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    @pussyeater1993 seems to have only one goal in mind.

  • account spamming, @cuddlehoe; suspecting he was previously known as @toddtodd, he is harrassing professionals after inappropriate behaviour on his part

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  • Could someone look at my profile and tell me if there is anything concerning , if I should change anything . I don’t ever want to give the wrong impression .

  • @cuddleBugT I think it's mostly fine, but I do have a couple of suggestions. First, I would clean up the extra spaces and put a period at the end of the last sentence. I'm guessing you may have done that on your phone. It's best to give the best impression you can on your profile.

    Second, even in a short profile such as you have written, your "rules" are going to be ignored. Better just to spell it out for the people who actually message you when it gets to that point.

    When I started out, I had a much longer list of my screening process. I decided it seemed a bit negative, so I took it all out. I've had quite a few guys message me and say they really liked my profile because it is positive and doesn't state a bunch of rules or things I don't want. Even at that, I have "I am not a professional cuddler" very clearly in my profile, and I still get guys whose first message is wanting to book me or ask me how much I charge. People do not read.

    Third, I love your purple hair!!! Good luck!!!

  • Thank you for checking it out . I’ll edit a bit more .

    The default profile photo is of her from the neck down in her underwear. Really?!

    Reported, but wow...

  • @reurbo... Oh Lord!!! Thats a bad one!

  • She does like marvel movies though

  • @Scarlette Well, it's no longer her default profile photo... but instead photo 5 so it's not seen on her main profile page until you click through them
    @thebook true... very true

  • And get this... she's now listing herself as a Pro.

  • She was a pro when I looked at it

  • @reurbo- she's now banned!

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    @Scarlette LOL thought she was sneaky... but no, not so much
    seemed that between first viewing her profile and then going back she'd gone from non-Pro to Pro and moved the photo to the end so only if you went through all the others would you see it. I reported her a 2nd time to point out the photo wasn't removed only moved to the end to be her 5th picture

  • Does anyone else read this as a straight up escort ad?

  • @quietman775 Yes, it looks to me like prostitution is being advertised.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    Has a half hour rate? And lists her occupation as “escort.” Besides posting here, has anyone notified Mark? I don’t snitch on minor transgressions, but an ad like this blemishes us all.

  • @Greybeard I had noticed and reported that one, so Mark will have been notified.

  • @Greybeard I reported it when I first saw it. Figured mentioning here might get a few more eyes on it and generate multiple reports. Profile has been banned already.

  • I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but there was recently a situation where a profile was made that appeared to belong to someone I know, and even had her picture, who I didn't think was into cuddling strangers, so I asked her about it elsewhere and she seemed not to know what I was talking about and then told me she didn't make that. I've reported it for being fake, though I don't think it's been dealt with yet, but that one would have looked like a perfectly normal profile to anyone who didn't know the person in the picture. I also don't get why anyone would want to make a fake profile of that person on a site like this one.

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    @DavidMS703 Did the fake profile include an outside email address for direct correspondence? I just noticed two new female accounts that popped up on the home page in consecutive order. One is in England, and the other is in Massachusetts USA. They have a lot of similarities: both are age 34. both say "I like to cuddle while in a relationship." Both include gmail addresses and ask you to "chat there." But here's the really odd thing: The username of the person in England is Rosehanderson. The one in MA calls herself GmailHangout ... and her email address is What are the odds?

    In the case of your friend, fake profiles with pilfered pictures are definitely a thing. I'm wondering if it's all a scam to harvest email addresses... or worse.

    Edit: I just did an image search for the profile pic of RoseHanderson. That pic appears all over the Internet, on sites in several different languages. An image search of the profile pic used by GmailHangout shows that photo is used a half-dozen places, from Pinterest, to "girl's numbers to text on Whatsapp." @Mark, I think both of these profiles are scammy. And the actual women whose pictures those are probably have nothing to do with it. Every day I'm reminded of more reasons not to litter the Internet with my personal photos.

  • @quietman775 i saw that too on both @Rosehanderson and @GmailHangout profiles and reported both as scammers though commented that odds are they are as fake profiles. didn't do the reverse image search though but good catch

  • My case is something no one who didn't know the person in the picture would have caught. That profile had no outside email address on it.

  • This is not neccissarily inappropriate profile related but I exchanged numbers with a pro recently and we traded a few text messages. We couldn’t really find a time to meet that worked for us mutually so we never booked a session. It was a very nice polite exchange. The next day she text me a naked video of herself. I was like wth lol Do you all think that was possibly an honest mistake? Maybe she meant to send that to someone else like a boyfriend? I never replied to the naked video text and she didn’t say anything else.

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    I reported a profile today that I’m only 80 or 90% sure she has Ill intent. From way across the country she wrote me to say that while she is cuddling she is looking for a life partner, and asked me to respond with more info about myself. The latter request tells me she hadn’t read my profile, or she wouldn’t target me for such. I won’t put her name here in that if she is sincere (and I doubt it) she stepped over the line, but Mark might choose to warn her rather than ban.

  • @Greybeard That is a typical scammer's tactic. It's probably not even a woman.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    @Blueiris I’ve gotten a couple similar now. While I’ve reported each, this kind of traffic can mess up the site bigtime.

  • @Greybeard I got some interesting and useful experience by being on dating sites earlier this year. Did research on dating scams and learned some of the typical tactics, of which the one you describe is one. Anyone who writes you from far away and starts instantly talking about a relationship is immediately suspect. They're trying to warm you up to send them money down the line.

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