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  • @achetocuddle from the forum. I think mute just takes you out of the search results.

  • How do I find a particular person? Or username ?

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  • @frdmrnr: If you want to see someone's profile, and you know their username...

    ...should get you there. I'm not sure how to search for a specific person, though.

  • I had some karma end given don't but now my profile shows I don't have any or gave any. What happened to that?

  • @CheshRa - I had 1 karma disappear from my profile (dropped from 15 to 14). When I realized which cuddler’s karma was missing I attempted to go to her profile and I saw she had been banned. Her account was re-instated a few days later and her karma reappeared on my profile.

  • Who deactivates a Pro & what does Deactivated realky mean? Temporary? Permanent?
    Did they deactivate their own account or did CC?
    Who deletes a CC account? The Pro or CC staff? And if deketed, temporary or permanent?
    I see these terms on sone Pros accounts and wS curiious.

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