How to cuddle?



  • OK so I was just re-perusing this post and came across my comments from November 2022 and decided to add another to the mix:

    5) With gas so expensive these days I think it would be a nice gesture to offer up some gas money- even if it’s only $10 that’ll cover 30+ miles, $20 would be like 60+ mikes . A”

    A little generosity goes a long way…..

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    @WestsideMarc I wish. 😔 I routinely drive 25 to 55 minutes both ways to meet cuddle friends and none have ever offered me gas money. Maybe they don't realize how far I come, I dunno, I don't exactly announce it (until this post 😏).

    @CharlieBear @cheeseboy or other mods: As an enthusiast, would it be out of line for me to ever ask if my cuddle buddies were open to sharing gas money, if they are hosting and I need to drive an hour there and back? I usually do Public cuddles and obviously try to choose a park or somewhere we can meet in the middle, but if it's a closer friend who I trust to host, I regularly drive this amount to reach their place. I wouldn't want any confusion over me charging for cuddles though, as obviously I don't and never have...but the gas money sure adds up fast. Thoughts?

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  • My best cuddles involve sensing the other persons warmth, breath, smell, heartbeat, touch. What position would facilitate this depends on both cuddlers size, build, furniture, clothing and comfort. I also enjoy looking at a face of the cuddler who is relaxed & content, either asleep or awake.

    My one and only cuddling experience through this site so far was positive because I could at least have couple of those aspects met.

    Platonic intimacy is so underrated. IMHO if money can buy so many materialistic things why not buy the time, place and safety that creates the experience of intimacy.

  • This place is just weird ngl. Why do limited cuddling when you can get full effect cuddling with ppl you just put the effortto meet outside? Worst of all charge high price for it. It makes no sense honestly. Ppl are lost and weird

  • @bugsz I am attached. So not available. But deprived of touch and intimacy. So this place made sense.
    Life is already lot of work and there is no time for drama, games, and chance.

    If one is available, and has the time & skills, then I agree with you.

  • Hello @bugsz 👋. See you just joined us here on CC. Maybe you already know this …. We do have Professional Cuddlers that charge assorted fees . And we have what is called Enthusiast Cuddlers where there isn’t any pricing. Some of the members here choose one or the other and some like myself include everyone in my cuddle circle. Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy it 😊

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    Comment removed. Please make a post seeking cuddles in the Cuddle Requests forum. [CharlieBear]

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    @OhioMike be real its just weird monetizing cuddling is weird and wrong. Its basically opportunist taking and exploiting the sick mans needs. Its not geniune or real. Even with enthusiasts it just feels weird unnatural. Whats thid world come to. Obviously theres going to be massive boundries no touching certain places no kissing because its unnatural! Want to cuddle jts so simple hust form the chemistry with someone on your way out of work take timd off everyone has time off cuddle with the ppl you are on the train on the plane e.t.c. i randomly cuddled intimately with the lassenger next to me on a plane without saying a word we ended up making out. The world is big endless scenarios one can form at any given moment your under no obligation to limit your attitude and actions and overall character formed by yiur preconcieved notions biases and flawed viewed st any given moment. your mind is huge use it or lose it dont allow enviroment to shape you go against it. Form these things outside no need for this that is mainly flooded by opportunists.

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    @bugsz I’m being as real as can be. This site has nearly half a million members , been around since 2011.
    Based on your comments above this doesn’t seem like a place where you will be content. I get the cynicism… we get that a lot here . It’s not for everyone and everybody. Being a member here means to me , we are just trying to make the right now a better place 😊

    Good luck on your journey there 👍

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    @OhioMike it’s not cynicism im agaisnt the ppl monitizing it. Thata were the distortion cones from. If we were to stand on a public place and had this debate i guarantee you majority would agree its sick and ridicolous and flst out evil. [...] I take out my whip abd whiplash the whole space here monetizing and forming market around something sacred! 😡

    Reported and reviewed. Removing religious reference. [CharlieBear]

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    There are plenty of things where majority opinion is wrong. You don’t have to like pro cuddling but bashing it will get you a timeout. Please read the forum rules.

  • @CharlieBear cudlling is not wrong but monetizing it is. I wont argue clearly it wont make a difference but i stsnd my ground on my opinion and value of it.

  • How to cuddle?

    Put your right arm out,
    Put your left arm out,
    Put both your arms around--
    and squeeze them all about.
    You do the cuddle snuggle--
    so you needn't have to pout,
    That's what it's all about!

  • @TxTom 😆😆😆

  • @CharlieBear also explain why are admins monitoring convos between client and providers? Isnt that invasion of privacy?? I read the terms and rules and im not in agreement on invasion of privacy thats already another weird thing.

  • [Deleted User]emiilyy (deleted user)

    completely organically, always ensuring that each of us are comfortable and happy

  • What an interesting older thread we have here 😊. Some new/ old ways to cuddle 🤗:

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    Reported and reviewed. Removing images that are more suited for romantic partners than platonic cuddle buddies. [CharlieBear]

  • @lonelytauros I wouldn't recommend anyone putting their head on my biscuits for their own safety. I'm getting to that point with summer cuddling though. I need to cuddle at like 68 on the AC to avoid the sweat factory.

  • @lonelytauros flagged and reported 😂😂😂

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    Responding to @bugsz even though he is banned. Your communication on the site is not private. If you are reported, your conversations are viewable by the moderators. There is no leisure reading of anyone’s convos going on. Just keep in mind that while your convos may normally be inaccessible, if someone else is reported that you communicated with, the convo with them becomes visible.

    Also, uploading fully nude photos of yourself is against the rules so perhaps you didn’t read them as well as you claim. Bye.

  • @CharlieBear - I never understood why guys upload their nudes anywhere. Do they like being laughed at?

  • @Mike403
    I think they just have investments in eye bleach companies because they are certainly driving those sales 🤢

  • Way to boot that guy off! Bad vibes indeed.

  • @Mike403

    As I understand it, men are visual creatures, and many do not understand that women, typically, are not. They think we will react to their naked bodies the way they react to women's, and it's just not usually the case. There's a reason that, overall, men watch porn and women read erotica.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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    "Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    Right on.

    It's evolutionary. Women are generally more nurturing and more cerebral, looking for a protector, so that they can focus on nurturing the children. Men are generally the stronger brute, and providing for the female that he's visually attracted to... [Edit] and wants to cuddle.

    Generally speaking.

  • I was wondering what y'all were going to do with that bugsz character. Of course, @CharlieBear was on it, as I've seen many times before. 😌 I can't imagine why someone would come onto any site for the sole purpose of dissing and threatening the people on it. 🤔That's definitely going out of your way to be angry. Who has time for that? 🤨

  • Just so we’re clear, I updated my profile pic to remove full frontal bare bear.

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