Something someone might be surprised to know about you

I was once bitten by a penguin

I once lived in a house with no furniture

I have a death metal growl that will make a pit bull piss itself



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    Fit all my life but while bedridden I became obese over a 2 year period then dropped 57 pounds in 153 days to get fit again. Been maintaining for over one and a half years now.

  • I see sharp sounds as waves and spikes. I see shapes and colors sometimes when I am deeply involved with music.

    To my knowledge, I never made anyone gay, and if I did, I didn't get that toaster-oven.

    And to keep it cuddle related: hearing someone's heartbeat is divine.

  • Between the ages of 13 to 17, we had no cable and lived off only one channel. I kinda enjoyed it.

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    Deleted to keep on topic.

  • @Sideon You mean you aren't able to wave a magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust and chant a jaunty tune and presto? Looks like you sir will have to buy your own damn toaster oven!!

  • Fairy dust is not a casual sprinkle, @pmvines ;) And I don't do jaunty, let alone show tunes... when people start singing in movies I fervently hope they burst into flames. Big gay flames from the toaster oven.

  • @Sideon You are my spirit animal

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    LOL @pmvines and @Sideon

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    Does This is Spinal Tap fall under the musical genre?

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    @sideon Synesthesia people unite!

    I, too, have tonal synesthesia. Sounds and colors have simultaneous, intermixed tones in my perception. I’m also a tetrachrome, which simply added to my confusion when I was a kid.

    My professions, so far, have been: Thug, salesman, game designer, writer, musician, teacher, producer, and fiber artist.

  • @Sideon I can one up you actually! A friend I had known since first grade tells people I turned him gay. I knew he was before he did, or rather before he recognized and accepted it. Not too easy of an environment for that sort of thing in AL in the late 80s. Finally when we were around 15 I finally sat him down for the talk and was like dude, youre gay!! Once he accepted that it was like a light bulb moment. So yes, now he tells folks I turned him lol

  • I bake really good chocolate chip cookies. Also I have been known to play violin, though I'm severely out of practice.

  • I have an ex or two i may have turned gay, we haven’t talked about it but they changed after dating me. We never really broke up they both just kind of ended when i seen them out with other people. I’m going to start riding by there jobs so i can accidentally bump into them and ask them if i did that.

  • I danced on stage with Morris Day and the Time when they performed at my work Christmas party when I worked for AFLAC.

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    Former model.

  • Skinny as I am, I do actually have a few muscles.

    Manual labor (and an interest in martial arts) will do that to you.

  • @BashfulLoner that would be very steve urkel of you

  • Though I can't see at all, I understand synesthesia. Though for me, believe it or not, it's smells, tastes and textures for different types of music. I've never told anyone this before.

  • I have a boating license in the State of Florida, despite not owning a boat nor having lived in the State of Florida.

  • I am an ordained minister through universal life church of california even though im an atheist and have never been to california

  • @pmvines: Ha! I am surprised. Well, hello, fellow minister. Why'd you get ordained? (Me, I wanted a gender-neutral title, and given my upbringing "Reverend" suits me just fine, so....)

  • @Brailleangel That's an amazingly interesting fact about you! Thank you for sharing!

  • @DarrenWalker honestly i did it on a whim some 25 yrs ago purely for the irony ?

  • @pmvines Kind of like becoming a Catholic priest when you do not like altar boys.

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    @pmvines: Ha! It works perfectly.

  • I struggle using my words at times. My brain runs a bunch of thoughts at once and then just shuts down and I have no way to even begin describing any of the thoughts. Typically while in an emotionally challenging situation.

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    I’m terrified of Bigfoot.

    No, I don’t actually believe in the creature. Instead, I see Bigfoot (and other ape men) as being representative of an environment that is wholly alien to me.

    I do not enjoy the wilderness. On an unrelated note: I also greatly dislike cities.

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    Very cool! There are a ton of different “flavors” of synesthesia, and of course no two are identical.

    But that seems like a wicked fun super power!

  • Maybe that I am multi/tri-lingual. ?

    I don't have other hidden skills I know of, yet. Other than that I occasionally get intuitions or something. So, I randomly get a sense of I need to message people that we rarely speak: asking if they are okay. Then, I find out they are not okay, and they are like it's so interesting you ask! So, and so just happened or, I am going through this, that. As a kid, I used to also get many/handful of precognitions. It was really cool, and amazed people. I wish I had these more still, I've them occasionally. ?

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    I am related to Anne Rice in a weird way. I will not go into it any further on a public forum for privacy purposes. And yes, related in a genealogical way.

    Both my parents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. (Rare)

    I run into celebrities on planes all the time—Laura Bush, Cheryl Tiegs, Reggie Jackson and David Spade. Also Cheap Trick.

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