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  • Hello all! I'm new, and I live in Norway, Europe so I'm not overly confident I'll find anyone to cuddle with in my vicinity, but I figured I'd sign up to at least increase my chances. Hugs to all!
  • Dear Hakon, Welcome to the site we hope you make lots of new friends.
    If you look under Cuddle Requests top right side of this page, there is a post for your area, you can see what others have written.
    Have fun and play safe, John and his trees. Auckland NZ.
  • I am new to this website.  Hello everybody 

  • California Uber Alles to you @jellobiafra
  • Welcome to the site.
  • Hello all, My name is Julio,

    I"m a New Yorker who has moved back to the NYC area. Currently living in Queens. Big fan SciFi/Fantasy and comedy in all its mediums (movies, tv, books, manga/anime, comics, etc.). Just found out about this site by chance. Reminded me of this girl who was on "America's Got Talent" and I have been curious about the world of cuddling ever since.

    I'm a friendly fellow though a bit introverted. I get along with anyone. Been single for 3 years or so now and one of the things I miss most is cuddling. Would love to meet like-minded people who want to share cuddles while watching something or just hanging out in general. 
  • Julio, welcome my friend. 
  • Hi. I am new.  
    I'm not used to all the messages I'm getting at once.  A lot of guys want to meet me and cuddle without getting to know me first.  Is that typical ?  

  • @lisahayes Dear Lisa, no this is not the way things should be on here, take you time and any problems contact @mark he can see all emails to and from, he will decide if a rule is being broken.
    Love and friendship John Auckland NZ.
  • I am new to the cuddle world and very excited to meet new people to cuddle 

  • I'm Pixie, and I have a hard time cuddling. I like to be able to trust someone first. So, why seek out a cuddling site? I have ptsd, cuddling is supposed to help. I will try natural things before drugs.
    Is conversing before meeting up a "normal" thing? I am not one who can just jump into letting someone touch me. I like to talk before any meetings would ever happen.
  • @pixieprincess  Absolutely!  That's completely normal! 
  • [Deleted User]LunaWave (deleted user)
    I'm Luna, a cuddle pro and joined the site a couple of weeks ago. 
    I'm so impressed with the high emotional intelligence I've seen in the forums. Everyone seems so genuine and open. It's a beautiful thing and makes my heart so very happy. 
    Hiring a pro isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I respect everyone's point of view. 
    I'm grateful to have found a community that'll help people in need get in touch with me...look! I made a PUN!! I'm so punny!! Lol! Sorry, I digress..;)
    All in all, I'm just happy to be here and look forward to making friends and helping clients get their cuddles on. 
    BIG warm hugs,

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
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  • [Deleted User]SarahSnuggles (deleted user)
    Hi cuddle community!!

    I have cuddles & will travel.
    Washington born snuggler and worldwide explorer.
    Loves to give head scratches and rubs.

    Come and say hello!
  • Dear Sarah, Welcome to the site we hope you make lots of new friends and get lots of cuddles and hugs.
  • Welcome :-)
  • Hi.. I'm new here. Currently between rock hill, sc. and Charlotte, nc.. Just looking for friends.
  • Dear Snow, Welcome to the site, we hope you make lots of new friends and get lots of cuddles and hugs, have fun and always play safe.
    John Auckland NZ.
  • Thanks john!
  • [Deleted User]caraxoxo (deleted user)
    Hiii everyone, names Cara and trans! tbh I found this site because of Shane Dawson! 
    I have never really cuddled, mostly because I get hella shy easy. gag.
    I am from LA and I hope to make some really friends here! 

    -xoxo Cara
  • Dear Cara, welcome to the site, have fun and play safe.
    John Auckland NZ.
  • [Deleted User]cosmo259 (deleted user)
    Hi. I'm new to the cuddling world but looking forward to meeting new people.
  •  Welcome Connor! 
  • Hello everyone! I'm Q, in Glendale CA. I'm new here and looking forward to getting to know you. My dog Jax says I'm a great big spoon... sometimes he lets me be the little spoon too
  • [Deleted User]nerdydude (deleted user)
    Hey everyone! Nathan here. Hope everyone is doing well! I reside in Knoxville, TN, and I absolutely love cuddling! I look forward to hopefully meeting people on here!
  • [Deleted User]manticorp (deleted user)
    Hey there, I came during the wave of shane dawson sign ups. This seems like a pretty cool way to meet up with people nearby who I can trust will approach me with only platonic intentions and maybe even connect with people not so nearby. Glad to be here, hopefully I'll get to chat with more of you here ♧Sabrina
  • Welcome to all the new people!!  Glad you're here!

  • Hello everyone, I'm brand new here and just wanted to say hello. Thanks for having me, I'm looking forward to getting started :)
  • Welcome to all the new members.
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