I wonder what percentage of people actually come here for what this site is for

I mean, it's for cuddle sessions. It's not explicitly or strictly defined, but even so people should understand that it's not for sexual hook-ups nor dating and relationship-finding.

Yet I see so many accounts that look like they're built for that.

I wonder if those are in the minority or the majority.



  • Good question. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that my cuddles so far have been platonic. I’ve heard horror stories and I have tried to really think carefully before moving forward. I had one discussion that was questionable that I did not follow through with and one very slightly suggestive cuddle. I think another couple of weeks on here and I’ll have some clearer stats.

  • I am new to the cuddle world and I have been noticing the same type of profiles as I browse around for the right Cuddler. There are those that are trying to hook-up and that majority is Men. Since I've been exploring, I get more worried with each site I check out. I pray I get a true Cuddle Experience and not anything else.

    Men are the Majority and a lot the Women's profiles I browse through look more trustworthy than the men.

  • [Deleted User]CharlesTwisted (deleted user)

    It seems like a dating site, simply because that is the framework of reference our “culture” has.

  • I see it in the profiles of the foreign country cuddlers as well. But like all human institutions there will be abnormalities. Human purity is only a concept

  • Ive heard what we are witnessing with the profiles who appear to be advertising more than platonic cuddling, is spill over from other avenues where sex work could be advertised.

  • Based on what I've seen posted on the forum. People have a preference for good looking cuddlers and want the person to be attractive. Also, people charging crazy rates to go eat dinner etc. All while their photos look like what I'd see on Tinder. I think many people here use this as a sugar daddy type site to get men to pay for dinners, gifts all while not having to do anything sexual. It's a hustle for most of the women I've seen on here.

  • @Kense I definitely agree with you there in some regards. Paying to hang out with someone, sans cuddling, kind of goes against the point of this site in the first place.

  • I believe a lot of people are Here for the wrong reasons. No first hand experience but i get the impression from most profiles i see. I may be hyper sensitive to what looks like it but i think so. I don’t see many men’s profiles but I’d assume most men would hope (or wouldn’t mind) every experience ends up sexual. I mean at the DMV if a lady offered i think most men would be intrigued. However i hope to find platonic experiences that last.

  • @Kense, While there may be lady hustlers here, don't assume that because dinner is on her menu at $100 /hour, that there are regular takers. When I see overnights or 6 hour cuddles, an elaborate travel schedule and enticing pics, I do say to myself "hmmm"

  • Interesting

  • I was banned from Tinder for being platonic.

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    I only look at female profiles but I've noticed a large percentage only fill out the bare minimum of information and have no profile text and no photo. I've also noticed more and more women who I suspect to be untagged pros but have been careful to avoid putting anything reportable in their profile. And as I've mentioned in these forums before, around half of the profiles I bookmark are gone within 3 months.

  • @HugsAndAttitude

    This genuinely made me laugh. Here's 2 good boy/girl points for some chicken tendies.

  • Unfortunately, I'm starting to question things here as well. I'm sorry to say that most of the folks who have contacted me here want something more sexual.

  • I came here hoping that it was just platonic, and haven't been convinced that's what most people's intent is. I have met with someone and we kept it platonic and that was a great experience, and I have a cuddle party group that stays platonic, and that's awesome, just not sure how to make this site more towards the intent, that platonic touch is important, pleasurable, and a way to make real deep, safe connection with people.

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    After 4 months for me I have two potentials for a cuddle. FOUR months people.! How I even got there is...
    Treat people like people laugh a little too.
    Reach out first

    Believe it or not, real cuddlers, sincere cuddlers can tell when you read what they wrote. Reflect that. They know how important getting to know them is then, from my experience.

    I'm training now to become professional cuddler. No way am I charging 80$ for hugging though. Are you kidding me right now?

  • @qu3ntum Sounds reasonable to me. Anyone can charge as much as they want but it doesn’t mean they will get it or clients for that matter. Some of the prices people charge do not say anything about 0% financing or layaway which is disappointing. So I go without.

  • A majority of people come here for cuddling, for people like myself with a disability this site is greatness. But I think sometimes there are bad seeds and then sometimes someone says something they didn’t mean and someone else interprets it differently

  • I’m currently looking for a new cuddle buddy and everyone that has contacted me has asked to go past what the cuddle rules advise. I’m sooo over trying to find someone because I’m tired of being pushed into uncomfortable conversations. Then when I give honest answers and say I won’t go past that point, they push and I finally just end the conversation. I’m genuinely looking to cuddle. The first time around I didn’t have anyone push and I enjoyed the snuggles I’ve had. This time around I’m ready to just throw in the towel. I just want plutonic snuggles. Is that so difficult now?

  • I'd guess 5% are here with genuinely no lustful intentions. Which is better than the .5% elsewhere P:

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    Despite the sites best efforts, folks do not actually read the site rules or at worse just ignore them.

    I’ve asked a couple members before if they read the rules and they admitted to not having read them, despite having to agree to them before they message me? It’s really offputting. Especially when they go “I do want to cuddle! No sex! Can you do it naked though?” Post booking and then they say “never mind I’m good” when reminded that nude or underwear cuddles aren’t allowed... And they cancel the session.

  • Everyone I've met in person has been legit, respectful, and is here for cuddling. I have seen at least three members I was messaging with on here get banned though, which means they might have been on here for other reasons. The best indicator I've found is looking at their karma. I've also heard about some very unprofessional professionals. Both parties should exercise caution, but if you are open and honest about boundaries and expectations, things go well and everyone's happy.

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    I'd say on this site my experience mirrors that of @BrittneySweet The people who have given karma on my profile were the only appointments I actually went through with. The rest of my inquiries are either from people who are now banned, or changed their mind or they kind of dropped off the face of the earth after I put the rulebook in front of them. Or they started showing their true colours early and I had to put a stop to it. The situation is worse on other sites, trust me.

    I don't think there's anybody in my city with karma except for the people I left karma for, so it's kind of hard to go by that in my case. But for those who are located in a city or place where it's busier, it's definitely very helpful!

  • 46.17% come to this site for cuddles
    6.4% Googled the site and thought it was a new incontinence product based on the name
    2.53% Thought it was a new bourbon based on the name
    45% Allowed their little head to join

  • @HugsAndAttitude I’d be very interested in that bourbon you speak of.

  • 1% come here to post fake statistics.

  • I would say there’s a subset of people who come to the site with the right intentions, but amateur to amateur, if you’ve built rapport and you are clicking, sometimes boundaries can get blurry, for BOTH parties. Then it’s up to you to either navigate through that, or part ways.

  • I should clarify that I think a lot of people do come here with the right intentions. The subset is the people who come with the right intentions but it gets complicated.

  • The truth is we will never know. Wolves come as sheep and sheep portray wolves in this world we live in and I don’t cuddle livestock or wildlife.

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