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    @cuddlybear998 most of the pictures on her profile are wildly inappropriate for this site IMO. They belong on OnlyFans especially photo number 2 where her chest is practically coming out of her top. I know that it's called cleavage and most guys like that stuff. ;) Ultimately, the decision to protect the reputation of this website falls on @Mark so whatever he decides is cool with me.

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    Ok. Do you have any proof that she is on onlyfans? Her pictures aren't bad at all. It's not like her tits are falling out. I've seen more revealing tops on here before and this isn't one of those. Don't judge the book by it's cover. If these pics were for onlyfans. They would be more revealing and more sexual than they are. She would probably mention that she is on onlyfans on her profile.

  • @cuddlybear998 as I stated above, that is just one man's opinion of her profile. Also @respectful has no provocative photo under his stickied FAQ. We'll just let nature take its course and agree to disagree. :)

  • @CrossFitNLattes
    Unless you personally know that she is an escort or seen her on onlyfans.

  • User @itsmeGG has multiple photos with a lot of cleavage showing. When your photos contain mostly boobs, its a bit too much for this site. I feel like thats intentionally drawing sexual attention.

  • @FreeSpirit00 and she’s a pro. So that seems weird. I’m new to all this so I dk. But I have reported a few men who send shirtless pics, and have cuddle naked on their pages.

  • @SAHMof2 did this profile get better? Because I don’t see anything wrong with it. She isn’t a pro. There’s no pink P under her name in her profile so if she’s charging, definitely report that directly to the moderators. There’s a little box with three dots down below the name. When you click on that, a report option pops up. But you said you e reported before so you should know how. I’ve reported shirtless men as well. You aren’t alone.

  • She is a register pro @Sheena123, idk why it's not showing up for you, weird. Just a general question for you guys, not trying to @ anyone in particular, but at what point does this become slut shaming? If a girl is confident enough to wear a tanktop, is it necessary to out her on a public forum? Just curious what you guys think.

  • @mike102 what’s the issue?

  • @Mike102 I said I don’t see anything wrong with her profile except that she isn’t a pro. I’m not slut shaming. I have no issue with her pics at all.
    Here’s proof. If she’s charging, she shouldn’t be. There’s no pink “P” under her name. Maybe put a pic in as proof that you see her as a pro cuz this is what I see:

  • Oh wait. We are talking about a different pro? My bad. Either way, I’m perfectly fine with girls wearing tank tops. I see nothing wrong with the other pro you guys are talking about. That one is actually coming up as a pro. I was mistaken thinking we were talking about free spirited. My bad 🤗

  • @Sheena123 Lol it's all good. @Mike102 was referring to someone else and the photo in question was already removed. All is good in the world of cuddling :)

  • @FreeSpirit00 that’s good to hear! Lol I need to learn not to read with zero sleep!! 😂😂

  • Best cuddled in Michigan right here

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    @latenitecuddles I know your profile says you charge. you can’t be charging unless you’re registered as a pro cuddler.

  • I mean at least these nudes are tasteful? Pretty sus to me!

  • Oh no... the headlights in the first pic added with absolute nudity... whether you’re a nudist or not, you have to know these pics aren’t good for a platonic site...

  • [Deleted User]Rochananique (deleted user)

    I new here! But with everything I have seen and read. I’m scared to cuddle with anyone!

  • Nice boobs though. Maybe she's just really really proud of them.

  • No? I am curious what you mean exactly.

  • Looking at the spelling, I think he may have written 'cuddle' by mistake when he actually meant to write 'create fake profiles that somebody will have to delete'. 🙄

  • Judging by the text at the bottom I doubt they will remember they made that account.

  • Anyone in Texas

  • @chrisdub29

    Try the search function. Looking for cuddlers in the " Inappropriate Profiles" thread is an odd choice.

  • lol @ @Envie

    @chrisdub29 - ...and pick a new photo. A shirtless photo isn't really appropriate for this site.

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