‘Tis the Season for movies and snuggles

This is my first post EVER! 😊
We hijacked a thread from @Erant about Netflix so I thought it would be fun to start a new post about favorite movies for this holiday season. ♥️♥️♥️



  • Yay you!
    It's a Wonderful Life
    Rudolph (the one with the awesome monster)
    Grinch (the original one)
    Those are my faves.

  • Awwwwww ♥️ You out on the water.... reminds me of twinkle lights and boats!!!
    Boats and snuggles and Rudolph. Yes please. 😊

  • I love all the classics like Rudolph and frosty. I haven’t watched Santa Claus with Tim Allen in such a long time so I’ll be watching that ☺️ Elf is one of my faves because Will Ferrell is hilarious and Zooey Deshanel is adorable. And now that I have Disney plus, I’ll be watching all the old Mickey Mouse Xmas specials 💙

  • I LOVE ELF! (It was recently suggested as a group snuggle movie but SCROOGE deftly sidestepped)
    Will Farrell. I can only handle him in a few movies but that is my FAVORITE!! Tim Allen. What a fun guy. I just watched him in Christmas with the Kranks.... hilarious!

  • Serendipity

    First off the top of my head, one of my fav movies.

  • The Night They Saved Christmas (TV movie) 1984 Jaclyn Smith(yeah, from Charlies Angels) Art Carney

    I like most Xmas movies, especially a classic like It's a Wonderful Life, but this little known tv movie was great, and there is one scene with Jaclyn's character and Santa that, no matter how many times I see it, never fails to make me cry. Between the acting and the music, they just crush this scene. One minute I think I'm watching this silly cute little Christmas fantasy then out of nowhere, here's this actress, known mostly for one 70s tv series and her Kmart clothing line, just killing me, doing an incredible job of making me feel her character's shame.

  • Found it if anyone wants to see it


    And the scene I refer to starts around 49 minutes, but if you start from 46 you'd get a better idea of the plot.

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    I JUST cuddled Friday night and we watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. Well, he did and I fell asleep... lol

    BTW, congrats on your first post! My fave holiday movies are Auntie Mame (nontraditional), Elf, Love Actually

  • Die Hard is technically a Christmas movie

  • I think Bruce made DH a western when he said "yippie kay yay....."

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    @pmvines... hahhahaha Die Hard.... Thank you for THAT picture!! Although everyone knows it doesn't matter what kind of movie is being played, cuddling with you is a GIFT!!! :)

    @AceCuddlerMike omgosh!! Charlies Angels!!! So many fond memories. :) I will have to look into that movie, I've never seen it. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure I'll cry... (I would probably even cry at Die Hard. Bruce Willis... Gets me every time. Like in 6th sense! Yikes!)

    You guys!!! So many fun movies that I need to go watch again..... @snuggleme123 John Cusack is the best!!! Serendipity.... "There are no accidents" @Littermate we are all jealous of your view. @2dogmom THANKS! I'm so glad you got a cuddle and a movie/sleep. We have a foot of snow coming... Sounds like the perfect snuggle weather.

    Now I'm remembering Sleepless In Seattle.... so many fun wintry scenes. Sleep Well Fellow cuddlers!

  • I nominate Frozen & Frozen 2.
    Olaf the snowman says repeatedly, "I like warm hugs", which is real dedication ; few on this site run the risk of literally melting away.

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    OMG remember the Frosty the Snowman scene in the greenhouse? I was a child but god that was sad. I remember the girl (Karen?) kneeling next to the puddle and when her tear hit the puddle that used to be Frosty, it showed a flashback of all the good times they had.

  • Can't believe I found it!

    I forgot Jimmy Durante narrated that. Wow.

  • @pmvines Bad Santa is the best. I love it for being saccharin free and funny.

    Other great Holiday movies that are original and do not try to be emotionally manipulative:

    Black Christmas
    A Midnight Clear
    Joyeux Noel

  • Omgosh.... @funcartel and @pmvines.... I'm making a new list! Bad Santa, hmmmm Wasn't that Billy Bob Thornton? I shall now have to ask the Oracle. Thank you for your powerful suggestions!  :3  =)

    @geoff1000  Frozen YES!!! Olaf.... such sacrifice. hahahhahaha "Do you want a build a snowman??" I have yet to see the second but I'm sure I will love love love it! <3

    Its no wonder there are some certain folks that don't like Christmas.... We were traumatized with movies that ended up in Fun Friends Melting!!!

    Mr. Vines.... I think I just might be joining your Grinch camp. No Cindy Lou Who silliness for THIS girl!

  • I like the Hallmark movie "A Christmas Detour" from 2015.

  • Awwwwww @UKGuy Hallmark Plane Cancellations and Detours that turn into sweet shared moments. If anyone ever gets stranded in my snowy state..... Make sure and let me know!!! hahahhaha

  • Planes Trains and Automobiles though it is more Thanksgiving

  • "Daddy's Home 2"
    "Green Book"

  • Great job, @sillysassy - are you getting a foot of snow there?

    • Batman Returns, because Gotham at Christmas, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
    • A Charlie Brown Christmas
    • Elf
    • A Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Scrooged with Bill Murray and Carol Kane (who could be anything and I'd watch it)
  • Bill Murray's Scrooged- never get tired of that one :-)

  • @hillbilly omgosh yes!! Scrooged!! That fabulous fairy.... Carol Kane!!! All that 80's hair and makeup. hahhahaha Thanks for the reminder. :)

    @geoff1000 Daddy's Home 2.... "It feels like FOREVER!!!" ooooooh Green Book. What an amazing movie. yes.

    Mr. Vines... can we please please please watch movies??? like RIGHT NOW??? :3

    @Sideon awwwww you are so sweet. Haven't you booked a flight to DIA yet so you can get delayed??? Batman Returns... I suppose I'll allow it because Gotham at Christmas is pretty cool. Carol Kane did that new/new to me Netflix series about Kimmy (girl that was stuck in an underground bunker) and I couldn't place her. She's hysterical!!!

    I was just remembering Miracle on 34th Street. The new one. I love that little girl!! I think I have it on VHS!!! (Omgosh... this is kind of embarrassing all of the sudden!!)

  • Snow is coming in today!!! Crazy foot of snow they say... We will see. This IS Colorado! There will be sunshiny 60 degrees right around the corner!!

    Omgosh... I was just remembering Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song. I love it!
    "Bowzer from sha na na and Arthur Fonzarelli" oh so fun!!! SNL gives us the BEST bits of silliness!

  • @sillysassy getting pics from home and my body is so confused being out here in CA! Say hi to the snow for me and thanks so much for this video, what a silly awesome treasure. <3

  • I agree with Pmvines... Die Hard❤ love...love that movie

  • @Sideon IDK but if anything is going to make me break the TOS it will be cuddling while watching Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Dangerous choice.

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