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  • How do you edit friends? Add and remove?

  • Can someone tell me what the star next to the number of karma's you have in a professionals profile means??

  • Nothing. It just means that the number refers to the number of five star Karma the person has.

    It's not just professionals, enthusiasts have it too.

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    I don't think it means just the amount of 5-Star Karmas but the total of all the karmas you have regardless of 1 star to 5 star.
    A person could have 10 Karmas consisting of 9 5-Stars and 1 2-Star for a total of 10 Karmas.

    Its just the total number of Karmas one member has regardless of the 1 to 5 star rankings.

  • Someone mentioned to me that there is a such thing as virtual cuddling. Is this a real thing?

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    @Cuddlebaby92 yes it is. There is a thread of links pinned to the top of the Professional Cuddling board. As with all stickies, start with the first post.

    @OhioMike I haven't done the analysis but, on reflection, I think you might be right. If my recollection of comments from the site management is correct, five 5-star Karmas are required to make the number of Karmas appear on the thumbnail .... but, as you say, that number that appears reflects the total number of Karmas.

    For example, four 5-star and two 1-star (total six) means that no number appears on the thumbnail. But five 5-star and two 1-star (total seven) would show the number "7" on the thumbnail.


  • Not sure why but this isn’t sticking to the top of the general forum. Hoping bumping will help.

  • @Charlie_Bear is it the difference in which tab you are clicking? The General Tab vs The Recent Discussion Tab ? 🤔

  • @OhioMike
    Hmmm I believe I was looking through the General topics, though this was on mobile web.

  • How would I be able to find the card that is on file for my bookings to be charged?

  • @submarineeee

    Menu > Settings > Payment Details

    Direct link:

  • How does friend thing work is it just a way to save a profile or is there more to it or flexibility than just simply using chatting back and forth

  • [Deleted User]QueensCurryPuff (deleted user)

    @Yolkuppie - I think it's hard. When I travel or in KY which is my main base, I will offer to meet people the first time for free and see if they like it.

    If it's something for them, then we can book a professional session in the future.

    Alternatively, travel a bit for yourself to bigger cities and try to see people when there!

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    How to cancel

  • [Deleted User]electricman125 (deleted user)

    Can you delete old messages

  • I'm trying to join the "Cuddlebuddies Texas" forum but there is no way to comment? I'm a bit confused on how that portion works. Can anyone give feedback?

  • @JustPlaneCuddle - Pros can't comment on that section. They can only comment on the pros section.

  • If I’m muted, are people able to receive/read my messages?

  • [Deleted User]tapioca90 (deleted user)

    Question. When you meet for a session do you normally get to see the other person beforehand or no?

  • @tapioca90 I meet with every single person out in public first. We have some nice ice-breaking time to get to know each other first!

  • Is there any way to configure the “search” results for the mobile site to show the price for each pro alongside their age and location? This is how it works on a desktop. On the mobile version I have to click on the profile to see the pricing. When I search on a desktop I often turn the price filter off and eyeball the search results for pros within my price range. I can’t really employ that strategy on my phone, as the pricing doesn’t show unless I actually visit the profile. I tried the “request desktop site” option in the browser, but that doesn’t appear to do the trick.

  • @minkncookies "If I’m muted, are people able to receive/read my messages?" -- yes, the mute function just temporarily hides you from searches.

  • Is it acceptable in the cuddlecomfort TOS for a couple to request a cuddler/if we are professionals can we accept sessions with couples or offer the cuddling of a couple to clients?

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    Hi @Adam_cuddlepro . If I understand correctly, you're asking if a pro cuddler can offer to cuddle two clients (a couple) at the same time?

    If that is what you're asking, I imagine to dot your i's and cross your t's it'd be safest if both people had profiles here and you made bookings for them both just for documentation purposes. That way you have a paper trail that both are over 18, have read and agreed to TOS, etc. You could either split the fee between the two bookings or make one the full rate or one free. Perhaps best though if @mark weighed in on this definitively?

    I'll see if I can grab some relavent links for you, but the first step is that you need to fill out your profile and apply to be a Professional Cuddler before you can even approach any potential clients on this site.

    Link to TOS
    Link to Professional Cuddler Contract, the rules pros have to follow
    Link to apply to become a Professional Cuddler, if you haven't already

    (Edited as I realized I had misread the question)

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    Pic with profile name/image removed. [-Sid]

    Hi there when I go to search I get this message

  • I Have been on the site for two months and haven’t received any requests. What should I do?

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