre-wash then heading off.
  • Sounds like a plan :)
  • 5 pm central time, about to take my dog luna to the dog park. I love being able to let her off leash and just sit on the bench and relax, I think I enjoy it more then she does. Planned  to cook turkey cutlets with cracked pepper marinade but I have some hot dogs that really need to be eaten, so looks like hot dogs tonight. My son wont mind, if he could eat hot dogs, mac and cheese, and ramen every day of his life he would.
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    Having lunch at heart attack in a bag .
    Five guys .

    ( also sitting underneath some sunshine sent to me from the west coast !)

  • 10:30 pm pacific time, getting high. 
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    Drinking a smoothie and lounging on the couch
  • just finished a biology course about all the body cells, really enjoyed it. now i'm waiting on my middle son to come home then i can start cooking tea for all my kids. it's mothers day in the UK today and it's been a good weekend.
  • any one for a cuddle now?
  • 7 50 central time, just doing some charting. I was on call this weekend and went out to see a new patient today. I didn't realize until he asked me who I was because I was familiar, but I actually worked with the guy close to 20 yrs ago. Sad to see his condition now he was unrecognizable . Leg amputated, oxygen and bipap dependent, and weighs well over 400 lbs. Very dependent now for most daily living activities. And he is only about 5 yrs older then I am.  I am used to seeing them at their worst, but not used to seeing them before all of the health issues. It definitely adds perspective to his struggles.
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    For pmvines:Not sure I understand the bipap prescription .
    or the desire of the patient to undergo the treatment .
    seems to me if you are in hospice ( which I understand you work hospice patients)
    ..and you are at risk of your breathing to stop , while asleep, that would be the way to go .
    Go quietly , peacefully , while asleep.
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    It's 9:35pm CST and I'm laying in bed listening to the TV and thinking things over.
  • @pmvines, Dear PM. I know exactly what you are going through, my question is did you cuddle him if only holding his hand, you will know the energy released in to his body will help. For some its hard to do lets hear how you got on.
    Friend John Auckland NZ
  • @hemma, I have sooooooooooooooooooo many people who would love to cuddle you but we are a distance apart and most of my young friends are 75 years and above, what are your thoughts.
    Friend John Auckland NZ.
  • sparky_forhire you are correct, it does not really make a lot of sense but some people on hospice services are not always on the hospice page. Often they are in denial or have a difficult time adjusting to the reality of their prognosis. We just try to keep them comfortable and help them to find peace, and ultimately respect their decisions with regard to this. Usually there are so many comorbids that no matter what assistive devices or apparatuses one has, they cannot prolong the inevitable too long.
  • @funandadventure, other than a handshake he is not the type of person who would want a cuddle or prolonged touch from another man.
  • @pmvines Dear PM. This is often the case, do you not have female staff working alongside you who can take on this role, house visits generally are a team effort in NZ depending on the situation.
    I had a ww2 vet a month ago 93+ we sat and talked or should I say I talked he made noises, which I tried to understand, he reached out to hold my hand and we made contact for about 15min or so, his wife said that never happens, how did I get him to accept the contact, well all I can say is I tried.
    Keep up the good work, love to all John Auckland NZ
  • @funandadventure, there are professional and personal liabilities and boundaries in my field that prevents us from cuddling our patients. Holding their hand and hugging them is one thing, but we are not there to snuggle. Nor would our patients and their caregivers necessarily feel comfortable with that. In a perfect world everybody would cuddle everybody, but this is not the world we are in.
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