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  • @Sheena123
    Maybe a private detective would be more help. 😀
    P.S. Is she looking for two different people ?

  • @HarcoDude did you report her? Lol she obviously shouldn’t be cuddling naked.

    @geoff1000 listen, I’m open to polygamy, but she definitely shouldn’t be doing it here 😹😹

  • @SoulcuddlerZ how will we know if its bot discussed? My goal is to know

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)

    @BashfulLoner again, certain things are happening behind the scenes.

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    Yeah, I realise it's not satisfying but the perceived lack of action is not lack of action.

  • @sasquatch231
    "I gots to know" is also said by the bank robber to Dirty Harry, after the "Did he fire six shots or only five" speech. Dirty Harry responds by pointing his 44 Magnum at the man's head and pulling the trigger.

  • @geoff1000
    Yeah, I know. I've seen Dirty Harry before.

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    Says she likes to cuddle while naked.

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    Some profiles that are not necessarily inappropriate are obvious bots and scams so they should also be reported if you come across them

  • @jmarsh she could be a nudest

  • How mysterious!

  • [Deleted User]dragonm (deleted user)
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    What do you do if someone was being really creepy after you guys exchange phone numbers

  • @dragonm

    Screenshot the conversation and report them if the messages are sexual or aluding to anything against the TOS.

  • [Deleted User]dragonm (deleted user)

    Thank you, because the person is now stalking me

  • @dragonm - I'm sorry this is happening to you. I'd be cautious about giving up any personal information include your phone number to a guy you don't know and instead create a disposable number(Google Voice) to give out.

  • @dragonm
    I'll piggyback on @Mike403 , get a disposable number or use a messaging app. I have had potential clients find me on social media that was public at the time. My social media has photos of me in bikinis, not something I want a client to see. Long story short, lock down your social media.
    Don't give any client a reason or source to get into your personal life. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Please report them if you haven't already.

    Stay safe.

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    @blueboy11 71873002** Please be very aware of this guy. Our session together was pretty annoying. He was told repeated not to touch boobs or private areas yet his hand kept drifting. He did not smell the best and was totally inappropriate. When I left him a bad review he quickly deleted his profile. Be careful ny ladies

  • Yes only use google voice numbers.

  • Thanks @Cathyinmidtown for posting. Do you know if he was local to NY or was he just traveling through? Since his profile is deleted his location is also gone .

    Stay safe and good on you for speaking up! He may make another profile but his face is plastered here for eternity.

  • @Cathyinmidtown - Next time, go over your boundaries before the session begins. The first time they attempt to cross it, the session is over. The only exception would be if it was an obvious accident.

  • Thank you both!. My boundaries were very clear. The client arrived and I ask him to change into his pajamas or comfy clothes. He then says I don't have any. Smh
    So I tell him I may still have an extra pair of men's shorts. At which point he drops his pants and states I could wear my boxers no problem.
    Oh lordddd... why were they thee oldest most gross looking pair of man undies. There hanging off of him lol he is standing there looking a total mess.

    I go" That will not do put your pants back on right now"

    Another friend cuddler joined us very last moment by popping up. She came over to pick up dishes. This is when he first arrived. She just had bad timing. He then goes "how about a three way cuddle" . She said sure that can work so we both gather to cuddle. I turn and he is groping her. So I tell him that is not ok. And to stop.

    She is new and shy and since he knew I wasn't going for touching he would try to turn and block and cop a feel until I told him a second time if he does that again he will be leaving. He was so very lucky to end up with not one hottie but two hot women and he lost that momentum in less than 30 minutes.

    The third time he was bold enough to kiss her at which I told him bu bye.

    Some times I'll get a string of creepos and once in awhile like today I'll get decent human beings.

    I was in a "yuck" mode yesterday but look back and laugh my toosh off. Why would you want anyone to see how awful those underwear are. It was super bad! He should have been embarrassed smh.

  • @Envie Yes he is from New Jersey about 2hrs away and drove into the city. He is Jewish and tall.

    How do you gals know when they have signed up again? How can distinguish behind the profiles of its infact them? How come there isn't any IP trackers so they don't keep creating new profiles to deceive other women?

  • @Cathyinmidtown

    Well I need a shower after reading that. Gross

    Unfortunately banned / deleted users can return under a new username. So the fact you have a photo before his departure will just aid in getting him removed should he return. Even if he never uses that photo or uploads one to his new profile, any eagle eyed user might recognize his distinctive mug and report him.

  • @Cathyinmidtown - You should have kicked him out the first time. The fact they he wanted to cuddle in his boxers should have been a major red flag. The first part when he said he didn't have any pajamas isn't necessarily a red flag. I never do and just cuddle in whatever I have on at the moment.

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    I just had a text conversation with @cuddlebabe21 after I found out her account had been banned. cuddlebabe21's account has been banned. Now she refuses to text me any longer. No big loss as she says as she's a non-tagged non-pro. None of my messages seemed out of the ordinary. Maybe she pissed someone else off:

    Hi there! How's your weekend going?
    13 Sep 02:35 pm
    cuddlebabe21 Placeholder Image
    Well and you? I liked your profile...I’m Suzie from Summerlin.

    13 Sep 02:53 pm
    Hi Suzie,
    I'm glad that you liked my profile. My weekend is going great. Have you done anything fun and exciting?
    13 Sep 03:02 pm
    cuddlebabe21 Placeholder Image
    Hi CrossFit,
    What’s your name btw? I’m glad you are having a great weekend! Mine has been relaxing thx, so what has made yours so great? Mmmm exciting? That’s tough right now with all the restrictions, I actually was a pro cuddler last year, but took a break from it because of Covid. I really enjoyed doing sessions, and met a lot of really nice people. I think I have a very healing good energy, so maybe we could do a session some time? 😊

  • @SoulcuddlerZ @Mark link to inappropriate profile that I reported: multiple inappropriate photos including one in front of the South Point.

  • @CrossFitNLattes
    I don't see nothing wrong with her. South Point is just a casino. Explain why you think that she is inappropriate?

  • @cuddlybear998 - I'm wondering that as well.

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