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  • I don’t want my user name to pop up in a Google search. Help!! How can I take that down?

  • @Cuddledbyloreli I think you just go into the settings in your profile and you can choose to NOT be visible to the public. Pretty sure that means they have to be a member to see you.

    FABULOUS PIC by the way!!! Welcome to the site. 😊

  • Hey everyone! Another newb here looking to meet cuddlers in my area. I finally decided to message someone today, but it’s not being sent through. Anyone else having similar problems? Thanks.

  • Are we only allowed to give karma once per person? There's so much more (good stuff) I want to say about my co-cuddler

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    Hi I'm new to the site. Been single for quite a while. Haven't had much time to get to know anyone well. Been driving,and on the road mostly. (Truck driver over the years.) Looking for a cuddle buddy.

  • I have a question. Can people tag other people here in cuddle comfort? The reason I'm asking is: I know someone here who under the relationship status says single. But on fb it says engaged. The detective in me says he could be doing that because he can't be tagged by the fiance here like he can on fb. Just curious.

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  • If I have a booking, and we mutually agree to meet earlier than previously agreed, do I need to cancel the booking and send a new one? Or does it really not matter?

  • @Mela_B, no need to cancel, the start/end time is less important than the overall duration. If the session ends up going longer than planned, there is an option to extend the session after the fact.

  • Can you tell if someone has read your message response?

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    @sjw1969 nope.

    All you can do is see if the user has logged on since you wrote. You may also see if they've viewed your profile recently.

    When writing to random people I assume that they won't reply. If they do, that's a bonus.

  • [Deleted User]marshja (deleted user)

    I would like to know how do you delete message?

  • User Search
    Anyone know how to search for a user that hasn't posted in the forums/been tagged there before?

    I missed the memo, so thanks in advance!

    Also, Profile User Pics
    What does the lock icon (🔒) on a profile picture mean? Some people have it and some don't. Why would one want it? What purpose does it serve? How do they get it?
    Just curious...

  • To find somebody use the format ...

    I believe the lock icon means that there are additional photos set to private, but I'm not sure.

  • @CuddleDuncan ~ Thanks! I knew it had to be something fairly straight forward.

  • [Deleted User]sharmere10 (deleted user)

    How do I change my name

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    @sharmere10 You can change your user name via Settings in the rightmost menu (but it can only be changed once per year).

  • [Deleted User]edh96 (deleted user)

    Why won't it let me change my picture or add more photos of myself?

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    @edh96 , did you click on “Edit profile” and when you got to that page choose “Edit photos” or “Add photos”? If not, do that. If you did and it isn’t working, I’d first try checking back later, you know how things can get a little weird on the internet at times, sometimes thing don’t work for a bit and then they do. If that doesn’t work, we can tag Gary and see if he has any valuable information.

  • [Deleted User]edh96 (deleted user)

    @Babichev Yes, I tried both multiple times and it still doesn't work. I have no idea why.

  • Maybe @Gary will see this thread. He takes care of the workings of the site. If you go to your home page find the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page and send a message. That’s probably the best way to go about it.

  • If you delete a message conversation does it also delete it on the recipient side?

  • @SteveInDurham - no - deleted messages affect YOUR inbox only.

  • [Deleted User]saltyvet0621 (deleted user)

    My search does not show the custom location box when choosing that option now. Any reasons why?

  • @saltyvet0621 - what does your search look like? Should look life this:

    Please message me ( @Sideon ), @Mark, or @Gary with a screenshot? Thanks.

  • [Deleted User]MiasSoftCuddles (deleted user)

    _Oh my God, this is unbelievable!
    The website should have a profile authentification, too many fake people, with completely other intentions; and i hate that!

    Anyways, wishing y'all an amazing Sunday!😍😊😘❤️___

  • I don’t think you will be able to change your username.

  • Is the search cuddlers feature acting up currently. It hasn't changed in hours for the "All" feature

  • @Mark or @Gary - is there an issue with Search feature?

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