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  • Wondering if it's just my phone, but is anyone else noticing that if you send someone a message, go to a different page of the site and then come back and open that same conversation chat, the message you previously sent is still in the typing box instead of it being empty?

    It's really annoying having to erase the previous text before being able to type something new.

  • Yes it is happening to me and I'm tired of backspacing thru my previous messages to erase them.

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    Gabriel2k Don’t “go back” to the previous open conversation. Go to your home page using the icon at the bottom of the screen and it will reset the open conversation box.

  • @Gabriel2k @achetocuddle
    It does the same to me as well 😟

    @warm_embrace Ive tried that, but it's still happening smh 😖

  • I appreciate @warm_embrace trying to help. I am not tech savvy and sometimes the obvious eludes me. I don't see an home page icon at the bottom. This has only been happening to me for a few days, so I think it is something that requires a fix from the site itself, unless it can be compared to clearing cache? I don't know. Lol.

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    Re: karma

    It's allowed to leave karma for no shows. What about canceling last minute and then ghosting? That's perfectly acceptable?

  • What does it mean when it says someone is on a timeout? Is that punitive, or are they deciding to take a break? And if so, what's the difference between the user doing it that way vs. Just deactivating their account temporarily. I have come across a couple of accounts I follow in recent days where it said they were on timeout.

  • I have also had that problem with having to delete a previous text from the text box. So frustrating!

  • @AGnihon I could be wrong, but I think a "timeout" is something imposed on someone by the moderators, but one of the moderators can confirm this.

  • @TNNative Holy cow! If that's the case, then it really makes it hard to trust anyone because these were two senior members, one was even active on the forums. You just never really know anyone.

  • @AGnihon, then maybe I am wrong. Wouldn't be the first time, lol.

  • @TNNative No, I think I remember hearing that about timeouts as well. I wouldn't doubt it. I have learned that even the most convincing people can burn you. People are too good at hiding their true intentions.

  • IIRC "Timeout" is imposed by the site but it does not carry any particularly negative implications. It may occur, for example, if a professional's credit card has expired, in which case it's just an administrative matter.

    "Banned" is a different matter.

    A forum timeout is when somebody has their forum rights removed for a specified period of time, usually a few days. I believe that this does not appear on their account, which remains active. They just can't post on the forum.

    Members have three options they can active themselves from the Settings menu:

    Mute - account still active but you don't appear in Search results
    Deactivate - takes your profile offline but it still exists
    Delete - destroys your account, which cannot be recovered

  • Note that it's easy to get your account suspended for, e.g., making fun of the idea that non-platonic things can be platonic. Laugh at your peril.

  • Video valk requried ? I book session for Sunday she said video call me ???

  • @samlvcdle: Some people do require that as part of the screening process. Don't be nervous! She probably just wants to get a feel for what you're like in person before actually meeting. You can ask her if that's it, if you want to make sure.

  • I want to report K baby 733 has a scam artist she rips people off and plays with their emotions she has ripped off a friend of mine for $3,000 and now he may be heading to the hospital I'm trying to find him now he took off down the road walking and crying

  • @rebel52: If you visit her profile and click the button with three dots, you'll be able to file an official report with the site.

  • Am I allowed to ask for a deposit for the drive and the tolls before meeting. I have taken tolls and 40 min drives and have been Stood up which led to me cancel appointments

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    @ucravecuddles yes you are. Many professionals do.

    Be crystal clear about what has to be paid when. Define under what circumstances the deposit might be repaid, and how. And acknowledge receipt when it arrives.

  • How do I enter my pricing? I see other profiles have it, but I don't see this option

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    @Cinderella7: In order to charge, you need to register as a pro. Just click those blue words in my last sentence there.

    Until you're registered, you can't charge—you'll want to take the pricing off your profile until you've got that little pink P. Be sure to let people know your pro status is pending so they don't get a nasty surprise when it goes through.

  • @cde123 and @DaringSprinter Thank you so much. I removed it and I applied.

  • Can I talk to someone on the phone then book through the site once I'm approved?

  • @Cinderella7 no. All communication must stay on the site until the booking is made. Apart from being what you agreed to when you registered, it is very strongly advised for your own safety.

    Have a look at the sticky topics at the top of the Professional board. Lots of good stuff there.

  • @Cinderella7 You have to confirm a booking on the before you can take communication off site.

  • Hello 👋. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having an even better Monday

    I have been here awhile now , like going on six years. I still don’t understand the DELETE feature in settings. Lately it seems it doesn’t delete your account actually. You can come back and be active in forums etc but you’re still deleted. Heck you can even edit old posts It’s like the best of both worlds lol. You’re gone but not really 😎

    So my FAQ is : what is DELETE in the settings actually do etc? What are all the nuances? It doesn’t seem to mean what one would think it means ? (Prefer Admin / Mod response ) But if you have DELETED prior and you actually didn’t delete please tell us how ?

  • @OhioMike: Deleting your account comes with a changing-your-mind period of... I forget. A few weeks?

    If you don't log in within that time, your account goes away. If you do log back in, congratulations, you're back! The deletion will be cancelled.

    [Source: I've done both.]

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