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  • @achetocuddle from the forum. I think mute just takes you out of the search results.

  • [Deleted User]frdmrnr (deleted user)

    How do I find a particular person? Or username ?

  • [Deleted User]frdmrnr (deleted user)
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  • @frdmrnr: If you want to see someone's profile, and you know their username...

    ...should get you there. I'm not sure how to search for a specific person, though.

  • [Deleted User]CheshRa (deleted user)

    I had some karma end given don't but now my profile shows I don't have any or gave any. What happened to that?

  • @CheshRa - I had 1 karma disappear from my profile (dropped from 15 to 14). When I realized which cuddler’s karma was missing I attempted to go to her profile and I saw she had been banned. Her account was re-instated a few days later and her karma reappeared on my profile.

  • [Deleted User]DancesWSnuggler (deleted user)

    Who deactivates a Pro & what does Deactivated realky mean? Temporary? Permanent?
    Did they deactivate their own account or did CC?
    Who deletes a CC account? The Pro or CC staff? And if deketed, temporary or permanent?
    I see these terms on sone Pros accounts and wS curiious.

  • I've seen on the rules sticky it's creepy to keep checking someone's profile, but I get mixed up on rates, options, scheduling when trying to find someone where I live to book, what's the best option to keep track without writing things down or constantly checking?

    Too, if someone is paused did they block me? I'm worried checking their profile too much to remember their details is turning people off, I did get 2 replies though recently

  • [Deleted User]SnugglesRus (deleted user)

    I’ve heard that said also but not sure why it is creepy. I assume that is what someone is doing…. Simply looking at the information on the profile.

    I will recheck a profile to recall details when needed.

  • @PinetownCloud @SnugglesRus checking somebody's profile 12 times a day every single day for months on end is creepy because it feels a bit stalker-ish. Checking it 12 times over two days is just normal pre-booking behaviour.

    Paused is not the same as blocked. IIRC paused is done by the site, typically to a professional profile when there has been an administrative irregularity. It does not carry a negative connotation - it can happen for a number of reasons.

  • How do you stop getting so many emails?

  • @Shannaynay, sadly there's nothing to can do. Use the Block and/or Report buttons freely, and don't feel obliged to reply to everybody. In particular, don't feel obliged to reply to worthless messages, especially if they come from worthless profiles.

    And don't worry, it slows down considerably after a while. New women, whether enthusiast or professional, tend to attract a great deal of attention because there is a significant inbalance in the site membership - far more men than women.

  • Ok thanks, trying to set up my first session for two weeks from now so I have checked several profiles multiple times the past week just trying to sort out when & where

    I've noticed the cuddler I booked with on Wednesday went to "paused" so hoping everything is resolved soon cause they were super friendly

  • [Deleted User]SnugglesRus (deleted user)

    @CuddleDuncan I agree

  • What is the best way to show a voluntary short break due to vacation or medical issue? I will definitely be back and don’t want to lose my profile or Karmas. Is there a process or status change? Or do i just put it as a header in my profile?

  • @carrieanne - You can deactivate your account. That will take your profile offline and nobody will be able to visit it or message you. When you log in again, your account will be reactivated.

  • @Mike403 So I will have to logout completely also? Thanks for the info!

  • @carrieanne - Muting is another option. It hides your profile, but allows you to continue participating in the forums. People you don't know won't be able to message you, however if you message them first, they can reply back.

  • Are Skype sessions allowed? I have a request for one.

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    @cuemylife I offer 30 min virtual via Skype for $40. It's usually for those who are too far away to book in person.

  • @cuemylife yes they are. There is a sticky topic on the Professional Cuddling board which will help you get started.

  • Hi! I'm new here, what can I expect for my first cuddle to be like as a pro?

  • @joannaxp welcome. Read the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board, it will help give you an idea of what to expect.

    The professionals who had their first session with me all claimed it was marvellous. In speaking to other professsionals about their first session the commonest response is something along the lines of, "I was a bit nervous but actually it was fine/brilliant".

  • I don't know where to post this but my first session last weekend was everything I hoped it would be, my pro said karma's not her thing but she was fantastic on our public outing...thanks to everyone here for helping me settle in.

    I'm hoping to try one of the online sessions because sadly one pro I hit it off with is paused, two left the state, one I was conversing with I'm waiting to reply to me, but I guess online there's no limit to distance, huh?

  • @PinetownCloud great! Congratulations on your first session! Very pleased it went so well. Yes, quite a few people don't use Karma for various reasons.

    Hopefully you can see her again. Virtual/telecuddle is well worth a try: go for a professional who has experience in this and knows what she's talking about.

    Don't worry about the various comings and goings of the others, this is completely normal. The paused one may reappear in a week or two.

  • @joannaxp Welcome to the cuddle community, best of luck to you!

    @PinetownCloud Yea it took me awhile to find someone here, but once I did it was 1000% worth it. Good luck going forward :)

  • I'm kind of worried one of the ladies who was very responsive in the beginning got turned off by my mention of OCD (one of the reasons I'm here is to work on that) but either way my pro was very sensitive to it so yes I hope to see her more sometime!

  • @PinetownCloud I'm in a wheelchair and found they don't really seem to care, so IDK if that would be the reason TBH. You never know but everyone I've contacted seems open to me :)

  • Can someone remind me how I can search the forums for all the comments made by an individual user?

    Someone sent me an irate message today indicating I had been stirring the pot in the forums.

    I wanted to verify I had not posted anything ugly here.

    But I also thought I could search that person’s posts to figure out who their ire was intended for…


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