How to cuddle?



  • @NJMcaringcuddlr I don't know, skeptical about advice given out by necromancers.

    Also thanks for bringing it back, didn't realise this thread existed before now. Has some solid advice.

  • Lol cool and funny

  • Cuddling is all about having a nice long hug

  • @LeeS @et al. Not wearing a bra? I was a very junior vice president of a bank and in charge of most of the 150 customer service staff, in the middle 1970’s One day I returned from lunch to a note from the bank president. Something to the effect of, “The teller in window 8 isn’t wearing a bra. Please do something.” There are lots of good joke responses here, but the president was very prudish, and dead serious. He and I both knew the young lady’s name, but I think he felt that by identifying to her by number erased any notion that he enjoyed what he saw. God, I finally went and found the 55 year old switchboard operator with whom I shared friendship and humor, and begged her to go to the braless teller and inform her that the brass felt her mode of dress was not acceptable in this workplace.

    So I finally, get a cuddle interest on here, and I’m going to message her and say, “by the way, I hope you will be wearing a bra.” And she responds, “Ok, but boxers, no briefs.” I just don’t think I’d go there.

  • The bra comment was a bit too much to me as well. A person's underwear choice is a non-issue. It's their business.

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    @Eroticahna: Haha, good one.

    Yeah, the Bible's really of no help at all when it comes to non-erotic touching... which, if you'll remember, is what this site's all about.

    Unfortunate username, btw.

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    I see Eroticahna is banned. The touching the Bible clearly was talking about and against is actual penetration and this site is platonic. Platonic touch is no where near what religious people say. It is prolonged hugs and hand holding.

  • Winter is coming and fire and brimstone have made their way onto the forum. I fear there will be casualties both good and evil smitten by the lords of justice—the mods.

  • Yall are too much! 😚jk Happy Holidays.

  • All the women I know take their bras off as soon as they get home. I think it’s unreasonable to ask a woman to stay in that harness while she twists and turns and cuddles you. I think women should be able to wear comfortable clothing as long as they are covered and men should be able to ignore any sexual emotion or feelings towards the woman’s body. One lady I cuddle with wears long sleeved cotton shirts and pj bottoms without underwear and that is not a sexual problem or distraction for me. I’m happy that she feels comfy.



    As long as EVERYONE is comfy with the situation then comfort over all gets my vote

  • this is what i call cute cuddling hehe :3

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