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    I don’t know about you. But if I charged $100 an hour, I would have so many bookings that I would not have time to attend to because guess what? I am highly demanded. Also, I have a career and a life besides this.

    @LAU24 Not sure what you're getting at here? Are you saying everyone who has time to comment on the forums has no life?

  • @LAU24 just wanted to add I see you're from California so it totally makes sense that you charge what you do - cost of living is much higher in California. I would seriously consider getting rid of anything that seems provocative in your profile though.

  • Take it down a notch, folks. This thread is to report inappropriate profiles - not to discuss or opine about rates.

    @LAU24 and @MaineCuddle - take it to PMs - or mutually block each other if you haven't already. Much obliged.

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    @Sideon "This thread is to report inappropriate profiles"
    Exactly. I think what half a dozen of us were getting at was the inappropriateness of hers...

  • @MaineCuddle - thanks for providing her feedback. If folks have an issue with hers or ANY profile, then report it - not use this thread to publicly flog or shame people.

  • This thread has such hall monitor energy.

    It’s absolute “can I speak to the manager” vibes. I’ll say it again, I don’t act inappropriate, I don’t seek those who are inappropriate and as such have no issues.

    I’ll never understand this energy of people taking time and task mastering someone over their foot picture and being again a hall monitor.

    Do you. This is very much akin to sitting beside the highway and trying to observe who is speeding and then dialing 911 to let them know when you aren’t waving someone down to tell them “you look like a speeder and if you don’t want to draw the cops you should not have this red car or blah blah blah”.

    I assumed forums were for entertainment, positive information but what is the benefit of seeking out “inappropriate profiles”. They don’t affect me one bit.

    Why? Because I won’t be engaging with them. So if someone inappropriate tries to book you absolutely address it but if they aren’t trying to book YOU?

    It’s not impacting you. Don’t talk “community” either like we all meet up and share pot luck.

    It’s just so cringe to see such negative energy and anyone who is a pro, spending their time in this thread is someone I wouldn’t book. Ever. Not even at 10x the price.

    Not because they aren’t inappropriate but rather how fun can someone be who wishes to wield a red pen like a wannabe teacher all day spending time seeking out those they don’t and won’t wish to engage with.

    If someone is inappropriate the community will sort them out as cuddlers won’t accept bookings and people won’t book an inappropriate cuddler.

    If two inappropriate people should happen to meet up? Doesn’t impact me so it shouldn’t impact you either as that’s on them and as such they aren’t harming anyone nor are they irreparably damaging the site.

    Just pure hall monitor energy and talk about something that doesn’t sound relaxing at all would be this.

    Perhaps I’m not meant to understand but doing the “ackshually” and shaming over the foot pic is absolutely Karen mode. Is there Reddit gold people seek to earn here?

    Stop worrying about everyone else. Conduct yourself appropriately, engage with those who do and those who aren’t just shouldn’t even exist.

  • Deleted. Decided to just continue as I do and avoid the forums at all costs.

  • @MonsterRain preach 🙌 👏 im with you. These threads are scaring me off faster than anyone's pic or screen name. Lol

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    @MonsterRain Hi, Karen here. The issue is that there's this internet thing - rule 34 - that says if it exists, there's porn of it. Basically anything online will devolve into sex if it's allowed to. If you're not a pro* you have no idea how overrun this site is with people seeking non-platonic services/escorts. If this site stopped trying to reign it in it would completely take over. Can we not try to preserve anything for its intended purpose? And yes, this does affect people who are trying to do platonic services.

    *Edit for correction: if you're not a pro or female enthusiast.

  • @MonsterRain

    what is the benefit of seeking out “inappropriate profiles”. They don’t affect me one bit.

    Yes they do. I won't insult your intelligence by explaining it, just have a think for a moment or two.

    what is the benefit of seeking out “inappropriate profiles”.

    It reduces the incidences of assault and inappropriate behaviour. Dodgy characters see the inappropriate profiles and think that it's ok for them to behave inappropriately. This community has a serious problem of creeps and idiots causing harm, and the existance of inappropriate profiles encourages them.

    Don’t talk “community” either

    This is perhaps the most revealing phrase in your post. Cuddling is a community, whether you like it or not. The question is, why don't you like it?

    If someone is inappropriate the community will sort them

    Erm .... well yes, this is exactly what is happening in this thread, this is how the community does it.

    people won’t book an inappropriate cuddler.

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid they do.

    If two inappropriate people should happen to meet up? Doesn’t impact me

    Yes it does. It impacts the whole community. It impacts the view the outside world has of the community. It's a big deal.

    Conduct yourself appropriately, engage with those who do and those who aren’t just shouldn’t even exist.

    Yes, but those who don't DO exist, that's the whole point.

  • @Mme912 You just joined and are a pending pro. You'll be finding out soon enough how much sifting out bad actors you'll be doing.

    @CuddleDuncan Thank you!

  • @CuddleDuncan you absolutely nailed it. Thank you! You're a a true asset to the site and I always appreciate your insight. ❥

    It's such a naive mindset to believe that everyone is here for the right reasons. If they were this thread would cease to exist.

    @MaineCuddle is spot on. @Mme912 you'll thank us later when you see just how many predatory members we have reported and had removed from the site to help keep you and everyone else safe.

    It's a community whether you guys like it or not and most of us look out for one another. Don't participate if you wish but don't knock those of us who are trying to keep CC safe.

