How to cuddle?



  • OK so I read a wholllllllle bunch of these posts and have it distilled to a few simple points:

    1) Guys, simply “take care of yourself” right before the cuddle so you will be relaxed, satisfied and unwound, thereby taking the erection probability/possibility off the table. Simple. And if your body still responds once you’re together it’ll be easier to take the other steps recommended here.

    2) Exercise common sense, good and judgment and nice manners.

    3) Don’t make assumptions. Periodically CHECK IN with her. A simple “hi, how are you doing over there” or “are you comfortable” etc. goes a long way. It gives her an extra opportunity or open door to express wherever she’s at. I sorta automatically do that without thinking and a couple of my cuddle partners on this website even mentioned that in my karma reviews how much they appreciated it,
    And that was nice, so I’ll throw that one into the mix too.

    4) For whatever reasons, my previous cuddle partners have always chosen to come to my home, so I also always thank them for driving over and I also THANK THEM FOR THEIR TRUST in doing so.

    The best cuddles always transpire when both of parties are feeling relaxed and comfortable. That’s my two cents…

  • @WestsideMarc WTF!? Only four commandments??? You owe us six more.

  • Thank you all for sharing your experiences and intuition! You are helping me and other new folks to this site in great ways. Keep sharing!

  • @FunCartel They might have dropped one of the tablets like in History of the World Part 1.

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