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  • Why do pros contact me without me initiating contact? If I were looking for a pro, I would reach out to one. It just feels odd to have someone send a message and start listing their rates. It’s been happening a lot lately.

  • @SweetA I don't have an answer to your question other than to share my experience. I have not had a pro message me and include rates. However I have had several message me after I visited their profile. It's a nice thing to do and is a good business practice.

  • @SweetA it's just bad marketing. They are trying to drum up business, but are making a hash of it by sending an off-putting message rather than a good one.

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    I like to message people who visit my profile and are within a reasonable distance, but it’s more of a welcome to the community type vibe rather than a list of rates.

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    Does your account go limbo after not using it and does the join date change when reactive

  • @unfaithfulsquee - join date stays the same regardless of account activity/inactivity.

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    Can you prevent Karma comments and star ratings from being posted to your profile?

  • @Tommy88 - if there is an issue with Karma in a profile, you can always submit a ticket. Thanks.

  • How do I cancel a session that never happened? I let client know and tried to cancel but it wasn’t working. I do not to ant get charged!

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    Wish I had read this before sending my first message on the site, I literally asked if someone had found a cuddle buddy yet :s

    Thanks so much for the feedback from everyone, it helps so much to understand the expectation and social etiquette.

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    @clairsentient You have a 24 hour window to retroactively cancel after the session was due to complete. That voids the fee.

    If you didn't do that in time, then best to wait for the fee payment receipt and reply directly to it asking for a refund.

  • Would I still be paid after the session is over but the person that I cuddled' profile is suddenly banned?

  • Don't see how that could happen

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    @Lita_90 I'm not sure how that could happen since the client normally pays the professional at the start of the session. Yes you would still have to pay the site their 15% in the usual way.

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    Ok i have a guy that wants to cuddle but sent me his nmber. Shouldnt he pay first? This will be my first time. Im nervous as heck. I suggested cuddling in public first. Am i doing this right?

  • @QUEENsizeuddles Make sure you have an accepted booking request on the site before exchanging numbers. If it makes you feel more comfortable you can request a meeting in public first and get a vibe for him before moving to whereever you're going to cuddle. Payment is required at the start of the session. My very first session was in public and it didn't save me from basically being assaulted but I was thankful afterwards it wasn't in private or who knows what would have happened. Good luck and it's totally normal to be nervous anytime you're seeing someone for the first time especially if it's your first session.

  • @QUEENsizeuddles keep conversation on the site until the day of the meet. (Site rules.) Do not use apps with disappearing messages. Payment should either be in advance by some means, or cash on arrival. All of these are firm rules, without exceptions. If anybody asks to break them, politely and firmly decline. If they ask again, Block and Report.

    Read the the excellent posts at the beginning of this thread, the links at the bottom of the homepage, and the advice for new professionals thread on the professionals' board. Everything MissX wrote is spot on.

    Always listen to your gut.

    @MissX I'm really sorry to hear that. It's not ok that these things happen. Glad to see you survived.

  • What does it mean to send CSA?

  • Thnx everyone. Sorry you hAd that happen

  • Ok another question. If a man is asking me if i would like to meet for a do i know if the person is a client or want to get paid?

  • @QUEENsizeuddles you are a professional, so you should assume that everybody who contacts you is a potential client unless it's clear to the contrary.

    If another person listed as a professional contacts you with a view to cuddling (which is a perfectly ordinary occurance) then it's up to the two of you to decide what to do. The most common circumstance in which this happens is when a new, male professional is trying to obtain Karma. The most common outcome is that the male professional acts as a client and pays the female professional in the usual way.

    It is a basic rule of life that the thing you do to make your living should not be given away free. Exceptions are for people and things you genuinely care about, not strangers no matter how good their tale.

  • Cuddleduncan your appreciated!

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    @ag0g0girl_Rose, “Send CSA” makes the cuddle service agreement pop up on the clients screen and forces them to acknowledge and agree to the site rules again before continuing to message you. This is usually done when clients ask a pro cuddler to violate the rules. Some pros use to to make sure all new clients recognize and agree to follow the rules just before a session.

  • Why would someone block you when you are attempting contact? But then posts a number for text?

  • @Friend4me that sounds like an attempt to take the conversation off the site, which is a breach of the Terms of Service of the site. Their objective is usually to propose further breaches of the TOS.

    This particular technique seems to be a shortcut way for them to identify vulnerable users who may be exploited. Most people will not reply by text, but vulnerable ones might.

    Don't touch them with a barge pole. Block and Report.

  • Should a cuddler be asking what a person would wear during a cuddle session as well as request a photo?

  • @Friend4me it is common for people who are new to cuddling to ask what to wear. You can direct them to the relevant point in the Frequently Asked Questions thread:

    Requests for particular clothing, unless for allergies or the like, are a red flag. Block and Report.

    Asking for a photo is good practice for a number of reasons. It enables you to do a reverse image search and means that if that is not the person who meets you, you can get out of there. Almost all genuine cuddlers are perfectly happy to share a photo privately even if they won't post one, so somebody refusing to do so is a warning sign. I always ask for a photo, and I would be very reluctant to meet without one. I would certainly ask why, and would not meet unless I was fully satisfied with the answer.

    It's also important to be able to "put a face to a name" as part of the process of getting to know somebody. After all, you are trying to make a connection with the person.

    There is, unfortunately, a certain type of person who collects pictures, usually of women. For this reason it is reasonable for the picture exchange to be delayed until relatively late in the process. For me, it comes immediately after agreeing to meet in principle.

    If somebody requests a photo from you, and ceases contact when you send it, Report them. It's not a breach of the TOS in itself but it provides information to the mods which may reveal a concerning pattern of behaviour.

  • The person was asking me what I would usually wear, mentioned if I would be arriving to meet but did not provide a location if that is allowed.

  • how can i become a professional?

  • @radiantdarling You can apply to become a professional here.

    Take a look at this post to find out more about professional cuddling.

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