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  • Hello everyone! Im a Happy Zebra and Im from Toronto! Im here and this is exactly what I have been looking for and Im glad I stumbled on to this site! I do feel lonely and often, I want nothing more than a non sexual cuddle partner!

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    Hello. my name is telly but you can call me kitten or kitty. ^_^ i love to watch anime, movies, cartoons, and draw. (i drew my icon) i'm kind of like a cat and love to be petted as well as paw at string, i also really love hugs. I'm really nice and i promise i don't bite. i'm always happy to meet new people and make friends. i'm a really good listener. i live in the spanaway graham area of Washington.

  • Hi all, I'm new and found the site through a post on the asexual Facebook page I follow.

    There aren't really any cuddlers near me. I joined because my friends all live pretty far away. I'm open to discussion! Nice to meet you all :)

  • Hello :) I haven't posted on the Introductions forum yet, even though I've posted elsewhere a couple times; I figured that it was time past that I do so.

    Brief intro: I'm a male, in my mid-thirties, working in the medical profession at a clinic which has multiple branches. I am new to the idea of cuddling, having only chanced upon it by accident from a documentary video (which spoke of the emotional and mental benefits gained by having therapeutic cuddling sessions). Listening to the documentary talk about how people can be affected when they don't get much (or anything at all) in the way of human contact... was like being struck a blow. That's pretty much how things are for me right now at home, and I recognized that I was frequently seeking out my friends at work for a hug to try and stave off feelings that keep bringing me down.

    If anyone would like to e-mail me, I don't mind having conversations with any of the men or women from this community. I am looking for a woman to be my cuddle partner, who will listen to my story and not make me feel... well... more of what I get from home, after having told it. Even better would be a regular cuddle partner which would be... I don't think I know, really, how to describe it, but it would be good. And right now would be the perfect time, as we head into the holidays! Besides... it's very cold in Central Florida right now, even without certain aspects of relationships being considered >.< I've only been on this site for a couple weeks, but I think I can recognize (well enough, at least) what this community is like to say that I wish there were more opportunities to cuddle in my area (Palm Bay/Melbourne).

    Regardless, it's nice to feel the warmth from this place. Feel free to message me - I'm sure that somewhere I'll find a cuddle partner that would be perfect for me.

    Happy Halloween to all of you! Stay safe.

  • Hi! I’m Ryan. I posted on here a year ago, but haven’t really been back since. I don’t have a lot of local friends, so I’m looking to make friends and also to have a cuddle buddy with whom I can just lay in bed and talk and watch movies and things. Any girls in my area, feel free to message me. I promise I don’t bite. :)

  • Hi, I'm Rita, I love giving affection and being there for others. Contact me whenever you'd like!

  • New to this . I’ve had many cuddle sessions with friends and with elderly clients that I cared for as well as with children with special needs . Calming disregulated clients came naturally to me . I’m a cuddly person . I’ve never had successful platonic cuddling with a straight man under 60 so it will be an interesting experience for me . I’m Excited to try this out . I’m
    In the inland empire Southern California .

  • Greetings! I'm Bob from East Texas; look forward to the cuddling. Hoping to meet you soon! XO

  • Hi, I am Doug. I found out about this just recently. I am open to the idea of cuddling with someone. I am married for 15 years. but the wife and I have slept in different rooms for more than 8 years. due to my snoring. it has now gone away because I lost a lot of weight. we still have not shared the bed together. she prefers sleeping alone. I feel very lonely and neglected. I just desire to hold someone and be held as well. I need to be touched and have the feeling of companionship, closeness to someone. I am not looking for sex. just a friend to be close to. share a laugh and have conversation. even if it is through the message system.

  • [Deleted User]xCuddlyChanelle (deleted user)

    Hi everyone!
    I’m Chanelle, I’m new here. Just had my profile accepted and I’m looking forward to sharing cuddles!
    This is a new experience for me after being recommended by a friend, so we shall see how it goes!

  • Hi!

    I'm new to the site. M from SF Bay Area and I love both giving and receiving affection such as touching and cuddling. I especially like to run my fingers through your hair (girls only) and touching the head and neck area, which is where most of my stress resides. I like music (play piano and guitar but not well) and I like anime or anything related to art. One last thought: there will never be a bigger turn on for me than a sweet, empathetic girl.

  • Sounds very nice!!!!

  • Hello there, my name is Coralis!

    I joined this site because I want to meet many people who love to cuddle up and melt the stress away just like me! I'm into watching movies and playing sports along with many other things! I am located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I would love to meet many potential customers/cuddlers and hope to create a lasting friendship! Shoot me a message for any more info! :)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all! <3

  • Hi all, George here from the NYC/New Jersey area looking to meet others to cuddle with. I miss the cuddling with my ex-girlfriends and have taken a break from the dating scene especially in NYC!

  • Hi, my name is Kelly. I am 55,in the Dallas Fort Worth area. My wife of 27 years died in September 2017. I miss not having someone to hold me, someone to hold. The pain of loosing my wife amplifies the loss of holding, cuddling, and I am looking here for companionship.

  • Hi, I am Jim. I am a man looking for cuddling partners. I travel a lot and the stress and workload can get to me. Message me if you're interestes.

  • Hello cuddlers

  • Hello, that is an interesting way to spell your name.
    <3 Jim

  • Hey team - Just starting out and have had my first cuddlier - Hope all goes well. Nice to be here. Take care

    I am looking forward to more "Cuddle Time" see what happens

  • Just want to leave a warm welcome for all new members! So glad you found Cuddle Comfort! I love cuddling and I love this site. Been here almost a year and have had many wonderful experiences. May you all enjoy lots of wonderful new connections, experiences and cuddles - cheers! ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Hello everyone, I just found this site recently, but I'm a professional cuddler who enjoys lots of different movies and relaxing by the fire. Looking forward to meeting new people and helping others.

  • Hello everyone! I'm Niko and I'm from Ohio ^-^

  • [Deleted User]cheetoching (deleted user)

    Hi, everyone. I'm a Maryland native and an introvert.

  • Hey everyone! I'm Danny. I'm a new professional cuddler to the site and excited to get out there and be a therapeutic part of someone's life. I'm a transgender man and open to any and all people!

  • Hi, this is Abigail--gail for short. I'm in Dallas Fort Worth looking for some female no strings attached cuddle buddies. I am in my mid-30s, college educated, but by choice work as personal care attendant, love sci fi, historical novels, Family Guy, politics, nature walks, and lots of other random things that do not seem connected but are actually all related at a deeper level! I think hugs and cuddling are necessary for human beings, like food or water, and many people are metaphorically starving for touch. If that's you, hugs hugs hugs. May we all find comfort.

  • Hello! I'm new to the site in the CT area. I'm looking forward to and hoping for very positive and healing experiences!

  • Hi I'm amber friend me or message me I wanna get to know all the cuddler lovers!! Tired of struggling to go to sleep every night a pillow is not the dame as a human being who can cuddle you back ❤

  • Cuddlebuddy in Florida looking for a cuddlebunny to comfort and hold close in my arms. Eager to start my first session.

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