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  • Why do pros contact me without me initiating contact? If I were looking for a pro, I would reach out to one. It just feels odd to have someone send a message and start listing their rates. It’s been happening a lot lately.

  • @SweetA I don't have an answer to your question other than to share my experience. I have not had a pro message me and include rates. However I have had several message me after I visited their profile. It's a nice thing to do and is a good business practice.

  • @SweetA it's just bad marketing. They are trying to drum up business, but are making a hash of it by sending an off-putting message rather than a good one.

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    I like to message people who visit my profile and are within a reasonable distance, but it’s more of a welcome to the community type vibe rather than a list of rates.

  • Does your account go limbo after not using it and does the join date change when reactive

  • @unfaithfulsquee - join date stays the same regardless of account activity/inactivity.

  • Can you prevent Karma comments and star ratings from being posted to your profile?

  • @Tommy88 - if there is an issue with Karma in a profile, you can always submit a ticket. Thanks.

  • How do I cancel a session that never happened? I let client know and tried to cancel but it wasn’t working. I do not to ant get charged!

  • Wish I had read this before sending my first message on the site, I literally asked if someone had found a cuddle buddy yet :s

    Thanks so much for the feedback from everyone, it helps so much to understand the expectation and social etiquette.

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