Men, how do you feel about sending messages that end up getting ignored?



  • So why don't you indicate in this in your profile, honestly?
  • Good point! If you're particular about the age range of people you will respond to it would be nice if that was in your profile.
  • To be honest, I'm surprised preferred age range isn't asked about when you fill in your profile, I mean some stuff it asks for such as your star sign for example isn't really that significant, I don't think whether you're a Sagittarius or a Libra or whatever is going to mean as much to anyone as if you would be willing to meet someone 5 years older than you, right?
  • I don't think that any of the standard questions are particularly relevant except gender which needs more potential answers thus the need to actually write something about yourself. Not writing anything probably tells more about the level of education than the education choice.
  • I only have to work with those who can and are willing to write, that's my bias and the only way that you communicate through this site. I realize that this may exclude some members, but so does the notions of religions and astrology signs. The best way to hone writing skills is by reading, OK, we're talking literacy rather than level of education and I'll stand corrected, the written profile tells you more about the literacy of the member,
  • So, how did you agree to meet, telepathy? The initial contact was through the written word, was it not? I can agree that lengthy written interactions are not necessary to cuddle, but I;m talking before that point, when one is filling out a profile. I'm not talking about a profile that is wordy or not, I'm talking about ir there are any words or not.
  • A good summary of how to do it and how a face-to-face meeting is really not so risk taking. The meeting for coffee works for many as well as meeting at a public event of common interest works for those who might feel that meeting for coffee is too much like a job interview.
  • I never said anything about not writing much, I said not writing anything. I rest my case.
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    It seems to me that since this is a purely voluntary environment where everyone is looking for cuddling wrapped in their own particular "package" of requirements whether they choose to admit it or not.... that it behooves us all to make our "package" needs known to all however we do that.  It is generally acknowledged that a death knell to any type of relationship are unspoken / unmet needs. 

    Make your needs known and just pass over those who don't fill your "package" needs. Don't complain ad nauseam ( or even  some : - )   ) about those who choose not to mold themselves to your "package" needs. 

    I have met a couple of personalities in these forum topics that make me think "thank goodness they are not in my area" and others that I think " awwww...too bad they are not in my area". I prefer emailing at least a bit to feel people out before meeting because I also like to see a how a person represents themselves in the written word...that is my very valid preference, but just MY preference. Does that mean that I may miss a rare gem that doesn't pass that gentle vetting? Yep... but that is how I do it for myself.  I came to this web site seeking ... cuddling. Not correction, excoriation, or pressure from others.  

    As always, just my thoughts. Y'all be safe out there....

  • @Arielle Of course you are correct, My apologies for contributing to the ad nauseam, although I often try to impress on people the power of words, that is not one of the desirable effects. We need to play nicer and sometimes we need a gentle reminder why we are all here.
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    @docgatorb .... no apologies necessary. This website is, in my mind, a social experiment, and we are all just feeling our ways through it.
  • To answer the original question.... I love it, I think it's the greatest thing ever ;)
  • Completely kidding btw... no one has ever ignored me on here!  I mean can you blame them?  So yeah, please forgive me for indulging sarcastically in this hypothetical wink wink
  • Cuddle comfort is a page for people needing a simple human touch, not really looking for anything more as there are dating sites for that. So if a girl ignores your message after you express how "interested" in her, dont take it personally, its just not what this page is about.
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    Good for you. I can't even get the Professional Cuddlers to respond.

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    The bottom line is that women as a class do not respect men as fellow human beings and endeavour to maintain psychological control over the male gender. All the above excuses not withstanding, failure to respond to messages on a site such as this, which is not a dating site, is at its core a psychological manipulation tactic. Women, with few exceptions, do not value men as individuals. They value a man's utility; they do not value his person. In other words, they value what men can do; not what men are. Therefore, the great majority of women treat the great majority of men as objects, or shall I say as garbage. But men are FAR less apt to treat women as garbage. I would estimate that upwards of 90 percent of women treat men as garbage, and perhaps only 40 to 50 percent of men treat women as garbage (but that is probably generous).
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  • So this is an interesting topic, and im sure one of much contention.
    First of all can we not turn this into a gender debate, thats just silly.
    @emo_princess, while i apprecciate your bluntness, and you are right, no one on here owes anybody anything, it is a matter of basic human decency. If you have the time to visit the persons oage and view the response, then you have the time to reply with a "thank you, but not interested". Surely the purpose of this page is to promote good will, good vibes and happy experiences. And i for one think its much ruder to have someone ignore me than a simple no thanks.

    In saying that, we don't know other peoples circumstances, perhaps women get way more cuddle requests then men, something akin to a dating site, and so i can understand if they are inundated with requests it may become a nuisance to reply to them all.
  • @inactivistjedi i have no idea what you are smoking man, but maybe you should lay off it.
    This is not a gender war, its a matter of human decency/courtesy. Yes i think its rude that someone will view your message and not reply, but why should you give it anymore thought. Realise that its not worth your time and move on.

    Your thoughts on this says more about your own perception than of the character of women. It seems like you have a warped view of women as a whole and not only is that factually incorrent and a huge generalisation, its only going to harm your chances with women in the future. Thats a self defeating mindset. If i was a woman, and i saw your message, or got a sense of that sentiment from you, i would not want to have anything to do with you.
    Learn how to take rejection dude. Afterall you are on here of your own volition to find a woman to cuddle, so don't disparage the whole gender (or 90%, whatever).
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    @NinjaTurtles : Amen .....
  • @Pete11 don't take it to heart dude. there are many factors as play. Geographical ones as well im sure. Im Aussie as well, and i probably have a 90%+ ignore/rejection rate.
    Those people who are getting butthurt over a few ignores, i am actually amazed that the majority of the girls talk to them lol
  • 90% of women treat men like garbage eh? Tell that to some of my closest friends who are women and show me, a guy, a lot of respect. Ultimately, neither gender is any better than the other, both contain individuals who just f*** everyone else around just as they both contain really nice people beautiful in and out. Case closed and now sticking to the original topic...
  • wilmott2k10 has this sorted
  • Im a cuddler and I get ignored all the time. No "no thank you I'm not interested" or nothing smh
  • @cookielover if we were close to each other, and u sent me a message, i wouldn't ignore it. Just saying :-)
  • I think it's pretty normal. You message people because you're interested in cuddling with them... but they might not be interested in cuddling with you. It's probably pretty hard to write a polite "no thank you" message,
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    Well Honestly I Would Rather Get A I'm Not Interested But From What I See In The Comment Section. Women Aren't Obliged To Answer But From A Man's Point Of View B.c He Puts Out His Very Best (An Authentic Man With Integrity Which Women Probably Wouldn't Tell Or Mention Tbh) & Yet It Seems Like Denial From Every Direction Then It Seems Like Nothing Is Happening. Everybody Has Preferences Which I Respect (Also What They're Comfortable With) & Yes I Understand The "Bad Experiences Etc" But Women Don't Reach Out As Much As Men. They Don't Have To Give 20 % B.c It's Natural For Them To Get The Messages. There's Nothing Wrong With Leaving A Simple "No thank you i'm not interested" It's Not That Hard To Type A Message But It's Easy To Say I'm Not Obligated To Respond (Men Will Understand This). I Understand That Women Have Their Share Of Rejection, Non-Responses Etc (Inbox Loaded Possibly) But Its Not As Big As Men (Logistically-Wise) & Reason ? Idk.. Either Way It Is What It Is. It Sucks The Worse When Woman In Your Area Don't Utilize This Website Tbh.
  • getting ignored is part of men's life.
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