Corona virus

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So before I posted a question as to which disease we can get from cuddling . Should we be concerned now that there is a fast growing cases of this virus infection ? What do you do to prevent catching this ?



  • uh...common sense

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    I would be more worried about catching the flu being that far more people are getting infected from/dying from the flu in this country then from the coronavirus.

  • ^also this

  • Well I would be worried once I caught it because the mortality rate is 20 times that of the flu. That is why people are worried. But if you wash your hands and sanitize them you are fine. It is not airborne contagion like the flu.

  • This Corona virus is just like the previous mass fear mongering viral scares. It was SARS, Ebola, Zika a while back. Now it’s Corona Virus. The media likes to scare people and publish stories such as these. You’re most likely to catch a common flu.

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    Skip the media, look at the data. It is objectively more serious if not contained.

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    I'm not worried. I'll ride this one out until it fades and the next panic-de jour comes around to send everyone in a tizzy. I'm still far more likely to get injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident or get struck by lightning then catch this thingamajiggy.

  • I think the point is that at the moment we have a chance to contain it ; unlike flu, HIV etc. which are already out there.
    The real problem will be if / when it reaches countries with poor health care systems.

    The other difference is that there is currently no vaccine or antidote, so it is as scary as other illnesses were before they could be treated.
    I think the mortality rate roughly doubles with every 10 years of age, so it is the very elderly who are most at risk, younger people will just pass it on.

  • According to the CDC, the leading cause of death in the US is still Heart Disease. The CoronaVirus wouldn’t even come in the top 20. Viruses like the Influenza beats the Corona at the top 10 diseases which lead to death. Always be cautious. Use common sense and practice safe cuddling and hygiene.

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    @Mark is right. I am a nurse (shocker huh?) 😂 and this is a real scare and i think it should be taken seriously. Unfortunately it’s suspected that China actually has over 500,000 cases and is grossly underestimating the virus. So, in underdeveloped countries - even here in the USA - testing and care is really behind. So it’s getting super bad super fast. Hopefully it doesn’t get as bad as expected.

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    I normally work from home but today I went into the office. Virtually everyone there was coughing, sneezing or spluttering, some continually throughout the day. I washed my hands every time I had to touch a door handle. I could not wait to get out of there at the end of the day.

  • @MabelSparks Great points! I'm more worried about heart disease, cancer, or getting injured/killed in an mva going or coming from work everyday. Maybe I should start playing the lottery---the odds of me winning that are probably about the same as contracting the coronavirus.

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    The leading cause of death in the US is still Heart Disease.

    It isn't meaningful to compare the total number of deaths with other causes.

    The reason this is serious is due to the potential for exponential spread if containment fails.

    Viruses like the Influenza beats the Corona

    The virulence (R0) of Corona is worse than the flu, deadlier, more quietly contagious, and leads to a much higher percentage of critical medical events.

  • @mark explaining the numbers to people is frustrating. Yes there are more flu cases but the Coronavirus kills at a much higher rate. And there are not as many cases....yet. Thanks for jumping in and trying to add perspective to this. I have been trying to do the same thing in real life and people are either dismissive of the virus or in panic mode. And I fly all the time and most of these people do not!

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    There also appears to be a segment of the media that enjoys downplaying this. It's frustrating and irresponsible.

  • So is over hyping. Diligence and level headed action is what is needed.

  • Zika, ebola and many other newcomers brought the same panic. We have the best medical brains in the world and they are on top of it. Hell, we have freakin @pmvines !

  • I think we need to all be well informed on this issue and educate ourselves on what really is going on with this epidemic.

    As @cuddleanurse was saying, in China, the number of cases are a lot more than they are telling us. There have been many people that have been silenced and even have disappeared for telling the truth of the situation.

    And @Mark is right, statistics and data don't lie. The media is also the problem whenever it comes to serious issues like this. The same thing happened with the Ebola virus and SARS as well. It's a push and pull that's all done for stupid ratings.

    Also @FunCartel, it really is as simple as washing your hands. There have been many doctors that have said the best way to avoid being contaminated is to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and to avoid touching you face.

  • @cuddlebunny777 That is what I have been saying—wash your hands. But I was at the hardware store a couple of days ago and a lady was buying a ventilator mask and told everyone in line it was for an upcoming trip. I told her the mask is useless because it is not an airborne virus. She told me “You do not know what the hell you are talking about.” So I went into game mode that I do with certain ignorant people and play “Where in the World is the MAGA Hat?” Sure enough, she was getting in a truck with a Trump bumper sticker. I received some points, just not the jackpot as there was not a hat on the dash.

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    So is over hyping.

    In this particular case being sensational is arguably far less problematic. It even has the potential to be a net benefit based on the type of widespread behavioral change (e.g. hygeine and self-reporting) it could cause. Whereas, a false minimisation of risk over this virus literally increases the chance of an epidemic in the country.

  • Yeah several people I now that called it overhyping four weeks ago have tempered their accusation and have caught up to where I was four weeks ago—which was we really do not have enough information yet. I am beyond that and realize it is worldwide and more serious than “just a cold.”

  • I suppose I should be amazed that the threat of this disease is being politicized, but for certain folks MONEY is more important than public health or the truth. The fact is, our nation's ability to mobilize over this disease is crippled because in 2018 the entire pandemic response team was fired and never replaced. Because of MONEY.

    It seems pretty clear that anyone who tries to downplay the threat or severity of the coronavirus right now has a very political agenda. The same agenda that refuses to believe in climate change... and both things are accepted worldwide, making deniers an embarrassing minority who would put the safety of our planet at risk solely for short term greed.

  • @StoryDoctor1138 Yup. It is being downplayed because of certain connections on a road called Wall St. If Wall St was not dropping, the noise would be louder.

  • @FunCartel story is case one to show the problem in media and population driven sensationalization. Masks and medications are being baught and horded up by people who do not need them thus making a shortage for those who will need them. @FunCartel chuckle on about the Trump sticker but I will bet there are as many "feel the burn" people clearing shelves as well, driven by liberal media (calling it Trumpvirus -NY Times) over hyping this for ratings.

    Common sense. Don't have such an open mind that you lose your brain.

    Work time, have fun.

  • All the good advice to prevent the corona virus, is good advice to prevent a whole lot of other diseases. A reminder for them, is no bad thing.

  • But it's NOT "over-hyping." WHO just raised the Global Risk for Coronavirus to VERY HIGH. Every government in the world is taking this seriously except the United States, where the leader said "Some people just get the sniffles."

    This outbreak is NOT something created by the "liberal media" (though in fact, most media outlets are JUST "media" and not "liberal" at all... but only the current administration and conservative entertainment FOX news call them that.)

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