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  • @Sheena123 is right (I deleted my first account), but I don't remember how long you have to change your mind, log back in, and revive the account. A week, maybe? Two? Something like that, I think.

    If you change your mind after that you've gotta start over from scratch.

  • @Sideon is on sabbatical for now. I genuinely don’t know. There’s a lag between when one actually deletes their account and when the deletion completely takes effect, maybe a week or ten days. This is to prevent someone who just did something egregious from deleting their account before they get banned. If they get banned, their account is still visible to the mods. If it’s deleted, we no longer can see anything about their account. I’m not sure what shows up to the public. If you’ve observed someone deleted their account and then shortly after reactivated it, I’m guessing that they changed their mind within that window. Perhaps publicly it shows deleted right away but behind the scenes it’s not totally gone for a week or so.

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  • Many thanks @CuddleDuncan and @SunsetSnuggles for the info - most appreciated (apologies for the late response.

  • This may have been brought up before, but I have a query about requesting to book.
    I understand the process with a professional, but what if both parties are just cuddle enthusiasts - what is the protocol for booking in this instance?

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    @shammahug: Booking is for making sure the site knows a pro is meeting someone and how much they're getting paid.

    No pro? No pay; no booking.

    Enthusiasts don't book each other. They just meet up at whatever time and place they're both cool with. Which they agree on by talking beforehand. Through messages.

  • Many thanks @DaringSprinter I did think so. I just wanted to be sure, so I didn't end up with a red X on my profile

  • @shammahug: 👍🏻 Better safe than sorry!

  • I can't find anyone in my area, let alone in my state. I live in Guthrie, Ok. 73044. Any suggestions? Oh, I just joined.

  • @shammahug - unless you do something really egregious, most folks are issued warnings before they are banned.

  • How do I become a P?

  • I don’t think humans can turn into letters.

  • @kuddlem3 At the bottom of the homepage, click this link to apply.

  • @Grumpy9 Use the search function and widen the mileage until you find people:

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • Just became a professional cuddler and already have a couple of bookings. If I'm getting paid in cash, how do I pay CC the 15%? Do I put the money earned into my bank account that is associated with my account on CC and is the 15% automatically taken out?

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