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  • @DaringSprinter I realize DELETE isn’t permanent because I’ve seen people do that and come back. I didn’t know if it was a couple weeks ? To reconsider.the choice.

    It seems it should be renamed to um ….idk something else because delete seems kinda final to me It just seems odd we have profiles deactivated, I get that but delete is really the same thing isn’t it ? 🤔

  • @OhioMike: As I understand it, deactivating means you can come back whenever—your account isn't going away.

    Deleting is permanent once the delete takes effect (my first account, with all its messages and uploaded photos, is indeed gone forever).

  • @DaringSprinter btw I’m not arguing with you lol. I’m just thinking that why would someone delete their account then ? Why not just deactivate? I’ve seen people on here that I was close to deactivate years ago and they are still deactivated. And I’ve seen profiles delete and they are active then delete then active then delete then active etc. curious to know what the time frame for permanent delete is ? Oooo there’s a good label 😊

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    @OhioMike: If I'd picked "deactivate," my old account would never have been deleted. I could have reactivated a month later, or a year later, or more—a deactivated account just sits there waiting for you.

    But I didn't deactivate, I deleted. I had a few weeks to change my mind, but then my account was gone. There's no getting it back. Which was what I wanted at the time. I didn't think I'd be coming back ever. I didn't want my old account sitting out there waiting for me. I wanted it gone. So I deleted it.

    People don't always know what they're going to want a month or a year or however long down the road.

    Edit: It may help to think of it this way. Deactivation is like putting your account in a box in the garage or attic. Deleting is like putting it in a garbage bin. You have some time to change your mind and fish it out before the garbage truck arrives, but....

  • Ok I gotcha 👍

    But why do profiles post on forum then delete then undelete then post again then delete again ?

    Does the clock start when you originally delete or does it start over when you delete again ? And does anyone know how long you actually have when you tap delete ?

    So many questions 😂

  • In case anyone is wondering my fascination with this …

    I’ve always told people to deactivate and not delete. But I think that’s bad advice maybe 🤔

  • The site tells you how much time you have to change your mind when you confirm that yes, you want to delete your account.

    @OhioMike, you should be able to test the feature as many times as you need to answer all your questions without actually losing your account (so long as you don't forget to log back in before the deletion takes effect).

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    @DaringSprinter that’s an excellent point. Did I miss those delete instructions on my first day here ?

    And @DaringSprinter thank you!

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    @OhioMike, I guess my age is showing: when I first joined up I just explored the site and anything I didn't understand I trial-and-errored! Not a lot of questions seemed to need asking. I guess that level of comfort online is one of the benefits of being born in the late '80s.

    Edit: And you're welcome!

  • @DaringSprinter yeah my generation would be a delete button was like a nuclear launch button !!!

  • So for all those peeps out there that I told don’t you dare press that delete button , now I’m saying go ahead and press it and press it often 😀

  • I saw this question once and missed the opportunity to read the answer, so sorry if it’s already out there:

    why do male profiles so rarely have photos, while most of the female ones (even no -professional) do?

  • @Tmlb we had a thread about this recently. It turns out that it's not generally true. It varies from area to area, but very broadly speaking large numbers of both men and women don't post photos.

    Professionals, who are almost all women, are obliged to have photos.

  • Recently saw a pro profile with a 'deactivated' tag, grey just like the pending tags for people applying for Pro status.

    Is that saying they are no longer active as pros? Or account related?

  • If for no reason, what does it mean if someone blocks you?

  • [Deleted User]Moxytocin (deleted user)

    There are lots of reasons people block others. Just move on. It's their right to block you if they wish. It could just be the person decided you're not a good fit for them and blocking keeps them from inadvertently stumbling upon your profile again (just an example). Here's a whole thread about blocking.

  • Hi @Gary ~ Can you please weigh in on the above (from Sept. 12th) about how the various deactivation and deletion 'features' actually work and the details around timing/reversals (when we delete our accounts) vs an appeal (when a mod bans the account)?

    Thank you

  • Can a client pay on site

  • Can a client pay on site or like in advance at time of booking

  • @lil_Maddie the site isn’t responsible for taking payment from clients. That’s between you and your cuddler. Discuss what works best between the two of you: PayPal, zelle, cash app, venmo.
    Always take payment before cuddling though! Either take payment when you meet somewhere in public right before the cuddle or at the place of cuddling.

  • @comfry it means nothing when somebody blocks you, apparently for no reason. We've had threads about this. The summary is that there are eleventeen million more reasons than you can imagine why people might block you, and none of them have anything to do with you.

  • How do I delete my account?

  • [Deleted User]TeddyRuxxpin777 (deleted user)

    How do I terminate my acct??

  • @Eirene and @TeddyRuxxpin777: Go here—

    —scroll to the bottom of the page, and select "Delete my account." You'll have a few days before permanent deletion. After that, you can't change your mind.

  • [Deleted User]Soul_and_Heart (deleted user)

    I hope I’m posting this in the appropriate section.
    My account is experiencing messaging glitches. I have had a few people comment that they haven’t received a reply to a question I have sent a reply to or they receive every other message. The message shows on my sent folder but not on their end. Someone actually sent me a screenshot to show it was missing. Is that a common thing or am I doing something incorrectly?

    Thank you.

  • @Gary see previous post

  • [Deleted User]CheshRa (deleted user)

    In the report section (have not actually reported someone yet but looked at it when I blocked someone) what does it mean by "untagged pro"? Does that mean if someone charges but they are not listed as pro (I don't know how to tell that currently as I'm newer) they could get in trouble/banned? What if its a one off where they just desperately needed help with money or something and the money was a gift/donation?

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    @CheshRa yes, an untagged pro is somebody who is charging money but has not registered as a professional with the site. In the first instance the person is simply asked to go through the process, which is very straightforward. I believe their account is paused in the meantime. They are breaking the terms of service to which they have agreed and should always be Reported.

    It's quite common. Some just haven't noticed that they are supposed to register, while others are being dishonest.

    Professionals have a pink tag on their account, which can say pro or professional depending on the context. You can't miss it.

    I don't entirely follow the hypothetical circumstance you describe, but insofar as I do it sounds like a scam. Which should definitely be Reported, possibly to the police as well.

    A good cuddle can induce a state sometimes known as a 'cuddle coma'. People in this state are somewhat vulnerable and prone to making poor decisions. It wears off after a few hours.

  • How are members still able to visit my profile when it is muted? I've never messaged with them. Thanks.

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