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    Here’s one more reason why inappropriate behavior within the community affects us all: if an inappropriate client and an inappropriate pro get together on this site, then the client thinks that is okay. The next person(s) they connect with, they have the idea that’s what it’s about. That makes it unpleasant at the least and risky, at the worst, for that next person and those coming after them.

    It’s kind of like saying if my neighbor’s apartment gets broken into, that doesn’t affect me. It does if you’re the next target of that burglar.

  • I’m not sure exactly what is the purpose of this thread, though. Seems that if one came across a profile that seemed inappropriate, the thing to do would be to report it to admin.

  • @Babichev Exactly. We have this thread but I was calling out inappropriate profiles (here and in the Pro forum) and got put into time out for a few days. It's best just to report them instead of blasting them publicly. Whether it's enthusiasts, client, or pro.

  • @Babichev @MaineCuddle I agree that it's best to report. When something gets announced here, it calls attention to something that might best NOT be the center of attention.

  • @MaineCuddle

    Be honest. You were NOT put in timeout for calling out inappropriate profiles, it was your personal attacks towards other pros while painting quite a few here as sex workers based on their karma numbers that got you put in timeout. A very unjustified and disgusting view of your fellow pros.
    I appreciate your stance to keep the community safe with reporting and your screening protocols but do not blatantly lie in an attempt to make the mods look like they are bullying you for taking a stance against inappropriate profiles.

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    @Envie Maybe I did, but I don't recall bringing up karma? Maybe someone did but I don't believe it was me. I have seen people discuss karma being somewhat useless. I brought up suggestive profile pictures and names. People get a first impression of us by the names and profile pictures we choose. And yes, I pointed out a few specific examples in the pro thread.

    And yeah, I just checked. I never said karma - you put that word in my"mouth". Successful =/= karma. In fact, you said the person you reported who was banned had high karma. Thanks for calling me a liar though.

  • @MaineCuddle it's not possible to be given timeout for calling out profiles because doing so is not a breach either of the TOS or the Forum rules.

    One of the reasons that forum timeout exists is to give people a chance to reflect on what happened in the cold light of day. When that process happens successfully, the result is often a highly valued forum member. However, it appears that you are still in denial about whatever it was you did.

    You obviously care about this place in some way - you were calling out profiles, and following a timeout you have come back. Furthermore, you are wanted here: we need you.

    I haven't looked in to the incident, and I don't know what happened. I would appreciate it if you would tell us, honestly and simply, about what it was that went wrong, and what it was that made the mods believe that a timeout was necessary. I'd much rather hear it from you than try and work it out from things other people say. Thank you!


  • @CuddleDuncan Forgive me, but I'll decline to repeat what got me a timeout because I would not like another one. 🤪

  • @MaineCuddle well, yes, that is the main thing! :)

  • @CuddleDuncan Pros did continue talking about my point after I was banned from posting. I just said my peace too bluntly and specifically, but others did agree people need to be mindful about not creating a "thirst-trap" profile as one other pro put it.

  • @MaineCuddle I must have missed that particular conversation but yes you're right. It's a difficult balance between attracting attention in the right way, and the wrong way.

    I suppose that is the reason behind this thread - so that the community can have a conversation about what is appropriate and what is not. Yes the mods have the final say, but they don't - and can't, and shouldn't - work in a vacuum.

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    @CuddleDuncan it was a pro thread...

    But several of us did call out another one on this thread back a page or two and we were told to just report it if we felt that way, not post about it here.

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    @MaineCuddle karma is a direct reflection of how successful an individual is here. Even if you didn't say it, you were certainly eluding to it. Otherwise you'd have zero indication of anyone's success here.

    You're serving a very watered down version of what was said to save face. You directly insulted a very successful and well respected pro here because you didn't like her photos.

    There's a respectful approach to address a concern, then there's being just needlessly hateful . You picked the latter.

    I'm just here to say that no,the mods didn't not cherry pick who got a forum ban or try to silence you as you're making it appear. Be honest, the mods are already under enough scrutiny without you here stirring the pot and make others question @Sideon motives.

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    @Envie seriously quit trying to bait me here. I already said I called out a few examples of specific profile pics and names. (Interestingly, shortly thereafter the pro in question did change her profile pic to something more professional.) I know exactly why I was timed out and I'm not going to rehash it here at the risk of it happening again. As I said two comments ago clearly karma is not a measure of success. Many people are debating the usefulness of the current system. And as I mentioned - that banned provider. I'm done with this conversation. I wrote my peace in my profile.

  • @MaineCuddle
    I'm having a civil discussion here while trying to clear the air as another member that entered the discussion has a clouded view as to what really happened. Don't bring up your ban, lie about the reasoning and not expect to get called out on it.

    I'll part ways now as I am not trying to argue. I'll allow others to make their own judgement to what really happened. Have a good weekend.

  • If said other member were a pro, he could go to that forum and read the thread. If I could clear the air and tell everyone exactly what I said without getting banned again I would. I'm not sure what you want from me. You enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

  • For the record, this is my least favorite thread n the forums because of the opportunities for disagreements, differences of opinion, mischief, personal attacks, and abuse.

    Fair warning, but we are in discussion about what to DO with this thread. Keep it up? Unsticky it? Move it offline? The one positive is that there are options.

    As has and will be stated ad infinitum: report inappropriate profiles. I'll leave it at that until we take action on this thread. Until then: behave.

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