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    I have a very quick trigger finger and I'm actually on the fence with that one 
  • You could try actually talking to her before jumping to conclusions. It wouldn't hurt anything.
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
    ^^ Thanks man. I just reported her/him. 
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
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    New inappropriate profile in main home page. Obvious hooker. She has in her profile that she offers extras. @C4FetishFun 
  • I messaged her requesting she take her services elsewhere as it makes real pros look shady. She then told me to mind my own business lmao. Gotcha!
    @Mark please remove the profile
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
    ^ Thanks Brandi (: 
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
    I'm glad to see the vigilance. Good job to all involved for reporting those profiles. It's clear that platonic cuddling is attracting a lot of people who want to take advantage and turn it into a stereotypical escort service. It's a disturbing trend that I wish would just disappear for good.
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    First ask her want she means by"extras" BEFORE assuming it's something bad
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
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    ^ For one, notice the Fetish part of her username. I messaged her and she admitted to soliciting for sexual services. Also told me to get lost. I have proof of conversation screenshot if Mark requests it. 
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    I don't mean to be Captain Obvious, but her handle is C4FetishFun. Either I'm missing something, or the extras she's referring to are rather apparent. We're smarter than this, one would hope.
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    She is banned now. The combination of her profile talking about "extras" and her username was enough. Remember, any fetish requests here even made privately can get your account banned.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
     You guys are really awesome and it makes me feel comfortable being part of a community that actually takes care of each other. 

     I also saw the fetish one and didn't report, although I felt the urge to. After reading this thread now I know what to do next time if  I come across something similar.

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    The thing i find strangest about that person and her profile (C4Fet ish Fun) was that multiple people reached out to her to advise her to correct her profile and her approach. Yet, based on what people have posed here, she was rude and dismissive to them.

    It's one thing to make a mistake, or even to have a different perspective on the boundaries of non-pro cuddling. But the blatant disregard for our community she demonstrated seems to speak of her lack of true empathy or compassion -- That is, it sounds like maybe she was here just for the money. Which hits on a point that's been brought up in a few threads recently.

    A lot of guys are lonely and want a connection with a good gal, but maybe aren't really interested in dating, so they come here seeking that. But when payment (usually in the form of money) is part of the exchange between the man and woman, beyond just the great conversation and cuddling, the man is never quite sure if the connection was real or just an act.

    So it's bad enough when the connection IS real but there's uncertainty. We don't need women (or men, or sockpuppets) in this community who are just here to be fake and get paid. (If you wanna get paid, at least be real. LOL.)
  • I honestly dont have a huge issue with her as a person. Personally prostitution doesnt bother me and I'm sure there is a market for what she is offering for folks who want to cuddle but also want other stuff too. Perhaps she didnt know this wasnt that kind of site, dont really know,just playing devils advocate. However once she was directed that this is not tolerated on here she should have taken herself off the site.

    Another thing to consider is due to how blatant she was about making a price point for extras known, it could have actually been a potential setup. Even people who offer services on sites like backpage, craigslist, etc, are not explicit about what they are offering and for what price. They are usually careful to create plausible deniability. Not the case with this one. For all we know it could have been a cop.
  • @pmvines, yep, you're very right about how people offering "extras" are usually low key about it. Could have been a cop, or a mole from another site trying to cause trouble and give this site a bad name.

    On the subject of sex work, i'm actually in favor of it, when it's done properly (ie: the worker is independent, non-coerced, healthy, and pursuing the lifestyle because they are in alignment with it). I'm really in favor of people being free to express themselves in whatever way they like, as long as it doesn't infringe upon others ability to do the same. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will. The thing about sex work (again, when done well and properly) is that the boundaries are physical and clearly visible. You pay, you get sex, the end. Please come again. Neither party has to have feelings for the other.

