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  • The profile itself isn't bad but what about the name? :

  • is using a photo of Hugh Jackman. Nothing on the profile, but the photo is misleading. (The photo in question from Jackman's instagram:



    Maybe in Scotland "titties" means something different, like I understand the term "fanny" is rather different than the meaning in the States here. And sure, I guess porn is pretty good music and worthy of being a favorite movie genre. Particularly when one works at a porn site, I mean love what you do and do what you love. But I think saying one wishes to cuddle while vibrating one's partner "in the bum" falls afoul of the posted site rules.

  • Yeah, in violation of the rules AND fake. Somehow I'm skeptical that the woman pictured is a Pacific Islander living in a small town in Scotland, a 22-year-old widow, or an "asexual" who is nonetheless seeking sexual activities here. Reported.

  • Maybe he has horns?

  • @Morpheus, I don't know about any growths on his cranium, but his profile reads (quoted in its entirety) "I need sex." Reported.

  • [Deleted User]payneent12345 (deleted user)
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    Mod Notice: Merged 'catfish' threads into here to keep things tidy.

    She messes with you for awhile then removes her profile. She wanted to meet up and when it came down to it she removes her profile blocked me and reposted their profile. What I noticed is when you visit her profile you get a automatic message. She is also on cuddle companions with a different profile name. I questioned her about why she would travel 2 hours and go inside their house without even knowing them. I just wanted to warn sincere people not to waste their time. Happy Cuddling if you can find someone who is for real. I found one locally who has a business and she smokes that profile photo.

  • [Deleted User]payneent12345 (deleted user)

    Their profiles are identical same age same distance. About me on both are the same word for word. Let’s take on the CATFISHES AND EXPOSE THEM!!!

  • [Deleted User]timmy1059 (deleted user)

    She has 4 karma hits and seems legit and responsive

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Don't get me started on karma..lulz.

    Her profile is up and at em now.

    I'd suggest going to the "Contact Us" area, scroll down to "Pro Cuddling" and tell your situation instead of blasting someone in the forum. Frustration is understood and sorry you've had a tough time with this.

    Maybe someone who left her karma can vouch for her.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    I agree fake profiles and catfishes need to be dealt with but there must be a better way than this.

    We don't want the front page with 20 "BEWARE" threads. :)

  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    Best to report the profiles to site moderation. Believe me when I say they tend to squash the disingenuous quickly, should they operate the way that you claim.

  • i agree with VIPirate -- we don't want to have new oncomers think the site is full of them. It gives off a bad impression of the site.

  • [Deleted User]payneent12345 (deleted user)

    I agree I found out I could report them. Sorry I’m new to this site.

  • [Deleted User]payneent12345 (deleted user)

    Again I totally agree I’m new to the site and found out I can report them and in the future that’s the way I will go. Timmy I saw that and they can be as fake as she is. Have you guys found anybody that you actually cuddled with. Please let me know I have an appointment with someone locally for Monday night and she is legit. I called and left a message and she text me back. FYI she has a business phone here. Thanks choco for the advice I will sure use it next time.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Thanks for being so diligent @payneet12345.

    Your effort is appreciated.

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    @payneent12345 I'm surprised seeing these kind of comments. My profile is 100% legit i'm sorry you felt a certain way after I blocked you. That doesn't give the right to try to claim that my profile was "fake"

    I believe anyone has the right to block anyone if they felt uncomfortable from their messages. Me deactivating my account had NOTHING to do with you. That was a assumption of yours. Also,
    many other people is also on Cuddle Companion or on Snuggle Buddies. Nothing is wrong with being on different cuddle sites. That doesn't mean to assume someone has a "fake" profile just because they're also on other sites.

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    He's deleted his account now but as you know, he realised he was very wrong and apologised. Not sure why he didn't mention that here though.

  • @Mark Yes I seen it was deleted from on my messages but then when I click on the profile from on here it shows. So that confused me a bit lol. But thank you.

  • Oh I hadn't realised but he's re-registered his account now.

  • @Mark Okay well his apologies are accepted and I wish him well.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
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    @Shawniece24 did something I've seen a few times before from a few pros and it's greatly appreciated.

    Life got busy so they deactivated their profile until they were ready to give people the attention they needed and deserved.

    The timing of a deactivation can be unfortunate for some who have already sent them a message but I still think it's a good practice.

  • @chococuddles I agree on that. Thank you for being understanding. Happy and safe cuddles to all. :) <3

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    Mod Note: Merged topics

    So this happened and it looks like someone is spamming accounts. Not sure how to go about notifying admins/whomever runs the page lol so figured I'd post here.

  • [Deleted User]timmy1059 (deleted user)

    New cuddler has 7 different profiles lol

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    @HU1212ICAN3 you might want to repost this in the inappropriate profile thread. Also, you can report individual profiles with a button right ont heir profile page, though there may be too many of this woman to keep up with. Same pic, same age, different usernames and locations. And they made this fake woman 6'5" tall for some reason, LOL. One of the names, blessginz, I think, was previously reported as a scam on the inappropriate profiles thread weeks or months ago.

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    Thanks for the reports (for those that don't know how: Visit profile > click '...' > Report).

    User is now banned including their network. I've merged these topics too.

  • [Deleted User]monicagalaxy (deleted user)

    Hi all, I have been contacted by @etracey who has made it very obvious what he is after in his profile. I've also submitted a report but thought to try and get a moderator's attention just in case, and found this thread.


  • [Deleted User]TonyKCMO (deleted user)

    I reported each profile

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