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Can the person with a penis profile picture kindly adhere to the criteria of this site or kindly delete themself. Don't ruin it for evey one bigdick01205.


  • [Deleted User]redhead (deleted user)
    he has been reported
  • Thanks and cool profile name redhead :).
  • I reported it immediately too.
  • In fact, since it is still up and mightvscare away to first time site viewers or new members while it is in the top there, I am going to create some sock puppet empty profiles to scoot it off screen. What if Mark is off for the night, after all!
  • Lol good thinking @ OrionEridanus.
    I was confused when I first come across it. One wants to feel comfortable with what you come across especially if you are not viewing adult sites.

    I'd usually report it but begining to feel like I'm constantly reporting to Mark.
  • If you want to help, I have learned I have to create a profile of a man willing to cuddle with women or men to push it out of the view of anyone seeking men. The profile must have a pic too to be in the new cuddlers thing. Using a sweet lil baby pic I found on the web. :)
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    Need eight more to disappear it completely. I will throw in a third then leave it up to y'all. @Mark I will delete these profiles as soon as I learn  the offender is deleted. 
  • Maybe it is enough that it is off the main page. It sucks for the legit new cuddlers, one profile of which has already appeared since this debacle began since they get pushed down the list by my sockpuppet accounts...hopefully Mark sees this soon.
  • That's AWFUL. >:(
  • I've removed the profile now. Thanks for help.
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    Thanks @Mark, and thanks for removing my sock puppets for me! Let me know if you prefer I not do that in future. :) 
  • [Deleted User]thecigarclub (deleted user)
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    Darn I missed it
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    Certainly no objections there. I've made a note in the pipeline for the need of an auto-suspend trigger which could be activated by multiple reports of an account in a short time frame.
  • [Deleted User]redhead (deleted user)
    wow, I missed the sock puppets!!

    Thanks @Annie85
  • Well, here is the picture I used. I feel a little odd, because this is a real person, but wow, what a picture! Must bring joy to 99% of people who see it.
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  • That picture looks like a meme waiting to happen.
  • Got a message from that guy too, but I see he's been deleted by now. So happy to see everyone committed to maintaining a safe environment here, you guys are awesome!! :D
  • I have been on websites where when you upload a picture it notifies the website guy for approval before it is accepted.  Is this website's software capable of doing this?
    Other websites would send a message to admin indicating a pic change has occurred.  Just have to set up a couple active members as co-sysops and we had no problems - or future software upgrade requests for such things. 8)

  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
    Main Home page. Picture of a Butt. @Mark See it? 
  • [Deleted User]michael_j (deleted user)
    Thanks for keeping the site a safe and welcoming place. Nice to see this taking place. Made me feel like this site was worth the join
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    You guys need to click on the profile and report it. I already reported it. Mark may not see your comment on the board but he'll definitely get the message if you report it.
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
    Thanks ^
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    I got there too slow unfortunately - the guy is gone. On the upside it sounds like I've avoided a few nightmares tonight.

    This thread is great but as Morpheus mentions, it's essential you report alongside your post for something this serious because that is the guaranteed way it will be seen. 

  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
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    Note: now that Backpage shut down their adult listings you will see more of these characters around here. I have seen one suspicious professional on here as well. The Cuddle Time Agency also shut down as well. There were a lot of obvious escorts on there. 
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    I hope we can all be vigilant on that - the image of this industry is fragile and we cannot risk tainting it or this website. Any escort related services whether done so obviously or subtly will be dealt with harshly here. 
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    FYI @Mark is really good and responds quickly when things are reported. I should know, I probably load his inbox more than anyone.
  • Indeed, this is a great site with a of nice people...wouldn't want to ruin that. And since this industry is so new, in retrospect, and barely has an image anyway....nothing like escort services or whatnot is definitely what we don't need. I think of myself as a pro cuddler closer to a therapist, and definitely not closer to an escort. And that is what I believe it is. Pro cuddling is a therapy of sorts and would rather have that image of the business
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
    Main home page. New user with black and white photo. Username starts with B. Common sense and you know that this user is not here for cuddling. Unsure if I should report. Thoughts? 
  • [Deleted User]michael_j (deleted user)
    You should. I was thinking about it myself but didn't want to unless others felt the same. Thanks for being on top of things!
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