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    take a look at her pics especially the one in the dress

    I just realized the two D's in her name have a meaning
  • Nothing in the rules to my knowledge says that a person can't look or dress sexy in their profile picture.  People dress like that in public often, so why should it be inappropriate here?
  • @NaomiLove ... newly made 16 y/o profile highlighted on the main page.
    Already reported it.
  • Funny how some people come to a site that says it's 18+ and when they sign up they have to lie that they are 18 in order to make a profile, only to then change their info once the signup process is done to be correct age and end up getting banned.
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
    Just had someone message me highly inappropriate comments for this site. 

    I clicked her her profile and did a report with other
  • What did they say?
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
    @hotgirl said You can just hit me up on my Kik if you like lickmeallover696939
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
    I didn't think it was appropriate 
  • That's definitely a fake profile
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
    Ya think!!
    thats why I quickly hit report 
  • Her profile is still up.  Did you copy what she said to Mark?
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
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    It has been taken care of. 
  • New profile joined 16 minutes ago. @jmyya. Profile states "I will do anything you want for a right price."  That looks like an offer of something illicit. At the very least, she's an unregistered pro. Is that how you read it?
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Inappropriate profile accompanied by inappropriate grammar and spelling. ^_^

    "i really need a sugerdaddy to buy me food and bindage . i wanna be a
    porn star when i am older and be in all the mvies with my teacher"

  • I get a little chuckle every time I go to search for Cuddlers and see @pauladams198686
    Bare minimum profile and the only photo he has up is of him raising his shirt to show his stomach, but doesn't even include his face. Another person treating the site as if it was a dating site
  • Wow you guys are on it! It definitely makes me feel better being a noon haha
  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)

    offering nude massages ages and more for "donations"
  • [Deleted User]fastboy1359 (deleted user)
    Sanddy's profile is ok
  • @ameliahouse lists prices even though she doesn't have a pro tag. She doesn't have an actual pic of herself even though pros on this site are required to. She also appears to have copied and pasted her profile from @Snuggle554321
  • Hello anyone on?
  • @littlemrsmaddy you have to be over 18 to be on this site
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
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    Please remember to report these profiles on your own as well.

    On the scroll down menu with the three dots (to the right of Save to Favorites) go to Report and do your thing. It works much faster than reporting the profiles in this thread.

  • I agree please report by there profile it helps so much. As you can see from above these people have gone, the problem is they may be not what they say they are and Trolls do play on our site just to discredit us.
    We are a very caring community and cuddling/hugging/ touch therapy, is way more important that a few fools that think they are clever.
    Love peace and happiness John and his trees Auckland NZ.

  • Just reported @Fluffywoman123. Direct quote from profile: "I'm a girl that is available for $20 sex and blow jobs. Text if you want one. I'm actually 13." Disgusting. Probably a fake profile by someone trying to harm the site. Whatever the case, it needs to go, and quickly. I mention here to try to trigger multiple reports.

  • Confirmed and reported. Truly disgusting

  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    A scammer going by @blezingz wants to leave me her vast fortune once she dies from leukemia, because of course. Reported immediately.

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