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  • How do you edit friends? Add and remove?

  • Can someone tell me what the star next to the number of karma's you have in a professionals profile means??

  • Nothing. It just means that the number refers to the number of five star Karma the person has.

    It's not just professionals, enthusiasts have it too.

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    I don't think it means just the amount of 5-Star Karmas but the total of all the karmas you have regardless of 1 star to 5 star.
    A person could have 10 Karmas consisting of 9 5-Stars and 1 2-Star for a total of 10 Karmas.

    Its just the total number of Karmas one member has regardless of the 1 to 5 star rankings.

  • Someone mentioned to me that there is a such thing as virtual cuddling. Is this a real thing?

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    @Cuddlebaby92 yes it is. There is a thread of links pinned to the top of the Professional Cuddling board. As with all stickies, start with the first post.

    @OhioMike I haven't done the analysis but, on reflection, I think you might be right. If my recollection of comments from the site management is correct, five 5-star Karmas are required to make the number of Karmas appear on the thumbnail .... but, as you say, that number that appears reflects the total number of Karmas.

    For example, four 5-star and two 1-star (total six) means that no number appears on the thumbnail. But five 5-star and two 1-star (total seven) would show the number "7" on the thumbnail.


  • Not sure why but this isn’t sticking to the top of the general forum. Hoping bumping will help.

  • @Charlie_Bear is it the difference in which tab you are clicking? The General Tab vs The Recent Discussion Tab ? 🤔

  • @OhioMike
    Hmmm I believe I was looking through the General topics, though this was on mobile web.

  • How would I be able to find the card that is on file for my bookings to be charged?

  • @submarineeee

    Menu > Settings > Payment Details

    Direct link:

  • How does friend thing work is it just a way to save a profile or is there more to it or flexibility than just simply using chatting back and forth

  • @Yolkuppie - I think it's hard. When I travel or in KY which is my main base, I will offer to meet people the first time for free and see if they like it.

    If it's something for them, then we can book a professional session in the future.

    Alternatively, travel a bit for yourself to bigger cities and try to see people when there!

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