    But with cuddling, if you're talking to each other in a way that's real, there's an opening of the souls between the two (or more) people. You're developing a kinship, one based in shared thoughts and contact proximity. Or you're realizing the two of you aren't right for each other. So, even when such kinship is purely platonic, with no romance, and no sexuality, it is important to know that the bond between you is based in mutual respect and admiration, or mutual enjoyment of each other's presence, or some kind of mutual understanding (maybe you both really hate The Muppets, and you bond on your shared hatred). If, however, one party is paying another party for cuddling, at the very least you're paying for a service, and at worst, a performance. Either way, the assumption is that, during this exchange there's an imbalance in equity for which the exchange of money is a viable balancing force -- that one person's time and energy have a higher value than the other's, and this disparity in value is alleviated with payment. Clients need to be careful to distinguish seeking cuddling for the experience of kinship (for which exchanging money has the potential to create doubt), versus paying for the service of healing or something of that nature.

    Either way, whether a pro is providing a connection, healing, being a friend, or even just providing Warm Bodies (all rights reserved to respective owner) and popcorn, cuddling is, imo, really unlike almost any other service. It demands compassion, open-mindedness, and unquestionable authenticity. It's the authenticity part that, in my mind, makes mixing cuddling services and sexual services a non-starter. (Much like teriyaki and donuts, they don't mix well. Like the Offspring, you gotta keep 'em separated.) But, that's just how i see it.
  • With that said, i think pro cuddling is an incredibly valuable service that modern society needs more of. It's unfortunate that our society has developed to be such a touch-deprived, sexually repressed, violence-celebrating, love averse, paradoxical dystopia based on diametrically opposed twisted values whose roots have long since been forgotten and abandoned, that we have to pay people to hold us because most people are too scared of each other to do it for free.

    But that's our reality. And so the more men and women there are who will hug and hold strangers, the better. The forces that have created our modern dystopia aren't going away any time soon. If there are people out there who would be beacons of light to help guide the lost through the seas of darkness, then i want to support that. I treasure that which is beautiful, and such people are beautiful to me. (Certain ones in particular.)

    I think our world is a better place for having people in it whose sole job it is to provide happiness, joy, warmth, and light to others. It isn't always easy, or glamorous. It comes with its own set of occupational hazards. And it requires a special kind of heart and talent that not everyone has. If such a person is dedicated to this path, then to me, they are more like a cause than a service provider. And while i'm wary of purchasing services, i'm adamant about supporting a worthy cause.

    HUMANITY! I choose YOU for evolution! Humanity, Go!
  • @Radiant1, I notice the Crowley reference, nice....
  • @Radiant1. Dear Radiant, Your verse is very well constructed and you have put into words a lot of thought provoking idea's
    Thank you for that.
    Love John Auckland NZ.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)

  • @Radiant1, well said. I do believe it requires a kind heart and high tolerance to become a professional cuddler.  I know I could never become one.
  • [Deleted User]TonyKCMO (deleted user)
    Reported it also
  • @Radiant1 HUGE HUG!!!! You are so sweet and wonderful! Thank you for the comments!  With so many negative comments on here about pros it was really nice to hear everything that you said!  I am someone who personally truly cares about all of my clients, especially the ones that don't ever test my boundaries! I hate it when cuddling sessions with those type of clients have to end! Just like how my students each hold a special place in my heart, so do you my clients. Your caring and appreciative comments mean more than you'll ever know!  Thank you! MULTIPLE HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!

    @Angela10  You are so sweet!  I also appreciate your comments, appreciation  and understanding.  Thank you sweetheart! HUGE HUG!!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • @snuggle554321 You are a beautiful person!!
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
    @Radiant1, I have to admit, though I have my own personal issues with the pro aspect at times, you are quite the wordsmith. Bravo to you, sir. ;)
  • @angela10  thank you sweetie! So are you! HUGE HUG!!!! 
  • Thanks so much @Radiant1 for your kind kind words, as snuggle mentioned those comments are beyond appreciated!!

    Big smiles and positive vibes your way! <3 

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    @LexiLove keep an eye on this new profile. I find her suspicious. 
  • Do you think she's a fake?
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    i report her to mark to keep an eye out with her. 

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
    Careful Lexi.

    Frasier Crane is listening.

    But we're watching.

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