Would you cuddle with users without pictures?

[Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
Why do you think that users without pics don't have any pictures? Maybe they are insecured about their appearance so they hide behind a no pic profile. It's like a gamble messaging them because they are probably unattractive. What are your thoughts on this?


  • I took my profile pic down because I was getting emails that said "Hello beautiful" etc. Since this isn't a dating site, I wanted to see what would happen when people couldn't see me. Taking my picture down has not stopped me from getting messages. I do, however, mention that I will gladly exchange profile pictures before meeting. I also think some people don't put their picture up because there is someone they don't want to see them on here. They would rather share their photo with a limited amount of potential cuddle buddies. I personally don't care about age or appearance in a cuddle buddy. Some people do.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    It makes sense for you since you used to have a pic but most new users never put up a pic.
  • Personally I refuse to message anyone who doesn't have a picture up, I wouldn't say I'm that concerned about looks but at the same time there's just something about messaging someone with the hope of maybe cuddling them but not even knowing what they look like that I don't like. I realise you can later ask for a picture but despite that it's just something I'm not comfortable doing. It's nothing personal if I choose not to message someone for that reason.

    I do understand why @Grace_Anna you wouldn't have a picture up on that basis, I'm almost curious now to know what you look like but that aside I think I'd just ignore or maybe even block people if people did that to me. Just what I would do though, I realise it's obviously your call to make :) I'm curious by the way, you say you don't care about age, does that mean you'd be willing to meet anyone of any age so long as they seem nice or...?
  • I don't think your claim "they are probably unattractive" is really true. I put up an ambiguous profile pic out of concern for privacy more than insecurity. I wouldn't be offended if someone asked for more pics within the first couple of messages.

  • I hesitate to post a pic because I am way too attractive.
  • I think it's kind of strange to require a profile pic before talking to someone. They can send you a pic if asked.
    They could put a fake profile pic just as easily as a real one too. So a profile pic proves nothing at all ...
    Maybe like me they don't want co-workers and family seeing them on here cause like it or not many see cuddling as odd . or a front for prostitution...
  • I'm OK with posting my picture and am not embarrassed if family, friends or coworkers see me on here, after all, they have to be on the site to see me. I am not asexual but that doesn't mean that I can't respect boundaries. I am not offended if someone else sees me in a sexual context. I'm weak and probably won't resist if the other person makes sexual advances, but I won't make any advances, so if they are expecting this, they will feel disappointed. I'm just being honest and this is what I expect from anyone else. Prostitution, by the way, involves an exchange of money. I do not exchange money for services through this site..
  • Very good doc!
    I think I'm weak too and could easily be overpowered.
    I am not a tart!
  • [Deleted User]kenmcnay (deleted user)
    I don't often have recent pics that are really a great image, so I tend to reuse the same profile image for multiple sites. I think the consistency is probably positive, but the lack of currency is negative. 

    I have not yet sent messages to users without a profile pic, but I'm open to that. I've sent messages to 1 user without any content, but a fun picture that spurred a comment (no response so far). However, the lack of a profile intro or bio is a pretty big red-flag the user isn't showing much interest in the site. 

  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)
    The first cuddle buddy I met didn't have a picture at first, as I met them on the Cuddle Buddies subreddit. I did friend them on Facebook but they still didn't have any full pictures of themselves. However, this didn't put me off, and now we have a great friendship where we meet regularly for cuddles. ^_^ Having said that, in future I'd probably give preference to people who at least have a photo, just as a precaution.
  • I thought over the original question when reading the other responses and thought that originally I would have said no. But now that I think about it, Sure I would, if they contacted me, But how would I ever find them? I don't open profiles without pictures So no picture means that someone like me will never contact you. If you want to be sure that I will never send you the initial message, just remove your picture, unless, of course, you're Crispin.
  • Thank you gator!
    Right now I don't even go to my browse area.  I have a cuddle buddy and am so busy w work projects that I don't want to take 2 0r 3 hours to try to connect w someone new.
    I am being a foster parent to more pets now so it's all I can do to keep my cages changed.
    Life with cuddles is just golden. I will enjoy it while it is here.

  • Bragger.
  • [Deleted User]Arianna01 (deleted user)
  • [Deleted User]craigpope (deleted user)
    I had my photo up for about 2 minutes when I created an account today. But, because I am a high school teacher, I feel the need to protect my identity. I would gladly email someone a photo, but it is not going on this site.
  • I guess it;s a secret that high school teachers are human, too. His whole profile is gone.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    edited July 2016
    I love clouds. You can tell by my profile pics, ha.
  • We, on this site, understand the need for touch.
    Many people would consider us hell bound to want to indulge that need.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    @Crispin Those people need cuddles (;
  • [Deleted User]GregKoeh (deleted user)
    Noticing the comments, I can only speak for myself. I posted a picture (recent, niece's graduation in May) to kind of provide my bona fides that I'm a real person. I note that there are several valid reasons for not posting a picture. What I do consider important, is please, please, please respond to my messages, even if it's just "Get lost" or "Take a long walk off a short pier". Thanks.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    I think that users without pictures should be put all the way in the bottom, even if they're new. Maybe this way they put up a picture.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    I just think that it's a little unfair that users with pics show their identity while those without pictures get to remain anonymous and browse us. If you have no pic then fine but you should be all the way in the bottom.
  • That strikes me as harsh and just a little ridiculous. There's already an option on the browse page to not show people who don't have pictures, and we've established in the earlier replies that people may have genuine reasons for not having a picture other than laziness or similar.
  • There must be some punishment for their treachery.
  • to the dungeon, I say!
  • Without pic is a suspense..a bit of thrill!
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Clearly those without photos are devious mongrels who must be weeded out ......  : - )
  • I don't judge anyone without pictures or descriptions, I just release the hounds on them if they come anywhere near me.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    ^ Nice thinking
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    The one's who hide behind no pic profiles sometime's have the biggest mouths.
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