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  • @Yolkuppie Please take some time and read through the Pro Threads. It will help a great deal with any questions you may have.

  • The site has a lot of bugs and errors, sometimes doesn’t work on mobile, especially with Searching for Cuddlers, is this a known issue

  • @sleepallday I do not know but I have had a few of those same problems.

  • [Deleted User]jesschica (deleted user)

    If your profile is pending for pro ...can clients still book on the profile or you have to wait until it's set up ?

  • @jesschica
    I think the rule is that you can't take money for a session, until you are approved ; and booking sessions when that approval might not be granted, seems unfair on the clients. If the approval is delayed / rejected, you might find yourself having to give the promised sessions for free.

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    That's correct. Activity must be recreational and non-financial unless approved. The vast majority are not approved.

    In the case of @jesschica - they have been approved but still need to activate Pro status using the link emailed.

  • @Mark I'm having the same issue noted above with search results not updating. I'm on the mobile platform and haven't tried it on a PC yet to see if it happens there or not.

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    @sleepallday @FunCartel @geoff1000 @Sheena123 @MissX

    Search is working again now. Thanks for posting.

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • [Deleted User]megan77 (deleted user)

    I can't get privacy virtual cc to work. I dont get any options to besides my debit account which keeps getting denied

  • Any females getting an over abundance of messages to the point of completely overwhelming?
    I removed my pictures, changed my setting to only message me weekly, and I’m ready to delete my account already.
    Side note: I’m open to older aged men, but all of them are 55+. I edited my cut off to 45 hoping that it weeds out the men not in my preferred demographic.

  • [Deleted User]megan77 (deleted user)

    I'm struggling with activating my account. My bank is declining it because it is 8n the UK. I signed up for privacy and I have PayPal. I don't see where I get any options but to use my actual credit. Please help me I'm technologically impaired I believe.

  • @KoLee
    If your max age is N ( in your case 45 ) you can simply ignore anyone > N ( in your case being 46 or more ). Hope that at least takes care of the ( unnecessary ) guilt.

  • If I’m asked to see a private photo what does that mean?

  • hi, I’m getting a lot of woman wanting h private photos. Is that okay?

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @michaelkeinmak: A private photo on Cuddle Comfort is a photo you've uploaded to your profile, but which no one can see until you've shared it with them.

    Private photos in general are fine. (Photos of privates aren't.)

  • "Dick pics" are OK ; if you are Dick Cheney, Dick van Dyke et. al.
    Pictures of privates are OK ; if you are an unranked soldier.

    If it won't be seen in a platonic cuddle, no-one should be interested in what it looks like.

  • I get asked all the time if kissing is allowed.. is this common?

  • It’s been brought up now and again but no, it’s not allowed

  • Ok thanks... I canceled the appointment and reported him

  • Hello and happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people!! :)

    I keep trying to figure out a way to search through the forum threads to find a specific subject. For example.... This thread. Six pages of fabulous questions but I'm looking for discussions in this thread alone about posting karma. I know there is a search bar in the main part of the forum but I was hopeful to narrow it down to a thread without re-reading the whole thing. (One of those "I know I saw that somewhere" problems)

  • When this site has the pink banner at the top of the user marking that their professional,
    What does that really mean, like I know half of the answer is that there respectfully acting for this job and take it seriously, but other then that does the P banner mean anything else ? they've had experience or lots of books ?

  • @Jimhawk the ones with the pink P are the only ones that can charge. There are some pros out there that may not be very good either because they are breaking rules of the site or they are very new and still learning but most of the pros are pretty good. Just have a conversation with some. We can answer any question you have to make it easier to decide and look at their karma. Their reviews. You can even talk with some of the people that left the review and see what they think of the pro. Find out which pro you connect with best ☺️

  • Hey are there any cuddlers still open to cuddling. I know this is a tough time and were all feeling uneasy right now.

  • How do I change the picture on my profile?

  • @BradleyC65 Airbrushing works.

  • @BradleyC65 if you click edit profiles, there’s an edit photos section.

  • Do I book the session or do THEY??

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