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  • @Envie you are so super smart. Thank goodness for the YOU types. 😊

  • @Envy
    He just won't book me. At first I kept insisting he book me on the site but wouldn't. He told me in message, which I posted on here. It's just not fair. We're not prostitutes. Atleast I'm definitely not, I don't think it's fair for this behavior . That's why I insist on deposit. I don't trust people that don't. It tells me they got bad intentions. It is about our safety tho

  • @Envy he put the picture after. I actually joke around with him alot in general, but he took the catfish thing to booty hurt level. I think he looks in his mid, late 40's. He just messaged me earlier that It's my fault his account is blocked apparently. I am not gonna lie.. he is really hurt over the fact I told him he is catfish still. I obviously know what this guy looks like, but it's not fair to anyone else that don't either .

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    Hey Girls... Becareful with @ some_user. Seriously... red flags!

    Admin: removed username and pictures, as they shared a private conversation and included full usernames. There is a specific area professionals can post safety concerns in. Dulc3 - please see your advisory.

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    Here was the whole point of the trans bathroom debate. That creeps would use the trans label to easily creep on girls.

    But anyway, for me, requiring a photo is equal opportunity. Doesn't matter if you're male, female, trans, or dog - picture is required. Are these guys really that obtuse? It scares me that someone out there will eventually meet with this person at some point, sight unseen.

  • I want more pictures of dogs in my messages....

  • I’m a Pro- Cuddler. Also new to this but love to show affection. I keep being asked what do I wear to a session. Is that considered inappropriate? I always respond with comfortable clothes.

  • I highly admire all the earnest platonic cuddlers out there with appropriate profiles!

    I want to share a passage from an article I just read:

    Browse any cuddler-for-hire site and you'll find photos of women in lingerie or skimpy clothes, cleavage exposed, blurring the line between a truly platonic service and under-the-table sex service. […]
    When Nin first started at Cuddle Time, she saw the photographs on other women's profiles and deliberately chose images of herself "in a turtleneck, in the forest, looking like someone's little sister." She's considered starting her own cuddling business, since "there's lots of opportunity for a more wholesome-looking service," but she's not sure she could make as much money if there wasn't "that hook of a potentially sexual service."


    Cuddle Comfort is precious, and platonic cuddling as a movement and industry is something worth respecting and protecting.

  • I posted a picture of my feet and it was taken off. Touching feet is a cuddle position. I think its a great one too. It gives the human touch while discussing needs and boundaries. Like holding hands.

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    Actually (ah crap, really don't want to be one of those "aKchEwaLly" people, but here I am) a close-up pic like that of feet is going to attract the foot fetishists and people are going to assume that you sell feet pics. And selling feet pics is just a gateway selling other nonplatonic types of pics and catering to other fetishes. I'm sure Cuddle Comfort wants to separate itself from any type of fetish sites.

  • I didn't think about foot fetishism. I bet that is why it was taken off.

    Although there are many types of Partialism.

    I just thought it was a cute picture plus well taken care of feet shows good hygiene. We all know that is important when cuddling.

    Now I feel silly that they thought I was trying to entice men with feet fetishism.

    I guess better to error on the side of caution.

  • By the looks of this list, elbow pictures are probably okay then. Do you have nice clean, smooth elbows? Lol 😂

  • I think they need exfoliation at the moment ha ha.
    Thanks for the response. I think you are definitely right.

  • You're welcome! They're cute feet for what it's worth. ☺

  • @MagieNoire if you mean they keep asking what you yourself will be wearing at a session...yeah, I personally (non-pro here, btw) find that to at least be odd at best; my question would be what should I myself be wearing - except I wouldn't be asking because I read the FAQ when I joined, but that's a different topic....

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    @johnb9183 booked a virtual session with me but he is expecting some kind of a cam girl thing??

  • I would say the smiling devil emoji (😈) would be my first red flag. I wonder why you countered with asking him if he was fine with your not wearing makeup. Why would that matter? And if you don't usually wear makeup, why are you wearing makeup in most of your profile pics?

    Then you ask him if he still wants to FaceTime after he says he doesn't usually wear pants… I think you are sending mixed messages and not responding to his boundary-pushing firmly.

