What to wear when cuddling?

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The title pretty much explains it.  What (if anything) do you and your cuddle partner wear when cuddling?  Also, do you think it is possible to cuddle nude and keep it non-sexual?


  • Footie pajamas. There's literally nothing better.
  • An oversize t-shirt and nothing else is pretty much it. Anything else would be restricting... Hmm for people really comfortable with another's presence it is possible to cuddle in the buff and keep it non-sexual.
  • I don't see the problem with sexual pleasure. This isn't Victorian England, people are allowed to peruse recreational activity.

  • As long as the naughty bits don't touch, it should be fine. Awkward at worst.
  • That is a decision between the two who choose
    to cuddle.
  • ^Yeah, what he said. Doesn't matter as long as the parties consent.
  • Have you ever tried cuddling 'naked' before? It's better than with clothes ;)
  • Anything or nothing,doesn't matter as long as there's a cuddle going on.
  • Depends on how well I know and trust the person.  With some people, fully clothed only (with some people, no cuddles at all!).  I have done nude cuddling with some people before and it's awesome.
  • I was wondering guys, if you meet someone with the intention of being cuddle buddies, would it be improper if the relationship turned sexual (with both parties consenting of course)?
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    As it's mutual it would be fine but you'd need to be honest with each other and accept you are no longer cuddle buddies but something entirely different. You're heading into relationship territory at that point.
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    Well, becoming someone's regular cuddlebuddy also means that you are "heading into [a] relationship" with them, but it is not the 'romantic', 'long-term' relationship you probably had in mind when you made use of the phrase "relationship territory".

    That said: Much the same way you can cuddle with someone without being 'romantically' involved with them, you can also be sexual with someone without being 'romantically' involved with them. So, becoming sexual with someone does not necessarily mean that you are "heading into relationship territory at that point". Things can become 'sexual' just for the fun of it!

    Ultimately, though: You really need to talk about what kind of relationship you are heading into as soon as things become 'sexual' --- and to set out clear rules about what is and is not permissible within this new relationship. You can't just assume that you have officially become an 'item'.
  • Of course by relationship I was referring to the romantic type :)
  • I love cuddling naked and have yet to find someone who can enjoy cuddling naked without feeling the need to take it further. Skin to skin cuddling is an enjoyable pleasurable feeling :)
  • No cuddles yet, but this is when I joined the site, I bought a new pair of pajama pants to wear when I arrange one.
  • I would probably need to keep at least my undies on, otherwise, I would get too stimulated and things would progress to a sexual level.  I do enjoy sliding my hands up under a shirt so I can rub a bare tummy though!!
  • To me, it kind of depends on the temperature of where you're cuddling.  If it's warm or hot, I prefer to wear      a T-shirt and boxer briefs, as skin-on-skin contact can make you too hot, sweaty and uncomfortable to cuddle long.  But if it's cool or cold, I prefer just the boxer briefs as then the warmth is appreciated and you can enjoy the skin-on-skin contact.  Obviously I prefer to cuddle in a cool room!  Nude cuddling is terrific, but really should only be done with a lover.  With a cuddle buddy, the underwear kind of reinforces the fact that sex is not the issue and you can cuddle safe in the knowledge that your buddy is not going to hit on you and possibly ruin the good thing you've got going.
  • How could nude cuddling NOT be sexual? That sounds terribly unsafe, unprotected. Underwear! I like to wear something really soft and not too warm like a little nightie, and soak up each other's body heat.
  • For cuddle. We can wear normal clothes. As it feeling which does not matter with clothes
  • I wear shorts and t-shirt. Not too comfortable wearing less, but the partner can be half naked or clothed.
  • I'd say whatever you feel comfortable and safe wearing and something to discuss with your cuddle buddy. I would probably go shorts and t-shirt but if she wanted me bare chested I would whip that shirt right off. I would definitely want her to feel at ease. I suppose whatever she wears to bed at home (providing she does not sleep in teh nude) that would allow the most body heat and warmth to pass through. Skin to skin contact is lovely. Bare feet, legs, torso...Comfort and safety! :)
  • If you are looking for a cuddle buddy, the intention would be to get the benefits of cuddling, (oxytocin, endorphins, lower stress, etc) then your intentions would be to have those benefits. It would not move onto a romantic relationship.
    If your intentions are to move onto something else then you are not looking for a cuddle buddy but a romantic partner. 
    If you are clear of what you want then you can clearly say that to the other person.
    I am a cuddling professional and we have comfortable clothes on and it would never move to a sexual or romantic relationship.

