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  • saw a guy in colorado with aryan in his username, but the tab got closed and now I can't find him? did he get banned already? the profile showed up in new cuddlers on the homepage.

  • @SpecularDragon It depends on the context on if that’s bad or more since Aryan is also a somewhat common name in South Asia and the Middle East.

  • @Cathyinmidtown - It's all fun and games until somebody gets a massive boner.

  • @cuddleBugT

    Per your request

    "Could someone look at my profile and tell me if there is anything concerning , if I should change anything . I don’t ever want to give the wrong impression ."

    You pass with flying colors. In fact, you caused my cell phone to literally melt.


  • HOLY MOLY! this was great reading while waiting for my Netflix to buffer =) I have cracked up laughing at least 3 times. Thanks! I was thinking I should check it out to be sure my profile is on the up and up too.

  • @PATSchick ! U are good to go :)

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    @Cathyinmidtown if you want to build a site that offers that 'niche service' then you go right ahead, but it is a flagrant abuse of the terms of service here and is very inappropriate.

    I'm sure our site moderators @Sideon @Mark and @SoulcuddlerZ would agree with me.

    PS: I think you mean 'voila', as opposed to 'walla'.

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    I don't know if the nude cuddling idea was a joke or not but I've removed the post. I agree it's inappropriate.

  • Reporting myself for being to spicy hot. Ooo cool down there

  • [Deleted User]APV (deleted user)

    I was the one to report an inappropriate profile recently. Dude had a 3-letter word elongated as his username (I won't repeat; @Mark, @Sideon and all the higher-ups already took care of it weeks ago). Of course we take care of each other and I pride myself in having done my part.

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    Does anybody else think that the people complaining about inappropriate profiles are also the ones who, as kids, would remind the teacher that she forgot to assign homework for the weekend?

  • Does anybody else think that the people complaining about inappropriate profiles are also the ones who, as kids, would remind the teacher that she forgot to assign homework for the weekend?



    Reporting such profiles help maintain the integrity of the site. Without it the site would be over run with escorts and their clientele. Seeing members with usernames such as BigD694U is a deterant to new members seeking platonic interactions here.

    Without moderation from admin and it's members the site wouldn't exist. The concept of cuddling is already under scrutiny as it stands.

  • @Spock it's partly because of attitudes like that that we have a problem with inappropriate profiles in the first place. What you are saying is that inappropriate profiles are somehow ok and should be left in place.

    If your comment was an ill-thought out joke, fair enough. We've all done it. (Well, I certainly have.) If you stand by it, then please reflect on why you are here and whether this website is the right place for you.

    Please do not launch any more attacks on the members who strive to maintain CC's purpose of being a platonic website.

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    @Envie - I agree with you.

    Obviously, I wasn’t referring to clearly sleazy profiles or disgusting usernames. My comment was in response to people who seem extremely, and unnaturally, prudish. Yeah, yeah, I know this site is ‘platonic’, but there is no reason to be puritanical about profiles that are playful or flirty.

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    Reported, reviewed, and removed. Please do not post personal attacks. [-Sid]

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    Removing content. Kissing is not part of the site's Terms of Service. [-Sid]

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    Regarding @Spock comment: absolutely not. It’s how we maintain integrity on this site.

    I’ve had to report some people myself and on other occasions, someone felt sketchy but not enough for me to report. In every single case, they were banned shortly afterwards, indicating my instincts were probably right.

    Not sure who decides what is “unnaturally” prudish, but if someone doesn’t understand why we make an effort to keep the focus on strictly platonic interactions on this site and why we’re vigilant about maintaining high standards, then they may be the kind of person we’re guarding against. I judge a potential partner by how respectful they are of my boundaries and how respectful they are of the site’s and the group’s boundaries. That in and of itself tells me a lot.

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    @littermate That caught my attention because I thought kissing wasn’t allowed here. Anyway, it looks like her profile was deleted.

    I joined this site the week of the elections last November to distract myself from the elections but also I’ve been a big fan of platonic cuddling for years. Until I found this site, I didn’t know where else to go. I planned to contact someone this month after I get my second dose.

    However, after coming across this thread, I’m starting to have second thoughts. Over the last five months, the only profile I came across that might be considered inappropriate was a big busted woman inviting people to “relax on my chest.” Other than that I haven’t seen anything similar to what is posted here.

    I’m also thinking of investing in a throw-away phone number as I don’t want to get stalked.

  • @OrangeCountyCA Yep, it seems that having a screening process is a good thing on this site. I chat people up for a while, meet them in public at times, before I even consider cuddling them. Up until that point they have no personal info and I use this site to communicate without phone numbers, etc. Good luck!

