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    @MissCripp98 If you're in the US, you're a self-employed sole proprietor and need to make sure you set money aside for self employment tax to cover ss/medicare.

    Independent contractors for sites like Uber get a 1099 at the end of the year showing total income because they take payments from customers and then pay the drivers.

    You will NOT get a 1099 from CC because CC does not collect payment from customers and then pay cuddlers. You'll have to make sure to keep track of your income, so any cash or electronic payments like if you use Venmo or PayPal. And expenses, like the 15% fee you pay to CC.

  • So...can pros cuddle pros?? How does that work fee wise lol

  • Is giving out my phone number appropriate?

  • @Vero4846: If you've fully vetted someone, and they need your number to, say, get second-by-second directions on how to get to your scheduled cuddle—then yes, giving them your phone number should be fine.

    If you're handing out your number right off the bat and immediately taking conversations off-site—then no, it's not appropriate. (Or particularly safe.)

  • @Vero4846 @DaringSprinter Also not allowed for Pro's, until a booking has been placed through the site.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • @Vero4846 Once booked I would say 50% give out their phone number, and once a session has occurred another 30% give you their number whether you want it or not. I accumulate too many phone numbers on my phone from enthusiasts and pros and occasionally prune the list.

    Focus on providing a wonderful experience and they will return to you on the site or by text. But if you want to keep your best clients happy and keep it 100% on site then I recommend being diligent about checking the site daily. An unreachable pro is not an ideal pro for a client, especially if you respond long after the desired date of booking. And that happens. Recently had a cuddler respond to a message from three months ago.

  • [Deleted User]applebee123579 (deleted user)

    I'm new here and have 2 ppl request to cuddle in their car. Is this concerning? I don't personally feel comfortable but I could be overthinking. What are your thoughts?

  • @Dredeezie Some people cuddle in the back of pick-ups or SUV's regularly, with pillows and blankets. But it is always advisable to meet in a neutral place first, like a coffee shop, to get a feel for the person. I've done all but one of my cuddles in public parks. Never do anything you aren't comfortable with.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • @VeroVenturing - please re-read your contract. Pros are not allowed to take communication off site unless they have a confirmed booking through the booking panel. Even so, I encourage you to keep communication on the site as much as possible. If you start getting inappropriate messages, the evidence will be here on the site. Once you take communication off site it’s harder to deal with complaints.

    @Dredeezie - some people cuddle in vehicles for various reasons. In and of itself it is not concerning. However, don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable about doing. And don’t go anywhere in someone else’s vehicle unless you know them well.

  • Hi there cuddle world!!! Is anyone experiencing an Error Code when you try and look at your list of past discussions?

    Error 502 Ray ID: 73aa35ea5e4461ec • 2022-08-14 13:59:22 UTC Bad gateway

    I also get this error code on old thread pages.... Like trying to look at page ---------------------------176--------------

    because its always fun to resurrect old old old threads!!! 😁😂🤣 jk jk jk

    Unless someone knows an answer, maybe @gary can help out? Its a bummer to not be able to easily pull up my old discussions. I was going to write a paper on one of them and needed the details.

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    It seems to be working for me @sillysassy, but only when not logged in. Hm, probably a site issue.

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    Thanks for the extra info @cde123 and WELCOME TO THE SITE!!!! 😊 Hopefully @Gary or @Mark can shed some light.

    Those REDWOODS THOUGH!!! 💗💗💗 What a fabulous picture. I LOVE that part of CA.

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    @sillysassy Is it still happening? I'm logged in, I went to 'My Discussions' section and opened the threads ok on the first and second page. It would be helpful if you could link me to an example thread that's not opening.

  • @Mark

    For me (on mobile), it seems like there's just nothing on page 176 of the general forum. Makes it tough to get to page 175: click the link for the last page of threads and tada!

    Gotta click through every page to get to 175—the actual last page for those of us who aren't mods.

    I'm gonna guess it's because of hidden ("removed") threads; behind the scenes there probably are 176 pages of threads in the general forum, but not for non-mod users. So this—

    —lists one more page of threads than I can see.

  • @Mark The broken link (for me) is member discussions while member comments works.


    Thanks so much for the warm welcome 😄! I love going up into the redwoods. Something about thousand year old trees really puts life into perspective 🍂

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    @cde123: Oh, now that's interesting! I can view my own list of discussions, but not @sillysassy's. I wonder if one (or more) of hers have been hidden/removed.

    (I've only started three discussions—not a lot of opportunities for people to clown on one.)

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    The ability to view someone else's thread history has never worked here.

    I thought @sillysassy was referring to when she was trying to look at her own threads by clicking 'My Discussions'. That feature should at least be working.

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    You are correct. Its always been complicated to look up other users threads and even their posts EXCEPT their first page of comments.

    AND you are correct I was trying to find MY old threads that I started previously located in "my discussions" and thank you for taking time to help figure things out around here 😊.


    I completely agree!!! I was up there in Petaluma and drove through a bit..... It was tough to get into the park because of a certain virus that we shall leave unnamed. I plan to go back very very soon!! I got to visit the infamous/famous @Sideon whilst I was out there so THAT was a win. Not that he's anywhere along 1000 years old of ANYTHING..... but I digress...🤣)

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    No problem. From what I can see, the 'My Discussions' feature is working ok at least on my end. But if not, let me know an example thread and I'll try emulating your forum account to test.

  • Can I be a pro on multiple cuddling site?

  • Silly question, how does the block function work? Is it just to prevent someone from looking at your profile and directly messaging you, or does it affect the forums as well (like, can you still see their post/comments, etc.)?

  • @Gabriel2k: That's it! Someone you've blocked can't visit your profile or send you direct messages, but you can still interact in the forums.

    Handy for folks who use the block feature for things like making sure they don't repeatedly visit profiles they already rejected (but forgot).

  • Does everyone on here charge?

  • @MagentaAlice no. There are three kinds of members here: enthusiasts, professional cuddlers, and clients. Some people fall into more than one group, for example I am an enthusiast and a client.

  • @MagentaAlice: No. For instance, I don't.

    There are both pros (people who charge) and enthusiasts (people who don't) on this site.

    There are also people without the Pro tag who attempt to charge—that's not allowed, and if you see it happening you should report the "untagged pro" (click the button with three dots on their profile, then choose the Report option).

  • [Deleted User]Moxytocin (deleted user)

    @MagentaAlice Not everyone does, but if you intended to, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click this, apply, and get accepted before charging people:

  • Why can't I currently post pictures? It says, "Server responded with 0 code." and the photo doesn't get attached.

  • it did that for me as well yesterday. not sure what it was but its working now.

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