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  • My opinion on this thread might be unpopular but I always thought it served as just a discussion on inappropriate profiles. And the occasional hilarious posting of profiles that are just...ridiculous. @bigdickg018 anyone? Don't see much point in getting rid of it, but maybe unstickying it. Those of us who know where to find it when needed would.

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    An assortment of inappropriate profiles you can find just by trying to tag in the forums:





    I'm having way too much fun with the tag search of inappropriate words.

    If you notice any that are not already banned, please flag them, @Catloaf - much obliged. [-Sid]

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    Oh, this IS fun.


    If you notice any that are not already banned, please flag them, @MaineCuddle - much obliged. [-Sid]

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    Offering "Tantric" and "Sensual" services for $333 and hour.!

    Edited. Profile pics were removed here and on that profile - and warning given. [-Sid]

  • @Catloaf

    "Penisinmybutt" 😳

    So that's the person that stole my preffered username. DAMN!!! 😂🤪

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    Thanks. Please flag/report future profiles in the future. Much obliged. [-Sid]

  • Question: can you search for a person by their username? If so, I can’t see how that is done.

  • I don’t know of a way to do that, but I do know the way that CC indexes somebody’s profile is in this sort of URL: , so if you know their username you could just place it at the end of the website URL after a slash. Don’t know if this helps; just thought I’d share.

  • @Babichev you can't directly, no. But if you put their username in the forum search box, and somebody has tagged them, then you can follow the link to their profile.

    Searching for dodgy usernames can be done by opening a forum post, typing the '@' and then typing the naughty word of your choice: autofill will complete any relevant usernames.

  • For the record, this is my least favorite thread n the forums because of the opportunities for disagreements, differences of opinion, mischief, personal attacks, and abuse.
    Fair warning, but we are in discussion about what to DO with this thread. Keep it up? Unsticky it? Move it offline? The one positive is that there are options.
    As has and will be stated ad infinitum: report inappropriate profiles. I'll leave it at that until we take action on this thread. Until then: behave. — @Sideon

    I’ve had my say in this discussion several times, and I’ve learned the hard way not to get into it with people about their profiles. If the right thing to do is report, then it would probably best to unsticky it and close it with a reminder of how to report inappropriate profiles.

  • Are you sure it’s a pic of a penis? Maybe Jeffrey Penishead Bezos is really lonely after exploiting all his warehouse workers and drivers and making all that money, and maybe it’s just a picture of Jeffrey Penishead Bezos’s head.

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    Found some more names: All banned unless otherwise noted [-Sid]

    last logon, male unless noted

    @blowmypalmtree / 7 years woman
    @Butthole1993 / 1y
    @fuck_master_kha / 10 months
    @fuckbuddy (already banned)
    @horndawg1966 / 7y
    @hornguy / 1m NOT banned
    @hornokplease / 5y NOT banned
    @hornybeast69 / 8y
    @suckme100times / 6y
    @suckmeuo / 4m
    @Suckmy_Ashley / 4y woman
    @suckmydick17 / already banned

    I tried a few other words as well, without finding anything. In other words this problem is neither big nor current.

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    @hornguy could be a musician who plays a brass instrument.

    It does appear the problem is neither big nor current. I don’t see the point in taking action against someone who hasn’t been on the site in years.

  • I don’t see the point of this discussion at all. Why don’t we just report inappropriate profiles by clicking the three-dot menu button in a profile and clicking Report.

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    Hi. Logged on night before last and saw an what looks like an inappropriate cuddle profile pic of a new user by the name of: EMANIHOTTI .

    Has been banned

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    Also profile names: lovetocuddlenud, and cincykid

    lovetocuddlenud has been warned about their user name

  • @nurturingman, I prefer to not click on someone's page, rather stay anonymous reporting.

  • @MizzKitty so you’re reporting profiles you see in the dashboard or cuddle search pages? Reports are anonymous, but yes, if you click on a person’s profile they will see that you visited them.

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    @MizzKitty - you calling out those profiles here is public. If you report from their page through the proper channels, the mods/admin can see who reported it but the person won’t know who reported it.

    What is the problem with cincykid ? They are from Cincinnati.

  • The first one was just a blatant pic. The others were just possible inappropriate names. I'm not intending to ban anyone. That one night not be so bad, but I figured they tried to misspell kinky. Is that a platonic cuddle appropriate term? Nothing serious really, I guess.

  • OMG, the thought of someone intentionally spelling “kinky” a la Greque (so to speak) as “Cincy” just made soda come out my nose!


    @MizzKitty, I am not laughing at you, I’m just a history nerd and a Midwesterner who just woke to this new reading of Cincinnati, and I’m loving it!

  • Cincinnati will never be the same to me. ;-)

  • There is a road in my city called shaganappi. A nappy is a diaper and shag is to have sex with. The road is called "have sex with a diaper". Cincinnati isn't so bad.

  • @JasonCuddles laughing … and then laughing since more! Tee hee hee hee! Ha ha ha ha ha! Shag a nappy! 🤣

  • Please report inappropriate profiles and the moderators will investigate, up to and including a warning to the user to update their pic or profile, and depending on severity (such as nudity or NSFW content), they will be banned.

    This thread had a good run, but it's not a great first impression to new people coming to this community.

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