  • I would cuddle just how I sleep in my boxer briefs and no shirt. Skin to skin just feels right but my cuddle partner needs to be comfortable as well. Just the feeling of cuddling is enough. There needs to be trust I agree. Also depends on the position.
  • The more clothing/bedding/etc. between me and a partner, the better. Exclusively cuddling can turn to something else fairly quickly, even with the most strongest of wills. Better to smother the potential of a mix up and keep proper boundaries than feel more comfortable and ruin a good cuddle relation. ;)
  • I got out of a relationship and miss someone to pillow talk. I am not that trusting so how do fall asleep.with someone with no personal ties.
  • @Countrydiva - Not really the appropriate question to post here, likely deserving it's own discussion, but here's what I can say: you learn how. It takes time, as does anything with intimacy, but I'm certain if you make an effort to trust you will eventually find reciprocation. Likely first step: don't sleep next to a stranger from the get go. Work up to it by having conversation and leaving them when it's time to sleep. ;)
  • Suggested clothes is comfy jogging clothes .
  • Fully clothed. I'm not pursuing any other agenda. That said, I'm not against nude cuddling. Skin on skin contact is incredibly stimulating even taking sexual arousal out of the equation.
  • I am new to this. But I have cuddled nude with my ex girlfriend and it was a very amazing experience. But it doesnt have to be sex. For me its the  touch of a woman that soothes me. Just holding her and feeling her breathe. 
  • To me, i like anything. I often fall asleep so a comfortable surface where I can also stretch with a lot of pillows, shoes off.
  • I haven't really cuddled before, but if I were to do so, I'd like to keep it super comfy: T-shirt, pajama bottoms (maybe boxers if it's hot?), and bare feet.

    That last bit reminds me--what do most of you wear on your feet while cuddling? Socks, or do you cuddle barefoot? (Or maybe some people go crazy and wear shoes? =P) And do any of you play footsie while cuddling or intertwine your feet in some way?

    It's interesting about the question of nude cuddling. I'm asexual and experience no sexual attraction to either gender (though I gravitate toward women in a romantic/flirty way). I could in theory cuddle naked with a woman and there would be no chance of anything sexual happening. Only in theory, though--I'm very uncomfortable being nude and would have to overcome quite a bit of anxiety before I could bring myself to be nude in someone else's presence, much less cuddle with them. If I could get over that, it sounds like it could be a great experience, I suppose if it was with the right woman.
  • I'm thinking... soft vs. silky. Both are sensual. I vote for soft. Although both are sexual, I think soft is less so. Think baby clothes. It should be more about the material than the type of clothing... warmth... hmmm... just thinking about it makes me want to cuddle up somewhere... it's getting colder here in the northeast and that may be having an effect on my thinking. Non-restrictive... You can probably tell that I don't cuddle enough to have a favorite outfit. How about the traditional sweat suit?, Not the new running outfits, with their shiny and over-decorated exterior, but plain old cotton, a little worn. Yep, that's my choice.
  • I bought a pair of pajama pants just for cuddling (or being lazy around the house) that I wear with t-shirt and I have underwear on.  So far I have only used them with a couple of professional cuddlers, but it worked well.  This is what I want to run with.  
  • Ah, haven't been able to actually find a cuddle partner yet, but my initial preference would be some of those fuzzy pajama pants and a t-shirt or similar. (Guy)
  • At home I normally don't like to wear a lot of clothing because I feel it restricts me. So I usually wear a strip tank pajama top and pajama shorts or a short thin strap gown. I naturally get cold a lot so sometimes I use a robe, but if I had a cuddle partner I wouldn't have to worry about being cold. I just joined and I haven't had the chance so far to have a partner.
  • I prefer to wear a tank top and shorts. It's comfy and non restricting.Have cuddled a couple guys from here, seems to work well.
  • I'd recommend guys rent a tuxedo from Men's Wearhouse. 

    Youre gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it. 

    If if you look good, you feel good. So look good and cuddle good and what are you waiting for?

    Go rent that tux!
  • MonsterRain, While I don't doubt you might look good, my good sense tells me tuxedos are over-rated for cuddling. I'd suggest soft and snuggly ... think cotton. LOL!
  • HI Monster, I was just wondering. If you wear a tux, does she wear a strapless evening gown? hmmmmm
  • Hmm I've got to go with my comfortable clothes an old pair of trackies and tshirt
  • Shorts. Definitely shirtless for me as a guy.
  • No jeans. No bra. Perfect cuddling wear is nothing at all, but that would be unreasonable for just friends type of cuddle.
  • Monsterrain must work at men'should wearhouse.
  • Docgatorb said to think baby clothes.
    . Adult diapers would help eliminate (no pun intended) those annoying bathrlom breaks.
  • I think that the diapers would also serve to reduce the chance of anything sexual happening
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    Adult diapers?  Unless you have a medical condition, why go to an extreme that will freak a lot of people out? It's hard enough for this concept to be accepted into the mainstream as it is :)
  • All rightie then. Tux for the guys, strapless ball gowns for the ladies, diapers to avoid potty breaks, jammies. I think I'm gettin' the hang of this gig.... rotflmao... ya'll are awesome!!!
  • My personal preference is pajama shorts and I would prefer that my cuddling partner wear the same as long as she is comfortable with it. I think a little skin on skin contact is very healthy and a nice feeling for both.
  • Flannel short PJs with a matching short sleeve PJ top.  If too warm, the PJ top comes off, but I am a guy so that is non-sexual. 

  • There are so many profiles where fellow members describe themselves as asexual. So 2 asexuals could cuddle nude without things getting sexual obviously. I think if u are sexual the desire would be there from time to time. I mean we don't change our r physiology when we cuddle. We just don't act on it.  So I assumed that asexuals didn't want or need cuddles. Obviously I was very wrong andd the profiles here seem to prove that. when my wife became asexual I assumed she did not like hugs either.  I see now how stupid I was. I'm sorry that this is off topic but I am learning alot. So how do asexuals reproduce? Not making a joke here.