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  • [Deleted User]CuddleBunny88 (deleted user)
    Welcome everyone!✨
  • Hello I enjoy people
  • [Deleted User]Naomi (deleted user)

    Hello, My name is Shakira and I am in Charlotte, NC! I can travel to you or do a public cuddle session. I am a curvy 5feet 3in woman who loves the healing power of touch. 20% of your hour/s will consist of light massages. Message me if you are ever interested

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    Hey, my name is KiKi. I'm 18 and from Indianapolis Indiana , I'm here mainly for cuddles and new friends. I'd like to talk to someone and get to know them just before inviting a stranger into my house lol. I'm real friendly and have tons of free time. Feel free to message me.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just found and joined this site last week. My name is Jimmy and I just wanted to reach out and say hello. I'm probably the oldest person on this site so please be kind and no Grandpa jokes. Nah, I'm joking, I've been called far worse.

    Okay, I'm about to embark on my first professional cuddle session next week and as much as I'm looking forward to it and need it, I'm a bit nervous. We spoke for quite some time over the phone and she was a pleasure to speak with. Very sweet and understanding.

    I believe my biggest fears are directly related to being older and that I want her to enjoy the session as much as I'm hoping to. It would be nice to know that I was able to relax someone just as much as they relaxed me.
  • Welcome all our new friends we hope you get lots of cuddles and hugs.
    Have fun and play safe.
    John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • @ODee, you aren't the oldest here. Several members have you beat. Docgatorb, funandadventure, and others come to mind. You're just feeling extra old because of the huge recent influx of eighteen-year-old members due to that video. LOL Enjoy your first session. Age is just a number.
  • @ODee  at 72, I've got you beat by quite a few years.
  • Yes Jim you got me beat too, then again you can play a great tune on and old piano.
    Love john and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • @funandadventure  I don't know if I can make very good music, but I'm pretty sure I can cuddle quite well. ;-)  Is anyone here older than me?
  • Jim invented cuddling
  • New here.  Very excited to find cuddle buddies !  

  • Welcome! I'm a pro in the Los Angeles area if anyone is looking for a therapeutic cuddle, say hi!
  • [Deleted User]scmountain (deleted user)
    Hello! I'm somewhat new here. Wanted to make myself known and say hi.

    I am located in the SF Bay Area. Any other Northern California cuddlers? 
  • Welcome scmountain, we hope you make lots of new friends and get lots of hugs and cuddles.
    Have fun and play safe.
    John Auckland NZ.
  • [Deleted User]elysiana333 (deleted user)
  • @quietman775, @I_am_Polylover @funandadnenture - Thank you for the warm welcome and for assuring me that I am not alone. It's true, age is indeed just a number but I have noticed that there aren't many older ladies on here and I could be wrong but I would assume most younger ladies would much rather cuddle with someone closer to their own age. I guess only time will tell but again, thanks to each of you. 
  • Can anyone see my updated profile?
  • I see your profile just fine.
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    Yes I see it also
  • Welcome beautiful new members of cuddlecomfort! So glad to see the community growing each and everyday!
    Huge hugs to the newbies and lots of love towards everyone else! ^~^
  • Hi im new here just wanted to say hi :)
  • Howdy, welcome aboard.
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    Hello from the Philadelphia area. 

    As my screen name suggest, I'm often likened to that of bearish qualities. I'm told that I give good firm, warm hugs, often others find my to be comfortable to lean on physically and emotionally as I'm also told that I come across non-judgmental and honest in my opinions and advice. That and I've often been likened to being empathic as well as very observant in other's body language, mood, verbal expression and lesser obvious indications of things bothering another. 
  • Welcome Bear. ;-)
  • [Deleted User]NikiJay88 (deleted user)
    I've cuddled a couple of ppl already but, my name is Niki. I am around the Houston/Spring/Woodlands area of Texas. Pleasure to meet you all
  • Hi, my name is Alan and looking for a female who is fun, loving and caring to cuddle with.  I live in North Central New Jersey, can host, come to you or if you would like find a neutral site.  
    Professionals and non - professionals welcome!! 
    I also have a slight disability, walk with a slight limp. 
    58 years old, 5'2", nice looking person. 
    Please contact me if you are interested. 
    Contact name - Lev136
    Hope to hear from you soon!! 

  • [Deleted User]garysmith (deleted user)
    Hi everyone.  I'm Gary, from south Suffolk / north-west Essex borders in the Uk.  I'm 61, tall and in good shape. I am looking for female up to my age to engage in some cuddling. Looks not important, but a lovely , tender , caring and giving personality is what I'm hoping to find. Look forward to hearing from you .
  • Um hi ha 
    completely new to this 
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