    One thing I noticed in your profile that sends the wrong message is "3 Hours+ | Be my boyfriend for 3 hours? Let me cook for you, give you a massage, and do your skincare while you lay on my thighs." Cooking, giving massages, and doing skincare are not necessarily outside the scope of cuddling work, if that's what you want to do for your clients, but the word boyfriend makes it sound like something other than cuddling. Also, instead of "lay on my thighs" I would say "lay your head on my lap."

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    @nurturingman I had all of the exact same thoughts reading the text thread. I didn't even look at the profile. I think you yourself just reported an inappropriate profile.

  • 250$ an hour! 😳

  • "Okay, I don't usually wear pants."

    Cue the record needle scratch...😳

  • Some people just don't get the message...

  • @nurturingman
    First of all, most of the pictures I took of myself are with makeup. I don't look much different without makeup. I am fine with wearing it or no. I know people have different preferences, so I am just providing them an option. Is that something that you need to nitpicking about? Who gave you the authority to say what it is or what it is not on someon's profile?

    Second, I wasn't sure what he meant and didn't want it to be a misunderstanding. He didn't respond to me for hours and it was close to the time of his original booking. I had to confirm his cancellation so I can cancel it on the site. I DO NOT LIKE canceling my bookings on the site last minute or just cancel at my end in general. This is a text message screenshot without context. You are making a lot of assumptions here.

    Thirdly, this is a thread for reporting inappropriate profiles. WHY ARE YOU HERE TO PICK ON WHAT I DID WRONG? What I put on my profile is my choice. I am ok to pretend to be someone's girlfriend for a while if that's what they need. Did I say on my profile that I would facetime them naked? Did I not say on my profile that this is NOT for any sexual activity? Did you read that? Or you are just desperately trying to prove I am the problem? I have the same things on my profile and I have had MANY RESPECTFUL CLIENTS. How people act or respond is their own decision and out of my control. If you are here to pick on people instead of supporting them, please move on

  • @MaineCuddle what do you mean? DO elaborate

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    As I said, @nurturingman said everything I was thinking so I didn't think I had to elaborate but okay. I don't know if you're just playing naive or what but charging $250 AND basically offering a "girlfriend experience" (which is escort terminology by the way, usually abbreviated GFE) both (plus the pics) give off the impression you're an escort.

  • @MaineCuddle Gives off the impression… hmm.. ok. So you ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA what I do in my sessions, right? You are just MAKING ASSUMPTIONS and calling me an “inappropriate profile”. And funny I didn’t know “girlfriend experience” was an escort terminology. You seem to know more about that escort world than I do! Hmm…
    Also, all I did was just trying to to warn other pros about the account so they don’t have to waste unnecessary time and energy. And what did you do? Attacking me for absolutely no reason.
    I can charge $250 if I think that’s what my time worth. I don’t know about you. But if I charged $100 an hour, I would have so many bookings that I would not have time to attend to because guess what? I am highly demanded. Also, I have a career and a life besides this. $250/hr is what my time worth. I don’t think there is a upper limit for price on this website, does it?

  • It would benefit you very much to actually educate yourself on escort things because you will be mistaken for one and they actually have very good screening and blacklisting processes.

  • @MaineCuddle Oh even when I already specifically put “This is strictly for cuddling. NOT for any sexual activity” on my profile?

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    GFE (Girl Friend Experience) is indeed a term used by sex workers. It contrasts with PSE - Porn Star Experience - and refers to the style (real or imagined) of the session.

    Surprisingly small changes in any marketing material, including profiles, can have a suprisingly large effect on the behaviour of the reader. In other words, if a lot of potential or actual clients are pushing boundaries in a sexual way, try tweaking your profile. Many potential clients, especially the problematic or difficult ones, pay little or no attention to the profile text and respond only to the photos.

    Professionals are entitled to charge whatever they want, as has been repeated numerous times. The highest I've heard of is $2000 per hour, and the highest I've seen was (I think) $4000 for 36 hours.

  • @LAU24 Yup. Obviously. That's why we're having this conversation.

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    @CuddleDuncan you are correct about the rates. I increased mine to the point of pretty much being in line with escort rates at one point in the beginning when I noticed a lot of profiles charging that much, just to see what kind of response if any I would get. I got no response (but I don't live in an area where this has caught on). But I also didn't list girlfriend experience or have ducklip pictures.

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