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    Sorry of this is a repeat
    When it comes to pro cuddlers:
    What is the difference between a Pause and a Time Out?
    Thank you.

  • @Sooson Found it! 🧐 God, I miss Sideon's presence, here.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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  • Thank you @SunsetSnuggles I appreciate the response.

  • @Sooson My pleasure, monsieur.

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  • Hi everyone,

    There was a pro I talked with who charged $150/hour in the profile and $100 under rates. When I asked about the discrepancy, she only said that the website only allows her to charge up to $100. I chose to cancel my session and she has since deleted her account. Is there an actual limit to how much a pro can charge someone? I have met with other pros before who charged more than $100/hour and communicated clearly their pricing.

    Thanks in advance,
    Sonoran Tortoise

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    @SonoranTortoise Sounds like a scammer. Pro's are required to give 15% of their bookings to the site, so it seems she was trying to officially book a cheaper session, then upcharge off-record. You did well to cancel.

    As for a limit, I saw what was supposedly a social experiment with over $1,000 as an hourly rate. $150 is certainly not uncommon. The Pro was flat-out lying. I'm sorry you ran into this, but I'm so happy you smelled a rat and backed out!

    Hope you have great cuddles with upstanding people, in the future! 😊

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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  • @SunsetSnuggles Thanks for your response! This is helpful to know and I appreciate your kindness.


  • If I delete karma that I wrote on someone's profile, will I have the option to write karma again? Or do I have to wait until I've booked another session?

  • @TxTom just click out of their profile and go back in to add new karma.

  • Where can I find definitions for Guest, Public, etc...?

  • Guest, Public, Host

    I don’t know there are definitions on the site, because they are somewhat self explanatory. But the following are what I’ve found them to mean on here.

    Being the Guest, you are the one that goes to the other person.

    Host, you can host in your home, in a hotel, or in a specific cuddle office. You prepare the place, making it clean and inviting for the other. A clean place with a place to snuggle up is the minimum. Some people do a lot more than the minimum.

    Public, both of you meet in a public place. Cuddle in public. Park, restaurant, movie theater, and so on.

    There are threads on here about where to cuddle in public. And, there are also threads that show hosting spots.

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