  • I see cuddling as a legitimate form of therapy. This may be a crude comparison, but when I go to a legitimate massage spa (Massage Envy), a stranger is providing a form of “touch therapy.” I don’t see that as inappropriate. Cuddling to me is like “emotional massage.”

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    Honestly, I’d say the vast majority of the photos of the pros in my area (the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area in Arizona) look like boudoir or glamour photos, like they’re trying to look as sexy and physically appealing as possible, showing lots of skin, cleavage, and “come hither” faces with lots of makeup on, et cetera. Most of them do not look platonic or therapeutic to me. On the one hand, I feel like there are too many to report, but on the other hand I feel like I can’t report them because they “technically” squeak by as not inappropriate enough to take action against. The moderators can take a gander and see what they think.

    I know there’s a possibility that I simply don’t understand what it’s like to be a woman who has to compete with other pros to appeal to men who find women physically attractive. As a gay man, I guess I’m not their target audience— their charms do not work on me, shall we say. 😉 One of the reasons I booked @AshleysEmbrace as my first pro was because she came across in her profile text and photos as someone gentle and personable — attractive but not trying too hard to be, if that makes sense. She also has a good bit of good karma. This is not to say there are no others like her, because I’d say about ¼ to ⅓ of the female pros also look like they might be serious professional non-sexual cuddlers. Also, there were only two male pros in my area, and I didn’t find either of their profiles very convincing because they had little if any karma, profile text, or photos.

    (Incidentally, one of those two men has since been banned from this site, but before he was, I interviewed him about the market and he said it was nearly impossible to make any money as a male pro, which I guess lends even further to the theory that the major market for pros is heterosexual men. Now there’s only one male pro on this site in the sixth most populous city in the nation, which I find astonishing, but that’s another topic.)

    I don’t want to shame the women who make the most of their physical beauty to look alluring; however, as a man who would only hire a woman based on how she came across as a serious professional qualified to give therapeutic, intimate, non-sexual touch, I find those profiles inappropriate.

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    Do we get to know who reports the accounts? Someone report mine and I was locked out until I could prove my identity. They can suck it! because I'm back on bitches. I really want to know who that was so I can know to block them, NO CUDDLES FOR THEM.

  • I always prioritize mine and my cuddlers safety before meeting and during all in person and virtual sessions.
    It’s very important for me to set boundaries and request the same from my cuddle peeps.

  • I have always enjoyed this thread because i seen people sharing inappropriate profiles and I’d be shocked or amused. It seems lately it’s just showing the profile was deleted and i never see the profile. A lot less fun.

  • Moderation will maintain integrity.

    That being said a lot of people seem to spend their time ACTIVELY SEEKING profiles that offend or violate matters here.

    Nothing wrong with coming across someone and based on interactions or something of their profile to go forth but it’s abysmal behavior to be actively seeking negativity to where getting someone banned provides you an endorphin rush.

    At least own it if so. Same with how most critical reviews often are negative and the ones with the most views often are the most vitriolic.

    Rather than prattle on of what you hate, spend half that time sharing what you love and everyone will prosper as a result.

    It’s absolute hall monitor energy from a vocal minority who seem to get a visceral thrill in discovering naughty profiles or naughty words in profiles and then turning them in and rubbernecking to see to it that they got summarily punished. It’s akin to a drug user chasing that rush and in this case the high I suppose is in doling out some measure of punishment.

    Unless someone is shining a red light on their profile I’d rather spend my energy positively than to be getting so worked up and tugging on the moderators.

    A whole lot of “I demand to speak to your manager” energy comes from people who in real life off of this site probably can’t even make eye contact with a stranger but again they chase this rush under the guise of protecting the integrity of the site.

    Speeding tickets can help save lives as well but don’t be the police officer giving tickets out for going 3 miles over the limit, ok?

    That’s all.

  • @MonsterRain all that may be true, but is interesting to have thread that i ca occasionally see the creativeness and ridiculousness that people try to get by with. I find it somewhat entertaining.

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    Hey Girls! Please be careful when it comes to Drew2333. That picture is a very very very old picture of him, he looks nothing like that and he is looking for sexual. Incase you girls don't know.. posting old pictures is CATFISH. It's not fair that he is on here looking for sexual. He won't book me due to me not being innapropiate.

  • @Dulc3

    You can also report this message to the mods.
    I see you've cuddled him, he left karma but you haven't yet. Report him, then leave karma that reflects his true intent.

    I have made it a point to ask for a recent photo when booking. If they don't look like their photo when I arrive, I decline the session.
    It's not about attractiveness. It's about having up to date information for the stranger you're meeting in the event you need to file a report.

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