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  • I don’t want my user name to pop up in a Google search. Help!! How can I take that down?

  • @Cuddledbyloreli I think you just go into the settings in your profile and you can choose to NOT be visible to the public. Pretty sure that means they have to be a member to see you.

    FABULOUS PIC by the way!!! Welcome to the site. 😊

  • Hey everyone! Another newb here looking to meet cuddlers in my area. I finally decided to message someone today, but it’s not being sent through. Anyone else having similar problems? Thanks.

  • Are we only allowed to give karma once per person? There's so much more (good stuff) I want to say about my co-cuddler

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    Hi I'm new to the site. Been single for quite a while. Haven't had much time to get to know anyone well. Been driving,and on the road mostly. (Truck driver over the years.) Looking for a cuddle buddy.

  • I have a question. Can people tag other people here in cuddle comfort? The reason I'm asking is: I know someone here who under the relationship status says single. But on fb it says engaged. The detective in me says he could be doing that because he can't be tagged by the fiance here like he can on fb. Just curious.

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  • If I have a booking, and we mutually agree to meet earlier than previously agreed, do I need to cancel the booking and send a new one? Or does it really not matter?

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