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  • @Yolkuppie Please take some time and read through the Pro Threads. It will help a great deal with any questions you may have.

  • The site has a lot of bugs and errors, sometimes doesn’t work on mobile, especially with Searching for Cuddlers, is this a known issue

  • @sleepallday I do not know but I have had a few of those same problems.

  • If your profile is pending for pro ...can clients still book on the profile or you have to wait until it's set up ?

  • @jesschica
    I think the rule is that you can't take money for a session, until you are approved ; and booking sessions when that approval might not be granted, seems unfair on the clients. If the approval is delayed / rejected, you might find yourself having to give the promised sessions for free.

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    That's correct. Activity must be recreational and non-financial unless approved. The vast majority are not approved.

    In the case of @jesschica - they have been approved but still need to activate Pro status using the link emailed.

  • @Mark I'm having the same issue noted above with search results not updating. I'm on the mobile platform and haven't tried it on a PC yet to see if it happens there or not.

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    @sleepallday @FunCartel @geoff1000 @Sheena123 @MissX

    Search is working again now. Thanks for posting.

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • I can't get privacy virtual cc to work. I dont get any options to besides my debit account which keeps getting denied

  • Any females getting an over abundance of messages to the point of completely overwhelming?
    I removed my pictures, changed my setting to only message me weekly, and I’m ready to delete my account already.
    Side note: I’m open to older aged men, but all of them are 55+. I edited my cut off to 45 hoping that it weeds out the men not in my preferred demographic.

  • I'm struggling with activating my account. My bank is declining it because it is 8n the UK. I signed up for privacy and I have PayPal. I don't see where I get any options but to use my actual credit. Please help me I'm technologically impaired I believe.

  • @KoLee
    If your max age is N ( in your case 45 ) you can simply ignore anyone > N ( in your case being 46 or more ). Hope that at least takes care of the ( unnecessary ) guilt.

  • If I’m asked to see a private photo what does that mean?

  • hi, I’m getting a lot of woman wanting h private photos. Is that okay?

  • @michaelkeinmak: A private photo on Cuddle Comfort is a photo you've uploaded to your profile, but which no one can see until you've shared it with them.

    Private photos in general are fine. (Photos of privates aren't.)

  • "Dick pics" are OK ; if you are Dick Cheney, Dick van Dyke et. al.
    Pictures of privates are OK ; if you are an unranked soldier.

    If it won't be seen in a platonic cuddle, no-one should be interested in what it looks like.

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